Please introduce yourself


Hello, Thierry here… from Ontario, Canada currently running LM19 (Mate) I am an independent consultant and have been using Linux since about Slackware 1.02 or thereabouts (1993), then RedHat, Ubuntu and now LinuxMint.
I spend a lot of my time testing out new open source apps for linux (for myself and to recommend to my clients) so very interested in discussions on apps, especially any built with Vuido… :slight_smile:
Thanks for inviting me!


Hello everyone,
I am Steve Young, I am a Lead IT project manager at Arizona State University and Lead senior software engineer for the Center of Games and Impact. My team creates multiple application for education and community enhancement for all ages. I have been using unix since 1978 and like @Sylvain moved from a Dec System-10 to the original Mac where I used Code Warrior and learned to code. Eventually I was sucked up into the Windows Vortex and had to fight my way back to developing on Redhat experiencing the floppy shuffle. I currently code on a Mac at work and I have just built a new high powered Windows machine to feed my gaming appetite. My near plans are to get a System-76 laptop after the prices come back down from the ‘Back To School’ hype. Though I recently have been using ubuntu, I’m considering having the Pop OS, which is the new default OS for the System-76, just to try it out. Unity now has some very solid support for linux and I’m looking forward to see what I can do with it. Currently I’m exploring golang and looking forward to experiencing core programming and I believe a new System-76 will be the perfect lab rat. Thank you for starting this community, I look forward to exchanging ideas and extracting your knowledge for my own personal gain, muhahahahah :sunglasses:



Hi all folks !

Network Admin
Red Hat, Suse, Debian, Slackware, Ubuntu, Centos (all distributions in both desktop and server formats)
Keep it that way !


Linux and Infrastructure Engineer
Using Linux since 1999
RHEL, Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, Mint


I am Salih from Turkey. I am a software developer. I develop Windows applications/libs therefore, I use Windows at work. At home, I used to have a double system both Windows and Linux for about 5-6 years, however for a couple of years now I use only Linux. I am using Ubuntu 18.04 at the moment. This will be the first my Linux community, and I would like to improve my Linux skills by following you!


My name is Peter Ivanchich, and I reside in Canada and the USA. I am a retired senior electronics technician, having worked in the 2-way radio and microwave radio fields. I am a ham radio operator, KE8EHU. I have designed and built many pieces of electronic equipment, and restore old radios, and HI-FI equipment. (Some radios dating back to 1923) I have been using Linux since about 2005. I use Ubuntu and Linux Mint. I didn’t like the business practices, and the proprietary nature of Microsoft products. Apple products are ridiculously overpriced, and also too proprietary. In adopting Ubuntu Linux, and using the graphical user desktop, the learning curve was almost zero. I found that Linux works at least as well as Windows, is more secure, and seems to be more stable. I have not used the command line interface very much, and would like to become proficient at that. I used to be very good at Microsoft DOS, and could write batch files successfully.


Hi everyone!

My name is Mike and I live near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
I work with the local school board creating and maintaining AutoCAD drawings of all the school board buildings within the region.
I’ve been using Linux for about 10 years, but have only really become an enthusiast and more experienced user within the last 5 years.
The main distro I’ve been using is Mint. I find it to be the most stable, compatible with the widest range of hardware and one of the easiest to use.

Would like to thank Abhishek for the invite to the It’s FOSS community. :slight_smile: I’m very much looking forward to learning an sharing all things Linux from the community and to share and help others if and when ever I can.

I love Linux and have become so much accustomed to it that Windows has now started to feel a little strange at times, lol. The only reason I still use Windows at all is for games compatibility as i’m a PC gamer at heart. I run a small custom PC system building & repair business called PC Edge (can find me on facebook @PCEdge).

Thanks again for the invite and it’s great to meet you all. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,
My name is Mike McClain. I live in the U.S.A… I am an entrepreneur focusing on open source and technology. I have been a Linux / Open Source software advocate since the mid 1990s. I have used Linux as my primary OS since that time. My current distro of choice is Ubuntu Studio. My goal in joining this community is to make new friends, as well as to both learn from the community and to teach what I’ve learned regarding F.O.S.S… Also, if you happen across FOSS4Freedom on facebook, youtube, or twitter, those are me as well. :smiley:


Hi All,

I am Mateus Furquim and I’m from Brazil. It’s been a year since I graduated in software engineer. I discovered Linux in 2012, experienced a few distros until I settled on Arch Linux two years ago. I’ve been enjoying all the posts on it’s FOSS, and I’m glad we have this to spread news and explore free and open source tools. I expect the community to be an extent and help people to know and understand this beautiful world that is Free Software/Open Source (Richard Stallman might kill me for this last sentece lol)


I’m Peter Sefton, I use Ubuntu 18.04 with slightly customized Gnome on my main laptop, Xubuntu on my old Gateway laptop and Windows 10 on my work laptop (mainly because of Word compatibility issues). I also have Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 10 on a dual boot desktop. I’ve used Ubuntu since 2007. I live in County Down, Ireland.


Hi, I’m Jan Greeff from South Africa. Retired from Local Government administration 25 years ago, hooked on Linux (stumbled into it by mistake in 2009 and never looked back) and using Ubuntu 16.04 Unity on my desktop and laptop.

Expecting to learn from It’s FOSS community, never too old to learn!


My name is Daniel from Bogota, Colombia. I live in Statesboro, USA. I am retired man. Linux since October 28 2016. I use Linux Mint Tara (Cinnamon). I expect to learn and understand Linux better for a new user. Thanks for inviting me.


HI, I am Ratnavel working as a senior software engineer in India. I am using linux since 2005 and eterneally stuck to it. I use Ubuntu 18.04 bionic currently. Would like to learn and keep learning !!


I am a Open Source enthuasist and i am using Debian since version 8. I then moved to Ubuntu when the release 9 was launched. I’ve been using Ubuntu till 18.04. I just moved to Deepin 15.7 after a long struggle with Ubuntu GNOME Bluetooth, Screen Orientation and other minor issues with installing VBox. I worked as Senior PLM Consultant for the past 15+ years in the field of Engineering Product Development and CAD/CAM/CAE.

Now I am quite happy with Deepin OS with its collection of Software repository and apps, so far so good.

I made a huge advantage of open source tools like GIMP, VBox, Inkscape, Joomla and other S/W for my IT projects and Graphic design works. Currently exploring IoT with Audrino

Hope to get suggestions and Ideas for you all guys…


Hi, I’m Mark Leone from USA. I work as a software engineer, doing mostly UI development, mostly in Javascript/React/Polymer/Node.js. I also work in Python, Java, and do some occasional bash scripting.

I’ve been using Linux for around 10 years. I mostly use CentOS at work and for development projects at home, but I also have an Ubuntu system that I work in occasionally.

Besides software development, I also enjoy Ham Radio (K4XML), though I’m not currently very active. My non-technical passion is reading history (from a variety of time periods over a range of geographic areas). I’m married to a wonderful woman and have three teenage children. We’re a close family, which I’m vey grateful for.


I am Paul
English (yorkshire) originally but live and work in the south west of France where I run my own computer company
No desire to return to little England, married a French girl and settled happy here
Been using Linux for over 10 years and convert most of my clients from windows to Linux mint for security, ease of use and reliability
Installed over 300 users during this time and only ever had one complaint …
Over 40 years in computing having apple, Microsoft, and Linux qualifications been there got the tee shirt and the experience in many different education, health care, government and private companies.


Retired, but actually have a small computer repair/teach, business
Using Mint-MATE about 9 years now. Started “playing” with Linux(Knoppix) in 1998.
Will try to assist new users, if I can.



From the USA, I am retired and living in France. A Ubuntu user since 2005, I use only Open Source software and have for many years.

Always interested in conversations about Linux and how to better use it.


My name is Jorge, I live in Portugal and I’m electronics technician
I used Linux between 2006 - 2010, Mandrake and Debian distros
Now I’m testing Mint 19 because It’s Foss review :grinning:

“What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community?”
Well, I’m still a noob so, keep learning

Thanks for the invitation


Hey guys !
My name is James , I hail from Nairobi , Kenya which is in East Africa. I’m a Linux administrator with LPI 1 certification and an avid technical writer in Linux topics. I use an array of distros such as Ubuntu, CentOS, ArchLinux , Debian and Fedora. I’m a great FOSS enthusiast and look forward to learning more out of this forum. :sunglasses: