Printing a 12 month 12 page calendar

With year end approaching I would like to print a nice full page monthly calendar for next year and any year after that. I presently use WordPerfect and just say print calendar for 2019 and print 4 sets - done :>)

I am hoping to use Libre Office to do this if possible?

Thank you
Clive Liddell

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Clive: Templates for calendars are easy to find. Try

for a free calendar like you are describing.




Clive: there’s a calendar-making extension for LibreOffice Calc. Calc is capable of producing a very nice presentation that looks nothing like a spreadsheet.

A more powerful and amusing solution is to use the tikz environment of the document writing and typesetting system LaTeX. Tikz can be difficult, because to ensure impeccable results it’s deliberately restricted to using LaTeX functionality.

There were some beautiful calendar templates last time I looked more than a year ago, before the latest LaTeX calendar package was released (October 2017). There’s also one on a dodecahedron you can cut out and glue together. There are other solid figures to play with.

I use TexStudio as the front-end editor for LaTeX on my computers, but now often prefer the cloud service Overleaf. This gives you quite a lot of capacity for free, and it has most of the templates you can find on the web built-in. LaTeX works with a huge number of languages.

Overleaf may be the better choice for trying out tikz, because it always works. The maths functions of tikz sometimes fails on local computers that (so I read) have applications incorporating a (usually hidden) embedded LaTeX engine.


Thank you Bill, I have downloaded and tried different templates. Will post if find what I am looking for :>)


Thanks, I will try out the LO Calc calendar making solution if I need it!


Browsing through the Scribus Wiki I found a script to make calendars:

I haven’t tried it because the layout is hard-coded and I guess most of us would want something more user-friendly. I use Scribus a lot, for multi-lingual teaching materiel, books, posters, exhibitions etc. As so often on the open-source scene, compared to the dreaded VBA, the “ecosystem” of macros and code snippets isn’t terribly rich, though the coding environment (Python) of Scribus is more accessible than with LO. Unfortunately I’m getting too old to be able to contribute myself.

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You could do this:
ncal -h > November
(-h switches off highlighting today)

and for the other 11
ncal -m 1 > January
Then load each file into word processor and expand the text to full screen

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Hi Clive
I am just finishing 2019 with LibreOffice Writer & Impress. I do a genealogical calendar with all the birthdays listed with cropped photos and a family tree with all the families. Took a number of years to settle on a format but I do a 5x7 table set to 27x36mm cells with each month on one page. I put 27x36mm images at 300dpi into appropriate cells wrapped into background and details of DoB in spare cells. Once done, it does not take much time to roll over to the next year.

The hardest part for me is to get up-to-date photos of grandchildren as they grow so fast.

The recipients love it and it makes a meaningful Xmas gift for everyone - no thought required about any other presents.

Allan Casperson