Question about upgrading Linux

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I have a very important question
In one of the site articles, you wrote about LTS VS POINT RELEASE that if you want to upgrade Python from version 3.6 to version 3.9, for example, you have to upgrade Linux from version 16 to version 20. And you also wrote that updating Linux is only for security updates. My question is, do you get new versions of software by typing apt upgrade ? I’m really confused


The answer to my question was not in any of these links. Please read my question

I did exactly that. The answers to your basic questions are found in beginners’ guides.

You wanted to know what apt upgrade does, what LTS is, etc. all these things are answered in beginner guides.

Once you read all that and understood it, you will know more about the Python situation.

So, yes I read your question.

How about you read the answers fully, before judging. :wink:


You answered 2 minutes after my comment with the answers was posted. I highly doubt you read those 2 extensive guides within 2 minutes…


Hello @Alex! Welcome to our community. I hope, you like it here.

You should definitely check out:

Meanwhile, let’s try to clear things up:

When you update, you will get newer versions (e.g. bugfixes, sometimes added features) of your installed programs. This should be done regularly.

An upgrade is something more profound. It will turn your operating system into a new one. System settings will possibly change, new libraries and applications will be installed, obsolete stuff removed.
You should never do it before making a backup of your system!

Your distribution’s homepage should have detailed guides about how to perform version upgrades.

There is also a tutorial at ItsFoss