Reaver kali linux

why the option -K1 doesn’t appear in example in kali linux 2019.3 and the attack seems to fail every time. If someone can help, thanks

On a side note - my daughter reminded me yesterday - that a new season of Mr Robot is currently airing - that usually inspires a whole swathe, a virtual horde, of non-Linux users, to adopt Kali :smiley: as their first ever all purpose desktop Linux intro…

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Those are the ones that will never get “hackers”. All the true hackers I know and ever heard of, never cared if it is “cool” or if some weirdo in a TV show does it. They cared about how interesting it was, even if that meant sitting with underpants in front of your 7 year old laptop and eating a toast while your mom screams at you for being late somewhere. All the real hackers I know don’t even consider “hacking” really “cool”. They just heard, it is supposed to be that. For them it is a very interesting job. After all, real hackers are hacking professionally, i.e. for profit. All these Kali kiddies are basically the new script kiddies. If you hack without earning any profit off it, you are not a real hacker. Period.

How to spot a wannabe hacker that will never become a hacker:
“guys how to do hacking, please give me tutorial”

You don’t watch a tutorial and start hacking out of nowhere.

You just do it.

@ericthanato Any infos?

Not yet @Akito, I’m still waiting for some responses.

what are you expecting -K1 to do? did you see it suggested somewhere?

well to be honest, I’ve been interested in kali penetration testing tools since 2014 and at that time it was named backtrack5r3 and now it was upgraded to kali linux. in reaver attack tools there was an option -K 1 which is an easy way to crack WPA and WPA2 passphrases and now I’m using kali 2019.3 and it is missing in that system. that’s why I’m asking for help

-K is documented to exist here and here.

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