RPi 4 - four GB RAM - hellz yeah

Just ordered one - 4 GB model - with USB-C -> Micro-USB adaptor, USB-C charger, red/white case, 2 x mini HDMI -> HDMI cables…
Can’t wait!
I’ll be running Debian Buster (it won’t arrive till after 5th July anyway) and probably XFCE ('cause I kinda hate “pixel” desktop). Probably just go to an “office supplies” store for a 256 GB sd card…

Planning to sit it on my desk at work and use that as my “daily driver” - hooked up to 2 x HDMI monitors… pretty much all I do on my current Ubuntu laptop (personal) - Chromium browser, bunch of terminal sessions, and rdesktop or remmina to remote customers (who don’t let me SSH to their stuff) - thankfully Synergy have RPi binaries for my software KVM - so I can drive the cruddy work supplied Win10 laptop (which I only use for Skype4Business and Cherwell service desk client).

If that works okay - I might shell out for another one for home… just a shame RPi still don’t have a decent LiPo charging circuit/charging doohickey…

I see Abishek’s posted about RPi4 on Facebook ItsFOSS group.

Anybody else going to buy RPi4?

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