Rplaced Linux Mint With Zorin 15

In my search for a better running Linux OS for my old Acer PC, I have decided to use Zorin Lite 15 32bit for a while. I have tried several 64bit distros but they all had issues with the onboard graphics. Old PC is not worth spending money on, but it is fun to see what will and will not work.

This is my partition layout for the install. I had to do some research on Dedoimedo website, after installing grub in the, /boot partition, to get it working properly.
Their was a thread on Zorin the other day, and all I can say is that Zorin installed without any problems.
I do have an old Nvidia graphics card that I may use in this machine, but not today.
The Gparted partition layout is totally subjective, #1 is the /boot partition, now I am no Grub genius, but I believe this partition was more useful, during the days of Grub Legacy than with Grub2. In other words, this partition is not needed, since Grub2 will still be installed to /dev/sda, for the first stage of the boot sequence. #2 is the size of the / partition, I can remember the days of separate /tmp, /home, / whatever, but Linux, nowdays can be set up with a 20GB / partition for root and a small swap partitions.
The Zorin Lite XFCE start menu is very much like Vista and W7 start menu. It could make some user a very nice Linux OS
I have installed a AMD5670 graphics card in this machine, I can now get 1920x1080 display setting, really helps this old machine.


I hear stuff about Zorin being used, lately. It was like 12 years ago(?) when I tried out Zorin and somehow the OS left a bad impression on me, so this was the last time I tried it. I think it seemed too bloated to me, at the time, but I am not sure if I remember the reasons correctly for why I did not like it.

Right now, I don’t have any real reason for trying it out, so I still won’t, but it is interesting to see that there are also normal users that don’t use Ubuntu or Mint or anything like that, for a change. I want to see more normal every day users on different platforms, then sharing their experience with those.

Zorin is bloated, that is for sure, but 32bit distro are becoming like dinosaurs. This is the first time I have used Zorin, in a very long time. I think I might put my spare graphics card in and see if it will run ext-deepin.
I was really curious as to why one user had so much trouble with Zorin. I do know it is still free to download, but so is Elementary LInux, which I really do not like.

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I just installed Zorin on a Latitude e4310 and it went smoothly.

I have nothing bad to say.

I installed Zorin OS on an old computer for my 70 something mother-in-law, then the old PC died and she bought a new one with Windows installed. She asked me to put Zorin OS on the new computer and she used it till she died. She prefered Zorin OS to Windows.


Hi @TrekJunky I remember trying out Zorin on old HP Notebook live in RAM from one of those great DVDs included with LinuxFormat magazine. I really liked it but at the last minute discovered that there were some shady practices going on… which kinda puts one off the distro for life - would you buy a car from these guys - reaction. :frowning_face: :scream:
So as you know I went with Trisqel which has the shortest, clearest Privacy Policy known to man (other genetic coding is available T&Cs apply)
@Ankush_Das wrote an article for it’sFOSS on this privacy or security issue with Zorin as did many others…

If you are after something truly lightweight that gives you mega choice of screen resolutions please have a read of my mini-Trisquel review…

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