SkyNews Australia videos - can no longer download

Once upon a time, Sky News Australia used Brightcove for news videos which youtube-dl was able to download without too much trouble.

Sky News Australia are now using some form of video format for which I am unable to source the actual video URL, thus making it more than difficult to grab a news video from them on

Video DownLoadHelper does not pick up that the video actually exists, so no good either.

Suggestions welcome, thanks

1st: Always keep youtube-dl updated.
2nd: Contact the team. They are probably not aware of issues with this particular site.

Thank you, I do have youtube-dl up to date, however, I shall try your number 2 suggestion.

For those outside Australia, Sky is basically Fox News, for Oceania (Australia and NZ) and it’s jampacked with ideological opinionated RWNJ’s talking heads like Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine (loves defending child molesters) and Peta Credlin (climate change denialist).

Whenever streaming services change their format, it messes up youtube-dl… e.g. there’s a few pr0n sites than no longer work either…

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Not only that, but since the last youtube-dl disaster, the original project hasn’t found and readopted its former glory, yet.

From what I’ve read, there is some kind of embarrassing silence going on there, which keeps out a couple of contributors of the project or at least let’s them stay with the forks which were created out of necessity during the disaster period.

It’s clear, the attack on freedom has left a permanent mark on the project. I really do hope, the contributors (I already did) get used to that mark and start contributing just as frequently and convincingly, as before the disaster.

For people who don’t know what I’m referring to:

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There is a slightly different fork of youtube-dl called yt-dlp (google it) - but that also fails on my favourite sites for leeching “digital footage containing lots of flesh tone palette pixels” purely for offline backup, I only read pr0n for the articles and watch moving pictures thereof the intricate plotlines of the narratives…

Of course, what else would be important about that.

The Penthouse and Playboy are most famous for their articles, too. Aren’t customers considered very literate and educated? :thinking:

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Sounds like being unable to download Sky News (or Faux News, for that matter) might just be a true blessing.

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True story: before I even knew what “gay” was, or “homosexuality” : a dear dear family friend, like my favourite (and all my sibling’s favourite too) “uncle” George (he was Greek Australian, and we travelled with him in Europe and lived with him in Greece) lived with us for a year or so in Australia (after Europe) before my dad got itchy feet again and we moved 3000 km (again).

Anyway, I was 12/13, and George used to buy Playboy magazines! For the articles! I kinda figured out for myself that he was gay (we called them “poofter” back then) - but it seemed strange to me, @13 that he preferred males, and REALLY did buy Playboy magazine for the informed essays and journalism and short fiction (few of my favourite writers, like Robert Shea, contributed to Playboy in the 70’s, even the legendary Phillip K Dick too)…

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I always had the impression that Playboy was the classier version of the lads’ mags.
As far as I know, they also had really good photographers.

As for their subject being primarily naked women - that’s nothing unusual: For a woman, still today, the best chance of being displayed in a museum, is by being naked.

Whilst this is obviously a very sexist thing, it doesn’t diminish the quality of the work.

One rare example of having both, is, of course, the renaissance genius Artemisia Gentileschi.

Here: Susanna and the elders

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OK, thanks for the clues, I installed the Stream Detector add-on for Firefox which resolved the URL issue and allowed youtube-dl to download the news video, however, no audio with the video, so I need to resolve this. Any ideas how to fix this?

Can you show the logs of the download?
Sometimes it can happen that the video is separated from the audio and it needs to be spliced together after downloading.

Not sure where the logfile exists if it does, however, in my quest to download the news videos from Skynews Australia, I came across JDownloader2, which resolved the issue for me. Found here: - Official Homepage

Thank you all for the suggestions, it all helped quite a lot.