Slow bootloader after Arch linux LTS kernel installation

I installed Arch on an dual boot with windows for an efi system.After upgrading to the LTS kernel first i wasnt able to select the advanced,windows boot loader options from grub.The grub screen would show the choices but the up down keys wont work and it would boot into the new lts kernel.After disabling fast boot in bios i could resolve that.But now whenever i boot the LTS kernel bootloader takes 18 secs.For the non-lts one,5.6.3-arch-1 its 5 seconds.The screen resolution is really small in the terminal.Im not using any DE.Any idea how to fix this.Where are the logs?no journalctl.Thanks.Kaushik

Could you please fill out the template:

If you can’t boot into a functioning system, to run the commands from the template, then use a live medium and execute them on the live OS.