Strange changes with Kernel upgrade


The standard upgrade in Ubuntu recently changed the kernel from 4.15.0-45 #48 to 4.15.0-46 #49. Modest change, eh?

But I have seen two changes that puzzle me.

  1. After GRUB but before I get the Ubuntu Loading page, this message is on the screen:
    /dev/sdb1: clean, 362525 / 26427392 files, 12719110 / xxxxx (no time to write them all down) blocks
    I thought this was a warning to run e2fsck, which I did from a different mount point. It’s still there.
    Is Ubuntu telling me something?

  2. Ubuntu now loads slower, and there is a loading script (now I have a snappy slice!) that runs next to the lights (there used to be five, now four).
    Is this normal?

It is all mildly annoying and easily ignored, IF (important IF) there is nothing behind it.
Any explanations?


i found a couple different sources (links 1 and 2 below) that say this is just an informational message and nothing to worry about. i booted into my 3 different partitions just to check and got a similar message when booting debian. the couple of times my system has needed me to fsck the partition i was trying to boot into, it dropped me into a terminal (busybox if i recall correctly) and did not proceed to load the operating system.

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THanks for that, most informative.
In the threads, it indicated that the issue is with the graphics display, since the splash is supposed to come so quickly, you would not notice the FS check.

Well, that means I should just be patient for a driver upgrade, right?
BTW, it is Radeon HD 2600 XT, and the proprietary drivers on the AMD website were last updated six years ago.

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According to this, it looks like a very old card to me.

Therefore, I assume that they most likely won’t release any update.


are you still able to access a previous kernel from grub to test and see what the loading time difference is?


Man, that is a great idea! I’ll post after I try it.

OK, I was wrong. The times are close.
Kernel 46, 1 min 42 seconds, graphical 1 min 07.371
Kernel 45, 1 min 21 seconds, graphical 1 min 07:33

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you’ve got my old school 5400 rpm hdd beat by like a factor of 20!

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Therefore, I assume that they most likely won’t release any update.

Actually, there is a module called kmod that is distributed by the Ubuntu team, but I know nothing other than I have the latest version, 24.

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I’ve heard about it but I don’t know anything about it.

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deleted by author

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This might be of interest to you: MX Linux OS - Elegant & Efficient written by a member who has a similar DDR2 laptop, you own.

Indeed! I saw the mention, and noticed the use of the Acer!! I shall certainly try it and let y’all know.

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