Teach me gentoo

Hey everyone,

I’ve used a lot of debian and arch based distros. Now I’ve decided to try Gentoo. I got into the website, and I can’t understand anything! Please help me with the basics of gentoo, installation process and it’s usage.

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You are giving me new year goals now. Teach our readers Gentoo Linux :slight_smile:


Yes we haven’t covered Gentoo, I hope so… Someone will teach me or, an itsfoss article may be created. Who knows…

I’m confident that I’ll be taught gentoo.

The advice for such situations is generally:
If you

you are not there, yet. You probably need more Linux skill and experience. Gentoo is only meant for experts. It’s not suited for beginners, because it would most likely just annoy them, as they wouldn’t know what the hell they are supposed to do.

I imagine a beginner-friendly tutorial to be very long and hard to understand, even if it is specifically targeted towards beginners.


I’m using Linux just for 2 years. I don’t have that much experience in it. I need a beginner-friendly tutorial, as you said. I’ll try to understand somehow, and try to learn Gentoo. Help me.

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In the words of used, do you mean you have built them yourself from scratch? Gentoo is for experts as Akito said and can be even more time consuming than building Arch from scratch. I’ve used Arch OSES but have never ever built one, because I have not got the technical skill to do so. Such a lot to take on board, one mistake and that’s it, as you have to keep saving as you go along. I installed Calculate Linux last year which is Gentoo and got stuck, as I do not understand it’s way of doing things.

I’ve seen people on YouTube live create their own Gentoo Linux from scratch and the Live stream went on for days and days.
Below are the links to Zebedee Boss’s Gentoo build from scratch Live Streams, with help from the walking and talking Linux Encyclopedia Guru Serge, who has helped me in the past with an upgrade to QT. He knows everything there is to know about everything Linux from Gentoo, Debian, Arch, QT, Ubuntu, Fedora, Red-Hat, you name it he knows it.

Gentoo From Scratch Parts One To Five

(Part One) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrPJlAWMx7A
(Part Two) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27iikpOqeoc
(Part Three) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZER7qnbphyc
(Part Four) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dr9ThgErXYM
(Part Five) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxCWfsxcpF0

The only way to learn Linux is to build it yourself, but Gentoo is a learning curve that can go wrong instantly. I hope these videos help.


@clatterfordslim…Gentoo can take days to compile, depending on the machine. I have gotten Gentoo
to CLI desktop, but get stuck at trying to compile the DE. Going to download the videos and watch and
study them, may give Gentoo another try.


So your answers are like, Gentoo isn’t supplied to users in an ISO file. So, does it need to be built by the user?

Not trying to be rude, but if you need to ask that, I wonder why you even ask to get into Gentoo. It obviously is nothing for you, at this moment. You really need to learn more about Linux, before even dreaming about Gentoo.

Have yet to try this but this website offers pre-configured virtual machines for either VirtualBox or VMware. Gentoo is among the list.

Okay, that’s not at all rude, currently I’m concentrating on learning Linux commands. Nowadays I use Linux in a terminal, using GUI sometimes. I’ll learn more about Linux, and install Gentoo one day.

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My God! VMs are pre-configured! I’ll surely check it out brother.

Though, ironically, Gentoo is about extreme customization and making everything manually, with the help of your own hands and your brain. So getting a “pre-configured” Gentoo is like renting a movie that you won’t ever watch.

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More like playing chess by yourself, I would say.


The name explains a lot. Gentoo is a type of penguin, the fastest swimmer of them all. The creators of Gentoo Linux deliberately made it as simplified and streamlined as possible, so whatever resulted from a user’s efforts would perform vastly faster because the user would expertly eliminate anything unnecessary. The warnings you are getting revolve around the user knowing what they need and what they don’t so as to do your own streamlining.

So, shouldn’t I use the VM to know about it? What’s your opinion?

@Akito…Like I said I have yet to try. Might be worth a look. Just do not have the time.

How did you tag a particular line alone from a comment? I’m asking this since I’m new to this website. Joined just a month ago.

I hope this helps:

If you really want to know Linux and how to build your own? I’d start with a Ubuntu based system, at least that way once you’ve mastered that, go onto Debian, then after that Arch, then go onto Gentoo. Then you’ll know everything there is to know about Linux, but then there is Open-BSD or Free-BSD.

Free-BSD is the closest package wise to Linux, in fact I wish Sony would give us in Linux their code they have for DX12 compatibility patch program they wrote for the PS4 and PS5. I can dream though.
So basically I would do the above in that order if I were to start making or learn Linux inside out.