Terrible time with installing thunderbird mail reader version 68.10

I installed Linux Mint 20.1 cinnamon today and when setting up Thunderbird I found I could only install one mail address, I have two. I have searched everywhere (including on ilne) to see how to do this but no go so far. Has any one who has installed the new Mint system struck this problem?

Can you provide descriptions or screenshots of what you did and how it failed?

I don’t have Mint, but I do have Thunderbird and I find adding email-addresses to be a piece of cake.

Settings -> Add -> Existing Email Account …

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Thank you @Mina for your prompt reply. I have no idea why I could not instal my second mail box but I did some tinkering last night and this morning I download a lot of new updates and went to Thunderbird again and surprisingly it installed the second mail box firdt time. I do note that the Thunderbird edition that comes with Mint 20.1 is an older version but the problem is sorted.

It can also fail if wrong credentials or server details are provided. Some server details are pre-configured and might get updated through a general software update.

Thank you @Akito and I am sorry I missed your reply. I now have all my computer issues sorted and everything is running as it should. Updates did seem to fix some of my concerns.


The new version of Thunderbird 78.7.0 is different and one can feel lost if it is only the second try at configuration.

@R_G What exactly do you find confusing about TB? I personally find it to be totally intuitive.

Hi @Mina, the Thunderbird version that comes with the new Mint 20.1 is TB68 and there are a few differences that took me awhile to workout., mainly with adding a second email address. All ok now though.

I have many email addresses.
I have installed TB about a dozen times, some on Win 7 some on Linux mint.
I agree with you that 78.7.0 (64 bits) may be easier to install than before but, for someone that did not do it often, I say, it may be difficult.

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Hi @R_G Regular. It was odd that I had to puzzle on how to add another account on TB as I have had no problems in the past with Mint 19.1. All I did after setting it up, yes I could do that but it was not appearing in TB so I exited from TB and a minute or so later opened it again and all the info was there. Don’t ask me how but it was. No problems since.

I humbly believe that Mint has nothing to do with this behaviour you are reporting Charles.

TB evolved and, YES, the process to add account has changed.

I am welcoming you in 2021. :grinning:

Try using the pre-Thunderchicken mail program called Eudora. It can be found using any search. Yes there is a way to hack it out there online too. But it was the Thunderbird team before they dreamed up the new app. It is still one of the best mail programs around, solid and stable. No it won’t send blitz email campaigns, but tough luck. The version I’m using on Cin Mint is at least 25 years old. I like it, and no bad code ever written for it.


I have used Eudora many years before converting to TB myself.