Trisquel 9: My Experience

At first boot one might think, wow, what do I have. After using Trisquel, one can see it has
it’s faults, as other 32bit Linux distros have.
The biggest issue is the lack of a decent onboard
graphics driver for the older desktop PC’s. Without
a dedicated graphics card, the best I can get, with
a Dell 23 inch monitor is 1024x768, with VGA cable.
Windows Vista beats the heck out this, since I can
still install the correct driver fot the old Nvidia
GeForce 6100.
One other that had me going, was some kind of dialogue
goin on when I was playing music. Come to find out
the Orca screen reader had become enabled, a quick
uncheck fixed the problem.
For myself, I would never use Trisquel, for a everyday
driver, just not enough support for what I need. But
Trisquel and Q4OS makes perfect sense for a PC like
this old Acer desktop. Trisquel is light and nimble
and running quite well.
I will run Trisquel for awhile, until I have time to
try another 32bit distro. Any suggestions?

My dual boot with Windows Vista Basic.


Trisquel is the Free Software Foundation recommended distribution. I am not surprised if it doesn’t properly support Nvidia proprietary drivers specially for 32-bit systems.

You don’t have a lot of option with 32-bit systems specially when you also want it to use Nvidia graphics. If you are not happy with Trisquel, try Debian maybe?

Edit: As pointed out by @andy2 Trisquel does support Nvidia drivers. My earlier comment was taken verbatim as if Trisquel didn’t support Nvidia drivers. That wasn’t my intention and hence I edited my comment.

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@abhishek…Thanks, but it is not only Trisquel. From what I read
Linux just does not have much support for the old onboard GPU’s.
One can install a dedicated graphics card and use DVI and get a
better display resolution. I wanted this review, using the hardware
the machine has, not what I can install. When is the how-to Gentoo

Ah! You guys are actually expecting the Gentoo tutorials. I was joking earlier but it’s time to seriously consider it, then.

The Gentoo series won’t happen before mid-Feb. I have a busy schedule ahead and after I finish the priority tasks, then only I can set upon exploring Gentoo.

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@abhishek…I can make it to the Gentoo kernel compile and then I am lost!!!
Gentoo is about the only Linux I haven’t installed. Have fun!!!

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Try the 32 bit version of Zorin OS Lite

@TrekJunky…I have already tried Zorin, really do not care for Gnome or XFCE.

Well @4dandl4 Daniel - How silly and petty can one get…? No attempt to be subtle at all or disguise your quest and sole purpose - of denigrating an OS without facts. My 14 year old HP G60-120EM Intel® slow T5800 Core™ Duo 2.00Ghz 3.00 GB RAM with Hitachi 2.5 inch SATA 250GiB HDD which has over 130 thousand bad sectors - has NVIDIA graphics. So this should surprise even @abhishek greatly and his knowledge base too…


With my more modern 10 year old…? Dell E6420 refurbished laptop I get…

So as all can see I have included screen shot proof of what I write :face_with_monocle: Daniel then says…

This really takes the biscuit… priceless Cr4p… without even saying what his needs are…!
Pathetic or what…? :thinking:

So let us not waste any more time with the aforementioned :poop: from Daniel and move onto an unbiased review by someone who knows their arse from their elbow - someone who has tested so many distros from major to minor, Arch and BSD too. 8.7 user rating…

Conclusion: “On the whole I found Trisquel to be pleasant to use, easy to set up, and pretty capable out of the box. I really like how fast it performed tasks and how uncluttered/unbusy the desktop felt…I would highly recommend giving Trisquel a try.:wink: :clap:

Could I add that my wife at 75+ and is not computer savvy and has never owned a laptop; uses it for internet banking, emails, scanning and printing so it must be easy to use. :woman_judge: :slightly_smiling_face:
We should all know by now how fast and snappy it is being so light and efficient with resources. :face_with_monocle: :slightly_smiling_face:

After temporarily installing Trisquel v9 on my Dell I plugged in my HP Deskjet printer and within two seconds a pop-up notification appeared saying that the printer was ready to use and would I like to print a test page - Wo…! Is Plug & Play still alive…? With Trisquel v9 it certainly is …. plug in any one of three phones, three cameras, three mice USB sticks, modems and external 1T drive; just get on using them without any hassle - pretty cool if you ask me.

I don’t know whether this comment is anti-elderly or anti-women :wink:

However, I think we can agree on the impression that this “review” wasn’t exactly unbiased, especially if we consider that the statement “I would never use Trisquel […]” was solely based on the lack of support for his particular GPU.

Having tried Trisquel only shortly on a virtual machine, I can only say that setting screen resolutions wasn’t any issue at all.

You sure do have a chip - but have edited my post so that you do not get your knickers in a twist again. Remember what Akito asked of us…?
Obviously, I request you both to not discuss this topic further due to widely known reasons.” so I will not respond further with facts, surveys or figures on 75+ in gender categories. (Or climate change denial)

Pretty obvious that @4dandl4 Daniel was clutching at straws :lying_face: - how silly :joy: and demeaning. I too have no issues with Trisquel fully installed on two laptops from different manufactures with vastly different specifications. DistroWatch having no such issues either, wraps it up nicely. :wink:

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Dear @abhishek would you please reconsider your post - thanks.

Edit: Most grateful that Abhishek has taken time out to explain his position - thanks. At present I am not sure what the correct take is; as that crazy old man Linus has now changed his position too… Arrrgh :confounded:

@Mina…Running a VM would be totally different, this old Acer machine will not run
either VirtualBox or VMWare.

@Andy2…Should I apologize for my experience with Trisquel?

Hey Daniel - You and only you can decide this. :thinking:

Abhishek demoted your “Review” to “My Experience” for obvious reasons.
A clear yet desperate attempt to rubbish Trisquel which now stands as a Monument to the Groupthink Fanboys - this is just fine with me. Only you know the real reasons for doing such - I do not have a problem with this - it would never enter my head to flag a post let alone a Topic.
Your main gripe being screen resolution and lack of drivers out of the box and how good Vista is :thinking: :astonished: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :joy: - then capitulating; :roll_eyes:acknowledging that this has nothing specifically to do with Trisquel as it is a general linux problem. Pssst - I have got great news for you - Dell designed its monitors to work with Windows - Vista not linux. Well fancy that…! :roll_eyes:

Please don’t pay any attention to a coffin dodgin old fool like me with old even ancient kit according to our friend Akito.
I am most grateful to your good-self for jogging the old fool’s grey matter as it dawned on me while posting…

… that my monitor - instant recognition as splash screen is correctly displayed on ancient Samsung LED TFT monitor with NVIDIA graphics driver provided by even the mini-Trisquel v8; works faultlessly giving optimum resolution and acceleration via the Nouveau gnulinux driver.
My old brain then realized that the monitor was even older than the 20+ year old 3D CAD Station built by a colleague and friend. It came from an even older Pentium 2D CAD box of 1990ish vintage Win3.1 days - Wow :astonished:

The days when this monitor started to replace the Cathode Ray Tube - Wow :astonished:
The sound via the monitor’s inbuilt stereo speakers is just as good as under WinXP-Pro. Cool or what…? :slightly_smiling_face:
It is to the credit of this cash strapped small team at Trisquel that it not only recognised this disparate collection of components but optimised them to enable a FOSS World Record of Efficiency (and breathtaking speed too) for ANY FOSS distro.

All thanks to you :+1:

By the way even mini-Trisquel can give you this OTT choice of screen resolutions - Yes Auto too… :face_with_monocle: :astonished: :slightly_smiling_face:

I was playing with different resolutions to blanket increase size of icons, menu text etc - I settled on a reduction to 1368 x 768 :slightly_smiling_face:

ps As @abhishek has corrected his position 3 times - thanks Abhishek for some clarity - but do we buy into this proclaimed ignorance of all things gnulinux - I do not. You can take politeness too far at times! :frowning: