Ubuntu 20.04 installation with usb (in dual boot) gets stuck at detecting file systems

Ubuntu 20.04 installation with usb (in dual boot) gets stuck at detecting file systems

Everything else happens smoothly but on clicking install now, it gets stuck at detecting file systems and shows a lot of errors of the form - was not found while attempting to remove it - on the drop down Command Line. Such errors keep coming for some time. Then the screen freezes (including the rotating disc
Please help me, I am a beginner student I need urgent help as I have assignments.
My system is Dell G3 with preinstalled Windows 10.
Thank you in advance

Could you take screenshots of what is happening?

I updated my post with the snapshot of the warning messages


I searched several forums myself, and none of it helped.
I think there should be some high level fix required. The answers in above forums suggest commenting out code in ubuntu installer.
There are people who have installed 20.04 without problems. So I guess their code must be error free.
Can you give more concrete means ? Maybe as a Linux expert.

As you see from the first couple links, it has nothing to do with source code. If it was truly a bug in the way described, then EVERYONE would experience it, not only 10 people around the globe.

Re-download the ISO, check its hash, then burn the ISO in dd mode and check the hash of the disk again.
If all that returns alright, then attempt the installation again.

Yes, exactly like you said. Turns out the hash values are an exact match. Did it with certutil on cmd prompt. Will retry installation anyways; thank you for your help - hope I can come back if it doesn’t work out again?

I added a fifth question in the FAQ, where I describe the proper process for successfully burning an ISO image on Windows:

Apparently this issue is pretty common, looking at all the views. I wonder if Ubuntu already addressed and fixed this issue.

Seems like they have. I have, since this post, reinstalled Ubuntu 2 more times. I have also tried out budgie-desktop and Studio, and no problem like this one ever came up. The Ubuntu experience keeps getting smoother.