Ubuntu & Logitech C920 Camera - What's needed to make camera work?

I am running Linux Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS and I have a Logitech Web Cam C920 which I would like to make work. I had the camera when I was on Windows 10, but since switching over to Linux I was surprised that it does not work.

Is their some software that I can use, or do I need to get a new camera?

I have found a Linux compatible camera on Amazon, an Angetube 920H Pro USB HD Computer Web Camera with Tripod for only $47 US. But isn’t that a bit cheap? I paid $69 US for my C920 about 4 years ago, and that was without a tripod.

If I must get a new camera, what suggestions do you recommend?

Thanks, George

Hi @GWG007 ,
Read this web page

It says that the C920 works with Linux, without any configuring.
It also says it is a good expensive Webcam.

So I would not be looking to buy another Webcam.

First thing to do is to test if the camera and usb system are working.
To do that, use the cheese app. You may need to install the cheese package if it is not already installed. When you start cheese it should automatically find your camera and display the image.

If it does not work with cheese… you have a problem either in camera or in usb ports. Try another usb port. Disconnect all other usb devices and reboot. Do you have another computer you could test the camera on

If it does work with cheese, you have to investigate why it does not work with whatever other software you want to use it with. That is likely to be a problem with settings in your software. Look in the menus for camera setup settings.



Thank you Neville. I do have Cheese so I will try it out.

I will get back to you with my findings.

Thanks again,

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I also have had success with guvcview