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  1. Is there a way to get my email address book from Yahoo AT&T email loaded into Thunderbird or do I have to add them in one at a time?

  2. I don’t if “Open Office” is one of the preferred packages for Ubuntu, but I found it while searching in Windows 10 and thought it’s worth a look for the data base that’s in it. Do I just go to “Activities” and search for it from there? Will Ubuntu do the unpacking and set up or what extra do I need?



i have read that there can be problems installing open office in ubuntu. there is a group of office programs called libreoffice that comes already installed in ubuntu. the database program (called Base) isn’t installed, but you can install it in the software center by searching for “libreoffice”.

after i installed it and created a database, there was a warning that i needed to make a slight adjustment to get it to work correctly:

after i followed those instructions and selected the Ubuntu Java runtime environment (JRE),

everything seems to be working correctly.


@RetiredGuy, before you get too far setting up your new system, I have something for you to consider. And maybe you already have. System files vs User Data files.
I like to keep my System & Data files separate. Then if I have to restore my system for some reason, I will not loose any of my data.

Thank You for that. I didn’t know where to begin looking for this.


Hi easy,

Yep, I have kept the data file separated under their own directory / file structure completely away from the system files.


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I was all set to follow your instructions, but, there is not a listing for Base when I select “File New” There is supposed to be “Data Base” but there isn’t. I did find and download LibreOffice from the Ubuntu. There is a list of programs, but the one for “BASE” is greyed out. I’ve stumbled around and found a listing of code with “BASE” but when I click on it a get a screen for install that “requires” authentication. It requires my password and when I put it in and hit Enter the screen goes away, but “BASE” is not loaded.

I’ve found in “HELP” a set of pages for “BASE” and explanations for the wizard to create a data base, but clicking on any blue field just leads to more of the same in a closed loop of help pages.

Do I need to start over and do a download of LibreOffice? It seems to me there should be a listing of BASE on the left side of the screen under the other selections to open, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

for me LibreOffice Base required a separate installation. i first opened Ubuntu Software and typed “libreoffice” (without quotes) into the search box:

there you can see LibreOffice Base listed as the 6th option from the top. when i clicked on that option, i was taken to this page which offered to let me install Base by clicking on the “Install” button:

after i clicked on install, i also got a window that asked for my password to allow the system to install Base. the previous screen changed to show that Base was installed:

where there was previously a button that said “Install”, now there are two buttons. one says “Launch” and another that says “Remove”. if you press “Launch”, that will open Base.

if you don’t launch or open Base from that screen, you can use the windows key (on your keyboard) or the 9 dots in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen or even the word Activities in the top left-hand corner to get a search box. if you have installed Base and type “base” (also without quotes) in that search box, you should get an option that looks like this:

the purple icon with “LibreO…” underneath it should open Base.

when i initially opened it, i got the java warning mentioned above. the next time i was asked to create or open an existing database:

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Thanks, I got it and have started messing with creating a data base. It’s quite a learning experience.