Upgrade to Ubuntu 18 will not boot


I usually have better luck by formatting the drive before doing a fresh install. Free remote storage–Google Drive, Dropbox, MEGA–makes it easy to safeguard my data and then restore it. Actually, I’ve stopped storing any of my data on my computer permanently; it all goes to remote storage.

Pay for Ubuntu? All distributions seem to be free, once you bypass the donation notice.


Usually, Windows first, then Ubuntu. That way GRUB works properly. With the prices these days, install another HD–a 250G SSD would be sweet for your Ubuntu drive. Use the Windows HD for GRUB. I just bought (tax refund!) a Windows 10 gaming machine, so I use it as a console for games only and do all of my real work on my Linux desktop. They’re connected by a KVM box to simplify the mess. It’s the step beyond dual booting.

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No all you need is a product key. You can run Windows without one for awhile without it, but you will keep getting nagged about it. This you can ignore if you are switching to Linux anyway as you main system


See here for Product key: https://tinyurl.com/yyw6rprb Jimany seems keen to keep said M$ for time being.


Cool idea! Hopefully I’ll remember that if I get another.

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This is very interesting. So if I have two hard drives in the same machine,
one HDD and one SSD, GRUB will let me choose which drive I want to use on startup?
That would be cool.

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The World is your Oyster, to explore and make it easier for your pleasure, not following M$ lead to pleasure them with your obedience.

Twin disks is another avenue open to you. Keep windoze on your present HDD and install Linux to a SSD.

There again do you need to visit the Dark Side, any more. Brand loyalty or a special need.?


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18.04 was the one that I downloaded. Thanks for asking.


Yup. Most machines will accommodate more than two, so you can install several. Just load Windows first, then specify the (usually) sda drive for your Master Boot Record drive.

I have no need for Windows, so it lives on another machine with nothing but games.


This seems be problem with the grub ( init kernel of linux ).An installation of Windows
can overwrite the grub, but the Ubuntu incredibly not.
You spoken that uses Windows 10 too, then you needs:
1- FORMAT ALL YOUR HD ( hard disk ). make backup before :slight_smile:
2- Instal FIRST the Windows 10, after the Linux. at other partition ( Why ? )
because that the WIN 10 delete the Linux boot.
The Linux put the Win in a menu, for you choice what S.O. to use.
PS: When Format your Hd, uses Gparted for format and create two news partitions for
Linux and Windows 10.:hugs:


It can and it does, actually.


GRUB will look at all your drives and will let you run any of them on the list. If you install grub customizer, you can rename them, hide some entries (recovery, etc), and use different colors, type faces, and background.

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I have encountered the exact same problem and it apparently has something to do with the video card. I have had success installing the exact same Ubuntu 18 version on two other PC’s but the one pc will only run Ubuntu 16. In my case it is an older PC going back to 2008. That PC will run the latest versions of CentOS and Red Hat linux but it just will not run Ubuntu 18.

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Thanks drummonr. Helps me to know that. I probably wont spent more time trying to install Ubuntu 18 again. Unless I get a different computer. But this one still does what I need it too so no big hurry I guess.
Ubuntu 16 works fine for me. I just get concerned that the security updates might end for Ubuntu 16 eventually. Other than that, don’t know that Ubuntu 18 is any better than 16 for what I use it for.

Where could I find the “pros and cons” of Ubuntu vs Red Hat?


there is a chart just a little ways down this page that shows the hardware updates for 16.04 ended last year and the maintenance updates will last until 2021.



Thank cordx. Ubuntu 16 will be okay for while then.

Am curious. Have you any thoughts or criticisms of the “Tails OS” ?
I was just reading about it online.

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like you, i have only done some online reading about tails. i like what i have read so far. it is purported to be very security- and privacy-focused. from what i understood in my limited reading, it is designed to be run in a live environment from a usb. i just went to their page to check and that is their stated intention (in the quote and link below). i don’t think that means it can’t be installed to a laptop or desktop. just last week or so someone posted a link to a computer store in a different country that pre-loads laptops with all manner of different linux distros and tails was on that list.

Tails is a live operating system that you can start on almost any computer from a USB stick or a DVD.



i had never really noticed before, but live is even in their name acronym. tails = the amnesiac incognito live system :slight_smile:


I think I might try installing “Tails” tomorrow. Am thinking I can install it right over Ubuntu.


are you thinking about using tails because of the privacy and security aspect (if you don’t mind my asking), or are you just wanting to replace ubuntu?