Upgrade to Ubuntu 18 will not boot


It is assumingly the best known Privacy OS, but I don’t think it is the best. It always depends on the use case, too, though.

Should be clear before further advice.


The privacy and security seems like a good idea. Replacing Ubuntu isn’t really necessary I guess, at least until 2021. I mainly use Ubuntu now just to pay bills online or online orders. I’m only doing that because somehow I got the idea that Windows was always being hacked and Ubuntu was safer in that regard. But I really do not know if that’s true or where I got that idea from. So yes I like the idea of added security if it’s actually true.

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i like the idea of added privacy and security as well. i have tried the tor browser and some android apps to use the tor network (as tails does) in the past for that very reason. i feel fairly safe and secure with the version of ubuntu i use as well. recently @Akito introduced me to a password manager called keepass2 which helps me feel like i am doing better with password management than i was in the past. i think there are different steps we all can take to help ourselves be more secure. one of these days i will probably put tails on a usb to try it out and see what it looks like as well as how well it does on my computer :slight_smile:

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@Jimany @cordx A couple of years ago I tried out Subgraph OS which was theoretically much superior to Tails, but the homepage currently says it is still in Alpha and I don’t see much changes there since then, unfortunately. Would like to see it developed further to at least get it out of Alpha. If Subgraph OS would have a stable build, then I think it would be one of the best privacy operating systems out there.

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subgraph certainly looks interesting, but i’m not sure that it bodes well that they haven’t put out any more releases since late in '17. they did send out a few tweets late last year so maybe there is still reason to hold out hope.

i was going to counter with tinfoil hat (mostly just because i like the name), but it looks like they have been in hibernation even longer.


A new suggestion: Try switch to the HDMI port your monitor
( Hdmi handles only 30 hz refresh rate ). Ubuntu have some
problems with high resolutions.


Thanks for reply. That may have been the problem all along.
But since posting this thread, I have installed Linux Mint which has performed much better than Ubuntu ever did on this machine.
Also did some upgrades suggested by Mack. Couldn’t be more satisfied with this forum. Has been much help. Thanks


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Tried to mark solved. Hope that is how you wanted it done.

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