Using Clonezilla Restore

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If you hover the mouse pointer over the respective items there´s a popup window explaining what the option does:

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So maybe @Sheila_Flanagan could use grsync to work out what options to use with an rsync command line, then use the command line with cron or anacron.


My rsync command for data backup

  1. Sync /common/* with external disk
    rsync -aAXvH /common/* /media/nevj/Linux-external/common

Two main points

  • it uses archive mode… never deletes anything on the backup copy
  • it preserves permissions

So you put everything in a “common” folder that you sync? Well that would make it easier. I kept thinking I had to run those commands for each directory (x5) for each computer (x4) and then understand the flags for each. Then have to run the commands again for each folder synced on the server to backup those to ext HDD. That’s why it seemed overwhelming going in.

I was just going to create the folders on the server for each machine. Then those machine folders would have subfolders for the CZ, Timeshift & rsync backups as well as the synced files. It gets a little deep.



Yes, all data are inside /common, but not backups, they go straight to an external disk.

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Yes, and it seems to be quite easy as grsync tells you the exact command it´s using for any defined job


So there´s no science involved in working out the command with all the parameters.
Once you set it right in grsync there´s also the command available and you can copy it and use that in a cron or anacron job. :wink:

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I am setting up my machine backups today and was looking at your options and wondered what “AX” is?

I am using -a -v and am wondering about -b for backup while syncing. But did not see the AX option listed.


A and X are two flags

 -A, --acls                  preserve ACLs (implies -p)
 -X, --xattrs                preserve extended attributes

It is all about preserving everything to do with a file