What is the best printer software / best way to print with Ubuntu

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The driver I have works but Im not so sure Shotwell prints correctly. Is there any software/application Im not aware of that might do the job? Or if there is another way to print the file Im not aware of… Gimp is 8 bits so it want do.


PS I’d like to print according to driver settings.

it might help if you could describe what is being done incorrectly by shotwell and what you expect this other software or program to do.


As far as I know there is no color management in Shotwell - and as far as I can tell… or at least it appears to me as the color profile assigned to the photo isnt read by Shotwell. I need to print with an app that has color mangement… feel free to correect me if Im wrong regarding this.

because i don’t print photos, i don’t know from right or wrong in that regard. you said gimp didn’t work. i don’t kow if they do specifically, but here is a list of some other programs (after the gimp rec) that might offer such functionality: https://itsfoss.com/open-source-photoshop-alternatives/


Both Krita and Inkscape could have been potential candidates but they cant handle the file size on about 2 gig.

this is a fairly recent (relatively speaking) thread from here that deals with image manipulation programs. the participating members are still fairly active, it might be worth posting in there (in case they don’t see or respond to this thread) to see if any of them might have some thoughts on what you are looking for:

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Thanks. I’ll check it out :slight_smile: The reason I cant use Gimp though is because its only 8bit and I want 16. I’ll post in that thread though :slight_smile:

Hi @pkr1979,
Sorry my question:
Gimp is 8 bit image precision?

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Im not really familiar with Gimp, but I opened a 16 bit file and got a Gimp notification letting me know it wasnt supporting 16 bits and converted it to an 8 bit file.

Sorry @pkr1979 and @01101111 this is not a FOSS solution but you may be able to install Serif PhotoPlus under wine and use as a free workaround as I use my old paid £20 for PhotoPlus9 now on Trisquel which is based on ubuntu 16.04


When you create a new image, you can choose to work in different colour modes, i.e., RGB, Lab, or Greyscale, in either 8- or 16-bits/channel. Use a Bit Depth of 16 bit for higher levels of image detail.

Even Ye Old 2003 Serif PhotoPlus9 uses 24 bit :slightly_smiling_face:


Bit depth in PhotoPlus9
*One of the main differences between PhotoPlus and most other paint programs is that we’ve put aside the restrictive notion of working with a limited number of colors. You can work on any image in 24-bit mode, accessing the full color spectrum via the Color tab. Native format (.SPP) images are stored in this mode. When and if the time comes to save in a different format, and reduce colors, PhotoPlus provides the Export Optimizer for maximum quality control. *
While novices will appreciate the ease of use this approach brings, more experienced users may at first need to adjust to the absence of color swatches and the constraints of working in 256-color mode. Still, we’re confident that the benefits of concentrating on image production first, and color reduction last, will soon become apparent!

Hope this helps?.. or could admin delete this post

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