What is your favorite backup / sync app for the cloud?

Carousing on the web this a.m., spotted this updated program on Windows:

Alternative.net doesn’t seem to have much similar for Linux.
Have an account with Box.com and Mediafire but nothing to sync with there on Linux.

Any recommendations folks?

I have used Dropbox. It has a Linux client, but also Android, so I used it to shift stuff from phone to Linux. You only get 2Gb free space., and they limit the number of machines.
Not really a backup choice, unless you want to pay

Depending on what sort of files you want to store, you can uae Github. It is free . You need to learn to use git to manage it.

As a happy user of Seafile (self hosted) I vote for Seafile client.

Just finished du -h on my server with counting data. According to that I have approx 2TB in it.

Dropbox is reliable and have used it for years now.
Just looking for a second, alternative “system” as backup.

Seafile is new to me.

Will look into it, thank you! :wink:

Yeah, I need that too. Off site backup is important.
The best I can find is pcloud. You get 10 Gb free, so youncan do a trial
I have not tried it, but i have heard people who are happy with it.
You can buy a lifetime size chunk of storage for a one-off payment.

Did see talk about pcloud here a few days ago.

Yet another novel name for me to look into.

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Mega in New Zealand has worked for me for years, and it’s free.


I second @berninghausen recommendation.
Yes, Mega is free and gives you 20 GB of cloud storage to sync your files.

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We should cook up a shared cooperative version of Nextcloud. I can back my stuff up to Australia and those down under can back them up to Iowa. :slight_smile:

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I use - and swear by - ResilioSync… it’s caused me a few issues in the past, but, mostly my fault…

I bought a Pro license for it 5 years ago…

Runs everywhere :

  • MacOS (intel and M1)
  • Windows (back when I had Windows - no longer - not even @work)
  • Linux x86_64 and armhf and arm64 (and probably i386/i686 too) - all the distros - works best on SystemD (and I don’t run any non-systemd Linux anywhere)
  • FreeBSD (I run it as a jail, and as a user owned process I have to start manually if the machine reboots)
  • Android
  • iOS

It does have issues on Raspberry Pi Zero (not Zero 2) - as Resilio seems to see it as arm7l not armhf (armhf binary won’t run)…

It’s a bit dodgy running on my stock Android (Samsung Galaxy S9+ running stock Android 10 from Samsung) - mainly 'cause of Google’s SHIT API constantly trying to kill stuff that developers used previously (see Termux).

I also have and have used Dropbox, I like it (doesn’t have binaries for non Intel Linux though) - over the last ~15 years or so, I’ve earned 11.5 GB through referrals and other stuff - but when they dropped the headcount down from infinity to 3 devices, I had to stop using it… Considered paying for it - but the price is pretty steep - for something that you kinda / semi self-host… I don’t need or WANT 2 TB in the cloud!

I do pay for 100 GB at Alphabet corp - 'cause my mailbox is over 15 GB… but that’s only $2.50 a month…

Anyway - I sync around 200 GB with Resilio Sync (peer to peer - it’s pretty good, uses bitorrent protocol)… Only real issue I have with Resilio Sync is it’s shit at POSIX file permissions… e.g. I create a bash script on Machine X, set it to u+x on Machine X, but Machine Y leaves the sync’d file with some default permission (i.e. not execute) - but I can get around that…

I’ve tried it again recently (used / tried it on and off over the last 6-7 years, and also OwnCloud) and I found it unnecessarily complex to setup and get going… Resilio has clients for nearly everything that’s out there…

I’ve been considering figuring out how to divorce myself from Google’s predatory ecosystem - they don’t make it easy - they obfuscate it deliberately to con suckers like me into paying for storage when hour decades old mailbox get larger than 15 GB… Plan is to setup an IMAP client, download large emails with chunky attachments and save as something “else” (maybe even PST which seems fairly ubiquitous, despite hating on Microsoft)…

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Dont keep old email on web. Download to local archive folders, and set it so when you download it deletes from the web. You only need current stuff in webmail.

Did you know that the Ctrl+P = print (firefox) will save emails and web pages as PDF’s.

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No, I have trouble remembering shortcuts. (and just about everything else)

Heaps easier said than done… I’d rather a simpler method of finding emails with large attachments, and DELETE the ATTACHMENTS, but Google don’t won’t to make that easy… I’d rather let some third party host my mailbox…

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In Firefox GoTo - Top Menu, Other Browser don’t know about - anyone chip in . ? .
File > Print
There you can pick and choose the pages to save as PDF and I edit - Subject - Topic the title so I can find it with either search or IF I know eg grub settings or WiFi, makes for me easy to find Docs

Yes, I use that to print pdf’s., or save to a file.

I always find weird, why people like to handle their emails on the web through a browser? An email client like Thunderbird makes these tasks (downlading, archiving, finding messages with attachments) just few clicks hard, and done in seconds…
Why do this all so hard in a browser on the webmail? :woozy_face:

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My sincerists sorries for not bing more spacific old mate I was getting Thunderbird to save as PDF’s my emails

edit my Emailz as PDFs

I think it is because people like @daniel.m.tripp move around a lot… different computers, different sites… makes it difficult to manage local storage so they go for central storage.

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