What is your favourite browser and why


Pour ma part j’utilise en général Chrome ou bien chromium parce que je consulte beaucoup de site en anglais et que la traduction s’opère très rapidement avec ces navigateurs.


DuckDuckGo because I am sick of being tracked, and having adverts in my face. I also use Firefox and its good to use.


I use Firefox, and is my preferred browser, never leave in hand :wink:
like also of Chromium, but prefer yet FF engine …:star_struck:


Hello again, After going for Falkon (in Nov) I now use Vivaldi, mainly because too many sites (mainly semi-official ones) wouldnt cooperate and recognise Falkon. I still like Duckduckgo as search engine for its no tracking. I could also post this in “best distro” as I have liked KDE ever since I escaped window BUT. Kde browser choice seems to be awkward - Konqueror/Rekonq have probably become outdated. I tried Quipzilla/Falkon but they are limited (in my experience). So, for now, its Vivaldi - to be continued


Used Firefox for years, until I found it getting slow and started having problems with adblockers, so switches to chrome, then chromium. Finely ended up with Brave, wich is fast and I get much less adds and pop-up.


Before Read this topic I only knew a few browsers:
Now you talk about “thousands” of browsers I never heard…:tired_face:

My opinion is using OS Windows
I use FF developer edition

Why I use Firefox?
I think I use FF since the first releases and I like to use it, never had problems with FF neither security, so I think that’s why I still use it as a FF user

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i found this post again yesterday while i was scrolling down. as i was reading through, i remembered there was an option to create a poll. i went ahead and counted the votes as opinions expressed in previous posts to date. those are the numbers to the right of the browser name. some posts listed both chrome and chromium. in those instances, i simply chose the one listed first. i took out my vote for firefox so i could use the poll and see how it works. i will get in touch with @ElectricDandySlider to see if this might get moved to the original post :slight_smile:

edit: poll moved to original post

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Yes find do so it will combine the two it make sense @cordx

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It has been pointed out that Duckduckgo is not a browser. I am sure that @cordx made an honest mistake when he added it to the list when he added the poll to my original posting. We are all human after all, to almost quote from Rag ‘n’ Bone Man


Just my 2 cents. DuckDuckGo is a browser on my android phone…


Well @TrekJunky thanks for that bit of information I don’t have a mobile phone so it could be in the list after all.


i didn’t realize it was considered a browser on android even though i have it and use it. mostly i just use it for searches like i used to use the google widget. it didn’t click for me until i was making the list that it can save bookmarks and do all of the other things browsers do. a helpful addition i think :slight_smile:

similarly, before this thread i had never heard of falkon. definitely some good suggestions for alternatives for someone who has used the same browser for quite some time.


It is a search engine, you can use in Google Chrome or Chromium, as well, if you want to see windies get it nickers in a twist, enable in their edge browser.


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Was my fault
I’m testing all browsers of the poll and didn’t found DuckDuckGo browser for Win or Linux, only a search engine

Sorry for the trouble caused
I didn’t search other OSs

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Okay I have checked thanks to @TrekJunky and yes it is a browser as this confirms ; https://download.cnet.com/DuckDuckGo-Privacy-Browser/3000-20432_4-77350971.html . That being said I think we can all agree that it should be on the list as @cordx put there when he added the poll.


I have recently switched to using Firefox (from Chrome) and DuckDuckGo (from Google). The confusion I am seeing here is that DuckDuckGo has a “Browser Privacy Extension,” not a separate “browser.” It is available for Firefox, however I have checked Chrome and it is not available for it.

I cannot say if Firefox is my favorite browser just yet, but I am very interested in getting away from corporate espionage on my web activities. Companies like Google need to be taught that when they lie they lose, so I’m in the process of ditching them completely.

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The separate browser is available on Android.

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I see. I avoid browsing on my phone at all costs. The screen is too small and I am too old.



I have used Firefox by many time, more precise Firefox Quantum.
However i have switched FF because that not working with Html 5 videos in Youtube
by some strange reason. ( Firefox have support for html 5 ) but no works in YT.
Because it i have switched for Yandex Browser, despite some ADS in russian Lang.
this is a great browser, and i am happy with his.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: