What is your present Browser for Linux?

Lets start a new thread/topic.

Mine was Firefox for many years and I am not certain I want to change for Brave nor Tor.

How about you ?

What is your present Browser for Linux ?

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Hi Roger - What is your favourite colour…?
What is the value of your content…?

Hey Dude - just list it - no matter - whatever. :roll_eyes: :wink: use it to jump the list :wink: drive down this FOSS forum into the …

ps What is your favourite USB Wifi adapter :slightly_smiling_face: :smile: :joy: :joy: :wink:

I use Opera for everyday stuff, with Firefox as a backup.

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Just so…What is the point? :roll_eyes:

I use Chrome on all computers and mobile phones.

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Same here :slight_smile:

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Chromium wins hands down for me
But I always install chrome as well just in case one fails
But on 32 bit installs then that is not available
Yes still have clients on old Windows boxes scraping the last ounce out of the money they spent on the box 15 years ago …

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I like Vivaldi on my Linux Mint machines and on my Android.

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Vivaldi is my primary too with FF in standby.
I use Opera sometimes as well.

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Firefox, with history shut off and DuckDuckGo.


I have three :

  1. Primary : Google Chome (sync’d across 4 computers : 3 x Linux and 1 x Windows 10)
  2. Secondary : Firefox (installed as a “portable” app in my home dir - sync’d across 3 Linux computers - so it won’t force a restart after updating when I’ve got 10 tabs open - one tab for each Service Now ticket I’m working on).
  3. Tertiary : TOR (partially sync’d across 3 Linux computers).

I also have Edge installed on some of my Linux computers - but won’t use it at least until MS implement cloud sync features on the Linux build…

I also usually have Chromium installed (it was once my “daily driver” - but I stopped using it when Boobuntu moved it over the accursed snap store - plus also - wary of Google disabling anything but Chrome from doing sync via Google account). Also - I occasionally run Chromium from my RPi4 desktops (sync’d to my Google account)…

If you hadn’t guessed - I’m not that privacy focused, don’t really care too much - in fact - I kinda prefer it when ads are tailored to stuff Google discovered via my cookies - better than getting ads for stuff that’s totally irrelevant to my trends and tastes… I hardly EVER browse the intertubes on my phone handset - and need a fairly stock “google experience” because there are apps I NEED for my job (mostly MFA apps)… So - not too bothered about a browser on my phone…

And I’ve always got TOR if I really really need privacy…


Does anyone else use falkon, it seems good to me?


Firefox. I like Brave as a Chromium-based browser, but I prefer Firefox.

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Hi all,

  • I use firefox as my daily driver.
    I used to run chromium but as it´s available as snap-only now I refrain from using it (snaps cannot be sandboxed by firejail which offers great security when configured accordingly). :wink:

  • For sensitive research on the web: sandboxed tor-browser

  • @0bill0: For online banking: firejail --disable-mnt --private --dns= --dns= falkon -no-remote

  • w3m: a text-based browser for the console.
    As my only means of connecting to the intenet is a UMTS-stick I have 5 GB high speed data (per 28 days) available.
    After using up that amount up- and download speed gets reduced to 64 kbit/s.
    This is when w3m comes in.
    For me this is a great means of still getting something out of the net. :smiley:

    I know this scenario might not be much of an issue to most people using their wlan with unlimited data. But let´s not forget there are other regions in the world where people may not be as affluent and still depend on such a means of internet connectivity. :slightly_frowning_face:

Many greetings.
Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your reply and prompt , I will look at firejail/ sandboxing for bank stuff

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My main browser is Firefox 85.0.2 in both Linux and Windows. Compared to the rest, Firefox is the most customizable in general, and for my work in particular. I also have Vivaldi in both OS as well. Vivaldi is fast and a very pleasant design with a lot of growing pains. A child of Chrome, but the interface is superior.



You´re welcome. :wink:
If you´re interested in using firejail as a sandboxing mechanism just go to https://firejail.wordpress.com/ . It´s very well documented.

I use the --private-option for online banking as it´s super secure:

Private mode is a quick way to hide all the files in your home directory from sandboxed programs. […]
Firejail mounts a temporary tmpfs filesystem on top of /home/user directory. Any files created in this directory will be deleted when you close the sandbox.

(Firejail Usage | Firejail)

Plus: falkon behaves as if being freshly installed each time you start it that way. :+1:

As falkon seems really lightweight I like to use it in conjunction with firejail. It´s a perfect scenario for safe onlinke banking methinks. :blush:

Many greetings.
Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Rosika - do you use a secure key device with your bank? :face_with_monocle:
My wife uses this very secure key device at her bank which I think is best in class for security. :1st_place_medal:

Hi @Andy2:

Phew, you got me there. I even had to read up on the matter.
Do you mean something like a security token?

A security token is a peripheral device used to gain access to an electronically restricted resource.
The token is used in addition to or in place of a password.

(taken from wikipedia)

In that case I´d say: no. I´m not sure if my bank even offers something like that. :thinking:
But you´ve got a good point there. Using something like that in addition to my setup would enhance security even further I´d say. :wink:

Many greetings.
Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Rosika for the hints for this, I will look and see how i get on

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