What music do you listen to?



I’d like to state, technically you are right, but (as speaking for me) the YT-Links are to illustrate the music we listen to, just as examples that are easy to click and “hear/watch”…


Not necessarily as the question was what music do you listen and not how do you listen to it? There are therefore no contradictions to answers given here.

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A prophecy from 1979.


Sex sells, regardless of talent and ability.

Virtually all music is manufactured these days, with aspiring singers getting air time doing a rendition of a known artist on some “Got Talent” TV show, the notion of them of them playing small clubs to get recognition for their ability of writing an original song or playing an instrument (keyboard or guitar), are gone.


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You are right but still not entirely.

  1. Not all videos posted are actual videos, some of them are just animated lyrics and/or still pictures. So not real videos, after all.
  2. I listen to all the music listenable in those videos, almost always without using the videos, or if I actually use YouTube, then I have it running in the background without watching the video or picture in the video.

Therefore I think that the question is still correct, even when most links are YouTube links.
Thank you for the suggestion anyway and also for reminding me to post a couple of radio links.

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Because people are creative and just because it is technically only a “video” site, doesn’t mean nobody will post a picture and upload it as a video with a corresponding soundtrack.

I think you misunderstand something there. I would agree with you if I had no idea how the scenes and sub-cultures of music on YouTube works. The pictures are part of the sub-culture attached to the music.

If you listen to “super cool manly” house music, you will always see tuned expensive cars in the background.

If you listen to Tropical House music, then you will see an island with a lot of sand and a hut in the background.

If you listen to Harsh Wall Noise you will see this:

If you listen to Drumcore, you will see stuff like this:

What you see as a picture is determined by the according sub-culture.
In the case of Deep House and Future House it is associated with hipster bois and gurlz who are sometimes not entirely clothed and

doing something hipster, like looking weirdly into the camera. It’s the sub-culture.


You don’t need to look at the girl the entire time just because you listen to the music, you might as well look at the speakers where the music comes from. :wink:


I feel like posting more examples on different themes coming with different sub-cultures:
I am trying to post the video with the most representative theme/picture/animation.

Goa Psytrance

Hipster Deep & Future House

Certain type of Japanese Pop music

Everything related to Vocaloid

J-Pop Girl Version

K-Pop Girl Version

Future House


Drumcore 1st Example

Drumcore 2nd Example

Drumcore 3rd Example

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I’ll put something different here.

And this is my son (few years ago): :smiley:

Listening to some soundtrack stuff :

Love this movie, and the soundtrack… reckon I might watch the movie again tonight, been a few years since I last watched it… Got everything good, that could be good, about a “hard sci fi” movie:

  • David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones made it.
  • Clint Mansell did the soundtrack.
  • The awesome Sam Rockwell stars in it (and we won’t mention the “allegedly” disgraced actor who did the robot’s voice).

New Rammstein album “RAMMSTEIN” came out today : pre-ordered last night, got it this morning, 17/05/2019 :

Love it!
Hab viel Spaß!