What's the best video editor and photo editor?

suggest me best photo and video editor for linux mint. thanks in advance

i don’t know anything about video editing, but a little about photo editing. what kinds of features are you looking for in a photo editor? most options? easiest to use?

photoshop alternative

I have been doing documentary video work since 2015 and have tried 2 popular video editors: OpenShot and KdenLive. I have stopped using OpenShot as it seems to de-synchronize sound and picture. KdenLive is GREAT! It is direct and fairly simple, but also capable of a lot of advanced techniques.

I recommend KdenLive. There are online docs and lots of help available. Cheers!

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Just installed Olive recently to try it out. But I’m not an experienced editor at all, it’s something I’ve been meaning to learn, so I’m not sure how it compares to others.

Then you have to go with “GIMP”.
Rather steep learning curve, but definetly worth it.
And if you’re uncomfortable with the UI, you can get GIMP to look like Photoshop.

GIMP + a few YouTube tutorials could help you do many things that needs Photoshop.

my skills are far from what would be required by an adept photoshop user, but when i want to do anything more than simple cropping or the like i also use gimp as suggested by others here.

Instead Photoshop I recommend GIMP also, just like the other fellow members.
For video editing on Linux I don’t find anything better than Davinci Resolve.
It’s simply great!
However, it needs hardware. For example my desktop runs Debian 10, on an i5 8500 with 16GB RAM, and a GTX 1060 3GB.
That’s fairly enough for my fullHD projects.
If you can’t afford a similar hardware -which isn’t top notch nowadays- I’d look into Cinelerra GG.
That works well on a weaker HW too and it’s a very capable editor.
Many people mention KDENLive, I did not have success with it, but you could try, who knows?

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Thanks everyone for helping

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