What's your favorite Linux and/or Windows Game?

I can play Diablo III 32 bit on Play On Linux which is enjoyable. I also like FPS games and there are a couple of them that are Linux Native that are really cool. I wish I could remember there names. I’ll come back with the names so that you can download them and try them out.

Openarena is one FPS game.

Wesnoth is one strategy game.

I know too many games, so it’s really hard to decide, but I’ll try to mention games I will never forget and played (or will play) more than once. Many games are just not comparable with each other, so some will share the same level of fondness, as they are fine in their own right, i.e. e.g. in their own genre.


  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance
    Historic, fun, interesting, realistic, true to its core and its intentions. It’s a masterpiece. Read a description or look at a couple of screenshots. If you find it slightly interesting, go buy and play it.
  • Wolfenstein: New Order
    Great story, great gameplay, really enjoying, funny at times, even though it has a rather serious core topic. It creates an extremely rare occasion, where I actually bother to read every single letter, note and environmental story element, that I encounter. This almost never happens, as I usually find them too boring in other games. Was my most favourite game until I played Kingdom Come: Deliverance.
  • Dishonored
    I have never played a game with a better display of intentional atmosphere. Whenever you play it, you are immersed into the story and the game’s world, just by the environment and soundtrack. You always feel “uneasy”, just the way the game wants you to be. It also innovated a lot of gameplay mechanics, i.e. picking up coins one by one was one of the most famous innovations, when compared to other modern games of this type. This was also my favourite game, until I played Wolfenstein: New Order.
  • Assassin’s Creed & Assassin’s Creed II
    Great story, fun and absolutely innovative gameplay at the time. They pretty much opened a new genre, or at least a new mix of previously known genres. The best thing is, that the original Assassin’s Creed is actually based on real events in history. For example, the assassin’s and regions displayed actually had a type of assassin like the one depicted in the game. Of course, the real ones weren’t as interesting and acrobatic as the ones in the game, but they actually existed.
    The second game is great, because it truly is a worthy successor to the first game and it is set in one of my most favourite eras: the Italian Renaissance. I love this period and the period that this period was trying to revive and relive. Some events in this game are also based on real people and events, like for example the whole Medici vs. Pazzi thing. This was absolutely amazing.
    I played both games from beginning to end, at least 5 times each. It never really gets old.
    The first one was my favourite game, until I played Dishonored.
  • Cyberpunk 2077
    This will be a great game, once all bugs are fixed and DLC are released, because of missing content. I see so many errors and mistakes in this game at this moment, but at the same time I see immense potential.
    Despite all that, the voice acting and story are even right now, absolutely top notch. It can easily compete with modern movies and series.
  • Hitman (2016), Hitman II, Hitman III (?)
    At the time of writing, Hitman III is not released yet, but I expect it to live up to its expectations or at least the quality of the previous 2 games.
    This game is not some bastardized “Open World” game, because every modern AAA game apparently needs to be “Open World” to get a boost in sales, even if it sometimes makes the game worse or make less sense. No, this game is level-based and this works fine, for so many years. I am an old Hitman veteran, however I think the new generation of Hitman games are particularly well done. IO Interactive does its job and does it well! No bullshit and no micro-transaction bullshit – nothing. Just the games we love and desire.
    The best way to recognize how good these games are is to play other stealth-based games and see how flawed their stealth mechanics are. Hitman just does stealth the right way. I also love the multi-level challenges (i.e. escalations), which are often very funny and interesting. There is not much story about 47 in it to be honest, but the bits we get are still interesting.
    I can recommend this game to anyone who wants to get into stealth games.
    (P.S.: Technically it is not strictly singleplayer only anymore, but its nature is still true to being a singleplayer game.)
  • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
    Perfect mix of story and active gameplay. The story is excellent and the way it is supported by its gameplay is absolutely fitting and amazing, as well.
  • Nibiru
    I played a LOT of adventure games in my life, but this is the one I always remember the best and it is also the one I re-played the most.


  • theHunter: Call of the Wild
    You either love it or hate it. Has a lot of issues but on the other hand, it is the best in its genre. Try it and you will see.
  • Total War: WARHAMMER II (and other good Total War games)
    My first Total War game was “Rome: Total War”. It is still one of my most favourite strategy games, that I ever played in my life. I am not a big fan of Civilization style games.
  • Mortal Kombat X
    The best beat’em up franchise. It’s legendary for a reason.
  • Mindustry
    Great and interesting mix of tower defence and building progression game. Very fun to play coop in.
  • Starbound
    Weak late game, but everything before is fun, especially when playing in co-op. Charming environments and story elements.

There are most likely some games I could additionally add, but these are the ones I remember and mean the most to me. Others are a level lower in the affection list.

I think my favorite games on linux is Minetest and Supertux2, you should try them

Hum !
Honestly, the last time I played a game on a computer was with Police Quest. I prefer doing this activity : :biking_man: the rest of the time.

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Definitely Supertuxkart!

The best “top shelf” game I’ve ever played natively on Linux - is - Borderlands 2… I still play it from time to time - as I’ve bought all the DLC for it - and haven’t yet completed all the DLC missions in 5 years…

Borderlands : The Pre-Sequel is pretty damn fine too - native on Linux - one of my favourite things about it - is nearly ALL the voice actors for NPC are Aussies, and have Aussie accents, so refreshing (2K Games Australia were involved in this, sadly no longer with us). Hats off to Aspyr and Feral Interactive, who are the main “porters” of top shelf titles to Linux and Mac platforms…

I mostly play older games however… e.g. Age of Empires II HD Edition (windows) via Proton + Wine in SteamPlay… I still don’t think its been surpassed for RTS games… AoE 3 was an abomination…

I recently just finished playing Quake 4 “natively” on Linux - I bought it for myself on Xmas day (my daughters gave me some steam credits for xmas) - it’s Windows only on Steam - but if you have/own the game and install it - Lutris can find it and install the native Linux x86/x86_64 binaries to play it natively - same goes for Doom 3 and Doom 3 BFG.

Note - I don’t use Windows at all - period… I don’t game “a lot” but I do game…

I’ve seen people who are lucky enough to have “invested” in recent AMD / ATI GPU’s have been successful getting Cyperpunk 77 to run in Proton! Doh! I recently updated to a Nvidia GTX1650 (somehow I don’t think my ~10 yo Phenom system would cope with such a game even with the latest AMD GPU!) My youngest daughter is a huge gamer, on Playstation 5, loves Cyberunk 77 (despite the glitches) and all the Assassins’ Creed franchise too… I reckon if I was as much of a gamer as her - I’d too probably go for consoles, and probably Playstation because it naturally goes against my grain to give money to Microsoft for anything - except for Age of Empires :smiley: )

Other Windows only games I play / have played, via Proton / Wine / SteamPlay have been Wolfenstein : The Old Blood - ran flawless… and Doom (2014)… and Borderlands 1 (a bit glitchy).

WORST EVER Linux port of a game? F–CKING Cossacks 3… Cossacks 2 was my favourite RTS game on Windows when I still ran Windows… but the Linux port is practically unplayable - its buggy as hell - it’s quite possibly the WORST and buggiest piece of “software” I’ve ever used!!! It’s so frustrating too! Because I WANT TO PLAY IT! But I didn’t find any of this out, and persevered, too long, to get a refund from Valve / Steam…

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,Are video games really a thing for adult people?


Absolutely, they are. There are even plenty of games that are explicitly suited for adults, only. :slight_smile:

Besides Fortnite and PUBG, pretty much any normal game is suited for adults, as well.

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Well, perhaps it’s just not my cup of tea.


Maybe you just did not find the right type of tea, yet. :wink:


Some people don’t drink tea, if you know what I mean @Mina. slightly_smiling_face:
The Entertainment Industry took over the party when the System was able to add SCREEN TIME to our Commute, Work, Sleep (metro-boulot-dodo) 24hour day.
If you are like me, @Mina, you don’t think much about people sleepwalking (glued to their smart phone) when deambulating in the street.
Them the real question is :
What do we do with tour spare time ?
Personnaly, I read real books that I get from the city public library.

I’ll be 59 in a few weeks, and while I’d like to think I’m still a “kid at heart”, the grey (more like silver) hairs kinda hint that the opposite is true, and yet I still “game”… pure escapism… like books or movies or whatever…

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We call this “second childhood”.
Not sure, if the translation is correct… :grin:

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Also :

╭─x@tenghri ~  
╰─➤  man adult
No manual entry for adult
╭─x@tenghri ~  
╰─➤  man -k adult                                                                                           1
adult: nothing appropriate.
╭─x@tenghri ~  
╰─➤  which adult
adult not found

@daniel.m.tripp somebody’s fishing, not bashing, right?


ZiSHing :smiley: not fish or bash :smiley:


To be fair, this design is also applicable to Bash shells, if one would bother to configure their shell manually. :smiley:

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The crucial word is if.

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I actually bothered to make my Bash Git ready: