Windows 10 drivers

Dear Sir/Madam
I have Ubuntu Budgie installed and installed windows 10 but the question is I can’t continue with the windows 10 because it needs drivers were do I find comparable drivers so I can finish installing the windows 10?
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you****strong text

Please fill out the template as described in below thread:

Once posting the filled out template, I will show you where to get drivers for your computer.

What kind of drivers? Network, Bluetooth, Graphics?

The template is not suitable for someone asking about Windows drivers
They need to give details of what type and why
But perhaps they cannot get on the net to get them through Windows and are using Linux to access

The template is suitable because a major part of the template is focusing on giving information about the hardware in question which is what we need to know which drivers are necessary for it.

After 30 years of using Windows, I can’t remember ever needing anything but native Windows drivers for anything. Graphics cards might be the only exception, or a really obscure wifi setup. Without more info, I’d suggest backing up anything important, flushing the drive, and reinstalling Windows, assuming that a dual-boot setup is what is desired.