Zorin 15 OS .Download to win 10 desktop

Can I download ZORIN 15 LITE to my win 10 desktop and then put it on a 8 gig USB Stick ?


Sure, why not?

If I understand what you mean - you want to download Zorin OS 15.1 Lite (the latest version) and make a bootable USB drive on Windows 10?

You can definitely download the ISO from their official download page and use Rufus (or any similar tool) to create the bootable USB drive on Windows 10 :slight_smile:

Using Windows 10 to make Linux USB is quite fine. As mentioned above, use Rufus or similar tools.

Yes and thank you , I will try .


I like YUMI (Your Universal Multi Installer) from Pendrivelinux: https://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/

It allows you to store multiple operating systems and set storage for each to save your settings. You can boot any flavor of Linux you have saved, install and save additional software, run Linux, and/or install, all from 1 flash drive! I carry a 64 GB flash drive with Windows, offline virus scanners, Hiren’s, 32 and 64 bit versions of Linux Mint xfce and Cinnamon.
I find RUFUS a waste on any flash drive over 2 GB because the whole drive will be equal to the CD/DVD source. In the case of Linux, it’s only about 1 GB. With an 8 GB flash drive you’re wasting 7 GB.


Sorry I am new to this but if you are using a win 10 comp will YUMI work ?

i last used yumi on win10 a couple of years ago and it did a great job from what i recall. i didn’t use all of the features @IrwinElectronics mentioned, but enjoyed being able to test many distros from the same usb and it booted every time.

Thank you . My main concern is the bios , as I have tried to change the boot order to boot from a Linux disc but never worked . No like the old bios , that was very easy .

you mentioned not being able to boot from a disc. have you tried a usb and had the same problem?

No , it is just in the past I have used discs often when they come with Linux mags .

it’s understandable wanting to avoid a problem you encountered in the past, but there is so much variability in how every system deals with bios/uefi settings and booting from usb’s (or alternate boot methods in general) that the best way to figure it out is to give it a try. on my system i can press f12 at boot to choose an alternate boot disk so i don’t have to go through the uefi/bios settings. it could also come down to whether or not you have your system set to boot in uefi or legacy mode.

@Kyra1 The Linux downloads are .iso DVD. You can burn to a DVD and boot that way. To configure your BIOS you may have to turn Secure Boot off in order to turn Legacy on. Once Legacy is enabled you should be able to boot from it.
When you press F12 or Esc to select the boot drive, do you see your Flash drive? You said you were unable to boot, but didn’t specify if that’s because the drive is not an option, or you receive an error when booting.

I used YUMI professionally. That flash drive was my primary tool for servicing customer’s computers. Aside from all the boot options, it’s also a normal flash drive with a bunch of virus/malware removal tools, tune-up software, anti-virus installers, etc. I have converted roughly 100 customers from Windoze to Linux. Many of my customers were elderly that only used their computers for Facebook, email, and similar browser based activities. They were tired of Microsoft’s monthly patches breaking Windows, all the viruses and malware, ongoing maintenance, and everything required just to keep Windows running. I would install Linux Mint alongside Windows with a dual boot and they never booted Windows again. Of course it also meant I’d rarely ever hear from them again other than a huge thank you! I had other customers calling me, “Yeah you installed some Linux something or other on so and so’s computer. They LOVE it. Can you do mine?” And it’s ALL on ONE little flash drive on my key ring. And yes, YUMI works great on any version of Windows from XP to 10. It also supposedly works with WINE, but I found that problematic. I run a Windows VM on Linux for those very few things that MUST be run in Windoze. But I try to avoid that as much as possible. I will say though that it seems to me that Windows run better in a Linux VM. I’m not sure how that’s possible, but it’s quick. Probably because I don’t have all the tune-up, security, and maintenance software installed on it. I only boot it for one simple task and shut it down again. I also have the virtual disk file backed up if anything should happen. I really do very little on it. All my computers are Linux Mint, even my fiance’s laptop. There is nothing Micro$oft in this house! The same goes for Adobe with the exception of Flash Player, and even that is being phased out.

I tried to do the same
however with my minimum knowledge of software I was not really happy with it.
So went back to win10 and lubuntu double boot.
To my surprise I was not able to use the 2 together.
Double boot according the line of duty (?) was not problem.
After re-starting I was not able anymore to use the dual-boot.
Maybe the boys and girls of MS changed something.

it sounds like you are saying windows 10 wiped out your grub bootloader. if that is so, you should start another topic so others can see your issue isn’t related to downloading zorin.

ELI5 (newbie here): If I already have Windows 10 utilities I want to use to, say scan for viruses a Win 10 installed PC, can I also use YUMI to boot into a Windows desktop (same then as if I mounted the hard drive of the PC to diagnose on its motherboard), running my customized Windows version from the YUMI USB drive ?

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If you use a “Windows to Go” enabled edition of Windows, you can achieve your goal. I have a Windows Server USB Stick and it works like it was installed on the machine that it is booted from, except it is much slower.

No need for YUMI. You can just Rufus the Image in Windows to Go mode onto the stick.

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Sounds good, thanks. Not sure how well it would work with the handful of Windows Pro machines I keep up (wouldn’t they want to install special drivers all the time etc.) . Well, let me dig a little into that.