A File Explorer?

Is there a File Explorer for Ubuntu 18.4 like Windows 10 has?

Trying to use Librewrite to find a document, open and delete is very frustrating.



Hi Pat,

Have you seen / tried Filezilla or Midnight Commander. Midnight Commander looks like the very old Dos Norton Commander. Don’t know about Ubuntu but both of these are in the Mint’s Software Manager.

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@RetiredGuy, I thought of one other one I really like that came with Linux Mint Cinnamon. It is call Nemo and can be installed with;

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nemo

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Thanks Howard. I don’t remember Norton Commander, I used to have it’s Defrag program. I’ll take a look at both.


Midnight Commander is good, very good indeed.

My personal favourite is Krusader. What I like, is the two panes view, that is has tabs and the possibility to create personal menu shortcuts like for creating hard links.

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There is Double Commander, Filezilla and Catfish to try.

To all that gave me suggestions for a file viewer, Thank You!

I’m going to grab all of them and give them a tryout.

Best Wishes


Can we expect a personal review?

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Right off the bat, the Catfish pkg. would not open. I noticed several comments at the bottom of the page when we download Catfish and they said the same thing, it would not launch or start.

I had just a brief look at Double Commander and Filezilla, but no where near enough to make a call. I just did a quickie review to see if I could find my external hard disk as easily as I can with File Viewer in Windows10, and I couldn’t, so I’ll have to dig deeper.

More to come.



If you’re thinking about using Nemo file manager as default, here is how to make it default.
Go to preferred apps in your menu and choose files or if you’re using Xfce choose other then in the box that comes up type in nemo small letters.

Put these commands in terminal one at a time.
This command enables you to open nemo in Terminal
gsettings set org.cinnamon.desktop.default-applications.terminal exec then name of terminal you’re using that you can find the name of either in about under help in the terminal, or the long way in /usr/share/applications. I use Xfce-terminal. Why Linux Mint does not use their nemo file manager through out their environments is beyond me?

This next command makes nemo take control of icons on the Desktop
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background show-desktop-icons false

This last command makes nemo fully default search
xdg-mime default nemo.desktop inode/directory application/x-gnome-saved-search

These commands work in every Linux environment. Though Ubuntu-Mate looks weird to me with nemo.

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I’ll add Nemo to my list of file managers to test out. I read a review of it on Wikipedia and sounds interesting.



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After a look at all of the file viewers, I have two questions:

  1. None of the file viewers gave any indication of how to find and display my other disks. I have an external hard disk I used for my big data stuff, plus I have a thumb drive plugged in to a usb on the PC and another plugged into an external usb expansion 4 slot plug in and I can’t find out how to get to any of them. The file viewer for Windows shows all of my disks all the time.

  2. I have several software packages that are displayed on the Ubuntu screen of software and where I can locate and download to my PC. I want to delete them from that page and delete from my PC, but I couldn’t find out how to do that. How do we delete software off the computer?



@RetiredGuy Try “Krusader” again. As most KDE programs, it has an excellent documentation. Still, here’s how you can do it:

I actually find that very convenient and intuitive.

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Regarding your second question: There are several ways to do that. Check this out or do it the GUI way:

Click on your application launcher, most distributions have such a thing and find an entry called “software center”

Then search for the application, you want to remove and click “remove”. You will be prompted for your password and you are done.

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So the name of the disks does not come up in the left hand pain, like the picture of my Nemo below.

Stuffed is my 4TB USB drive and the other two above are Sata Drives plugged into my Icy Dock.
What I don’t understand is why yours are not showing?

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Also the great thing about Linux is we are in control of whether our external or other drives are automatically mounted at boot or not.

@clatterfordslim I haven’t tried nemo yet but it looks pretty neat.

@Mina It is brilliant as you have a context menu with copy to and move to any folder, which Caja in Mate has not got and they have tried for years.
Not only that it works with every Linux Environment.
I find it easier to use than say Thunar as Thunar has not got everything that Nemo has.

Although you can add your own actions to Thunar, it isn’t the same as it just being there out of the box, as it is with Nemo.

@clatterfordslim I’ll keep it very much in mind in case one day I want to switch to something more minimalistic, but I am very much an animal of habit, so for now I’ll stick to krusader although I hardly ever use the 1000 features it has. However, I like the drag and drop from one panel to the other and the built-in ftp client.