A youtube video to remind us what it means to be a Linux user


Clicked your link and found it to be already in my “liked videos” list…

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Who is this guy ?
He looks like @abhishek Prakash without spectacles.
Am I wrong ?

@R_G Well, almost any guy nowadays wears such a hipster beard and honestly, there are two classes of (obviously bearded) hipsters: Those with glasses (the majority) and those without. Basically, with their faces hidden, they all look pretty much alike.

You can easily deduce: I’m no fan of beards…

Then I won’t post my old portrait when I had a foot long beard à la ZZ top. :bearded_person:

ZZ Top definitely weren’t hipsters. They were cool for real…

I guess, hipster are parts of a herd following some stylish trend and we, here, are none of that.

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Thank you for sharing this link of Linux Experiment @TrekJunky.

Being hearing impaired, I truly appreciate the text under the videos especially since it contains no emoji to blur the flow.

I also liked one of the comment that I copy here ( against the Post Only Your Own Stuff rule :

The gang of self proclaimed “experts” that are aggressive to newcomers is the biggest problem we have as a community. Their behavior not only annoys people asking question, it also annoys all the others answering. At least, it annoys me: after years of helping users I recently decided to stop entering a Q&A site for a well known opensource project not because all the questions were the same, that’s never a problem, but because most “answers” were all the same: some variation of the evil RTFM mantra. So sad.

I went to the first video and read the
Switching to Linux can be a scary proposition. and loved it too.

Thank you.


You’re wrong… He is totally different

I’m his follower bro… I know him very well

The Linux experiment turned into a way of life, don’t trust what you can’t see for example proprietary software that has obscured source code with unknown authors.

I think I trust the license more than the product ironic trust eulas more than the binaries


In what way is he different ?

Thank you for sharing.
This could be a good topic for changing mentalities but it turned out to be a coffee shop conversation about beards and looks! … so sad. :pensive:

Unfortunately I entered this forum because it was filled with people really trying to help others and being polite, and I wanted to be help and be helped… But now, I’ve been finding some posts on “normal” tech topics to be out of subject, with arrogant, selfish and self centered comments and I’m getting tired of this… it’s becoming a forum like “others” from where we escaped… I’m really sad about it.
It’s not about saying what you think… It’s about being completely out of focus!

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Others have noticed this degeneration as well. We are currently working on this issue and hope it will be fixed, soon. :+1:


You may have a valid point, but as I see it, you’re doing exactly what you’re accusing others of:

Instead of replying directly to the topic of the original post, you opened a meta-discussion about the forum’s general direction. This is something you might have done in a post of its own in the Feedback category.


I just had to login to say a big THANK YOU as I think @dreis is being played so that your colleague above as we can now all see very clearly can ban me for a second time.
This is as we all know is a very tired obvious ploy …

… where posters who are confronted or their views are slightly challenged form a malicious group - not good. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
The next usual step is deploy the sockpuppets and Fanboys and Fangirls, Fangenders. Flying Pig Shit and use of the F… word - have been used against me here on this forum :astonished: - open abuse and unsolicited hate PMs :kissing_heart: why are people so frightened by the truth. :thinking:
So thanks again for your higher standards and well reasoned stance :heart:

Good Video, It Really Reminds Us What It Means To Be A Linux Users, FOR LINUX!!!

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Well I must be having a bad day today because I got so impatient about the advert that I turned it off…have to try again tomorrow.

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Hello Emiran.

Thanks for sharing you opinion and for your first post.
Welcome to this still helpful community.

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Hi @TrekJunky would you be so kind as to embed video as I and some other FOSSers don’t touch YT’s own web page as we don’t wish to be infected or profiled?
Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:
ps get linux into schools is my best effort so far -

Hope it is first of many :pleading_face:

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