Dual boot windows 10 and LM

Had been running LM and Windows in dual boot couple years without any trouble. Had windows 7 originally and upgraded to win 10.
Decided the other day to install a program (xxxxxxxxx) to use to help load music on my portable MP3 players. Program would not work on windows , so i decided to restore to good restore point instead of going thru the process of uninstalling. Well as fate would have it, had an AC power interruption and started all my headaches.Neither OS would load anymore. Finally got the LM OS back working Sunday morning along with the grub menu. Tried to load windows 10 and no go, get message that PC needs repair HA,HA. The grub menu calling for windows 10 to be on two different locations
windows 10 (on /dev/sda1)
windows (on dev/sda2)
Have tried my windows 10 repair disk and get no where with it. ran gparted and it tells me that sda1 is not mounted. Any help appreciated… sorry for the long post. can send pictures of Gparted results if they will be of any help. Thanks in advance.

Well, such an occurrence can have no effect or it can go up to destroying whole computers and making them unrepairable. It depends more or less on luck and how your equipment is prepared for it. For example, my motherboard specialises on being robust (if you believe the marketing around it) and should survive more outages than a normal one.
Generally, the cheaper the hardware, the easier it breaks.

I hope, you made a backup of the entire storage medium, before you attempted any type of operation, intended to make it work again. If not, you might’ve dug yourself deeper into trouble.

Again, before you do any operations, at all: take a backup of your entire storage medium. For example, using Clonezilla. This is extremely important and what you should’ve done the second you saw something is not working. At least do it now, because there is still hope.

Screenshots are generally appreciated, because pictures usually tell more than a thousand words. It’s easy to put a lot of information in a little picture and it is easiest for the human brain to digest visual information.

All that said, before you do anything else, you need to take a backup. Once you have done that, we can look at further attempts at restoration.

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To avoid having a similar mishap in the future, I would also recommend that you buy an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) so that if you ever have another power interruption, your PC will remain running.


Good idea, if one has more than enough space for a huge brick like that next to your computer. :wink:

Hope you can read this…

another try

Eh, it’s fairly compact—length 26 cm x width 9 cm x height 14 cm. It’s an APC Back-UPS 600.

Well, everything ought to be seen from a relative perspective. It is perhaps fairly compact compared to other UPS units, but if you have very little space where your PC equipment is at, then this thing is actually pretty big. Not huge, but still very space hungry. According to the specs, these are the maximum measurements:

Maximum Height

3.46inches (88MM, 8.8CM)

Maximum Width

7.09inches (180MM, 18.0CM)

Maximum Depth

11.89inches (302MM, 30.2CM)

30 by 18 cm is pretty big, especially if it’s supposed to lay on the floor somewhere. (Not sure, if it’s possible to hide it easily in a closed space.)

It has the size of a mini PC or several Raspberry Pis plus fitting equipment.

GParted does not show any warning sign in this picture. Additionally, it’s most important now to take a backup of the whole drive, before proceeding on this issue, in any way. You should not use the storage medium at all, until you have taken a complete backup, as descrived earlier.

Our computer table is 121 x 59 cm and it holds the UPS, two monitors (one with a monitor stand), two speakers, modem and a router. The keyboard is on a drawer that slides out from underneath the desk. And we still have some room for odds and ends. The computer is in a separate desk compartment close to the floor. I can see if you wanted to spread papers out on the desk, that would be difficult. :wink:

I suggest you get another drive and install windows on it. Keep them separate and you will have no issues. See my posts on how to do so.


Where might, or how do I find the post you are referring to. Thanks

While the suggestion of installing Windows to a different drive may help prevent further issues in the future, right now you need to make sure that none of the data on the drive will be lost. That’s why creating a backup, as mentioned earlier, has the highest priority. Except, you don’t care about the data on your storage medium.

The more you use that drive the higher the probability that data will be unrecoverable.

Actually, my suggestion was to get another drive, either a new one or one that could be completely reformatted , for the install.

Here’s the link to my post: https://itsfoss.community/t/needed-windows-for-my-vehicle-diagnostic-software-update/6701

What installation? The old drive has to be secured and recovered first, if the data on it is important. After all that is done, there can be a new beginning, through a new installation, for example.

Is there an iso file I can download for clonezilla. I have tried to make clonezilla usb on several occasions and it (to me) is so confusing. I am no pc whizz by any means but, with some help I can follow instructions. I would appreciate any help and any guidance to making a backup of the hdd.Happy Thanksgiving

A detailed step-by-step guide to using Clonezilla:

Further guides:


Does the PC boot either Windows or Linux?

Linux…Grub shows 3 choices, with Linux being the default.

Excuse me, I failed to notice that there is an attempt at resuscitation! At any rate, once that is successful or not, the dual drive config is, imho, the best choice.

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