EndeavourOS Review


Your Trisquel 9.0 running from a Ventoy usb drive. What is the big deal with Trisquel?
Other than it does not run any non-free software, is 32bit capable, and has the look
and feel of Windows XP. Educate me. It is also #71 on Distrowatch?

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Hello Mr Mint-2 @4dandl4 I’m feeling very guilty about invading this; your Endeavour Topic and Akito is on my back; so in short - Yes, apart from what you have duly noted it is so easy to use, uncluttered, highly polished distro with fast and snappy performance too - Please read DistroWatch review for unbiased comment. Phew #71 you say - will have to duck out if it becomes too popular and go Arch - BSB or gNewSense when ready. :smiley:

Trisquel v9 on an ancient HP G60 uses just 386MiB of RAM – dual core chip ain’t even got an i number and only 3GiB RAM – boots in 33secs or 48secs with encrypted system-drive. Uses gnomeMATE 1.20 and brilliant Abrowser and 2000 + apps

Despite being a bit tired of the constant advertising, I don’t consider this a minor issue: If you really want to switch entirely to FOSS, it’s a major argument to choose this (and not very many other) distribution.


@Andy2…My best answer!!! Their are no best, just different!!!


@Mina…Perhaps I am in need of wording this a little different. Treisquel is a stripped down distro, that
supposedly will only run free open source software. And this review about Endeavour has gone
completely wacko!!!

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@Andy2…I am going to try and install this on one of my old 32bit pc, and dual boot it with Vista, which
is what the PC is running, look for a review latter on. BTW I haven’t ran MInt in awhile now, so you see
I really have no favorite Linux distro, just like to play and see what each will do. Have a good evening!!!


Hi Mina - you seem to ignore the duopoly of prime advertising by ubuntu-mint …? Howard has advertised Mint 123 times at the last count - guess I’ve got some catching up to do especially when you dial in the other fanboys, fangirls etc. :smiley:
As I see it - the lone voice - having played with some popular distos - I am redressing the balance and drawing attention to the FsF the truly free open source software gnulinux. Where would it’sFoss be without it. Should be in all schools - thanks Cliff.
This OS is free from commercial interests, is efficient, fast, snappy and requires little if any learning and suits my old laptop just great. :clap:

I don’t know who Howard is, but mentioning something can hardly be qualified as advertising.

Despite me using neither (plain) Ubuntu nor Mint, I do see their merit in making Linux a pretty painless experience, even for users who don’t like bothering with their operating system at all.

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My translation of this, for adults:

“Mommy, Mommy, but but Howard did count to 3, so I did too! It’s his fault, that I did it!!!”

Hey Akito - who rattled your cage…? Please try and think up your own lines instead of stealing mine. Give it a rest will you… Please - and get on with those tests to illustrate your whacky ideas on OSvHardware performance would be cool :slightly_smiling_face:


Apologies Daniel for wrong attribute - my mistake. I made another inadvertent mistake after installation of v9 as LO Writer was acting strangely and spell check stopped working so had to resort to terminal to fix it. After a couple of updates on default settings I then checked the update setting…


… to include unsupported update backports. When I then updated again a very large update ensued with LibreOffice being the main constituent which I suspect would have fixed the spell check bug. Do not expect too much as stability can be quite boring - it just gets on with tasks at hand without fuss. Trust you checked your wifi card at h-node?
Hope this helps a little… regards and good luck

@Andy2…It might be hard to find a wifi card in this old Acer desktop machine, but thanks for
the heads-up.

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@4dandl4 Could you do me a favour :pleading_face: (FsF the Free Software Foundation + gnulinux) and register your card with h-node org…
(The h-node wifi site is a resource that will help users find information about if wireless cards work with all Free Software. Users are encouraged to submit hardware information to h-node because this will help the community know which hardware is supported and which to avoid.)

I say this because of the long history of Acer:- 1986 it was able to develop the world’s first Chinese language computer which came with an Intel 386 processor…

… being hugely popular worldwide today. :slightly_smiling_face: So adding your card to h-node list would be so helpful.

ps what is your WLAN card and driver…? :face_with_monocle: