Linuxmint 20 intermittent internet issue connected but no internet

I have Linux mint 20 installed on 1 year old dell laptop but I’m fed up with intermittent internet issue, I have to disconnect and connect again for every 20_25 min. I’ve tried disabling power management, IPV6 and couple of other things but no success. At the moment using external adapter to browse which give slow internet. Can I do something about first problem?

Can you determine something else that might be connected to the connection issues? Maybe high temperatures due to bad cooling management inside the laptop?
What laptop is it, exactly?
When did you install the OS?
When did the problems start?

It’d be nice if you could provide all this information and more.

To get started, have a look here, first:


Go to a terminal and type this command and post the results back here:
inxi -Nn


inxi -Nn out put

journalctl -p3 -b0 out put logs

linux forum issue thread that I’ve kind of tried but would try again if you want to try few more steps again

system info

I was using Tricia single os before but wanted windows 10 for some applications to run so during that time LM20 also launched so while making it dual boot system I moved to LM 20 with win 10, I think I did it around june. I think this problem is there from the time I installed LM20.

I would be happy to provide more details related to this issue, This issue takes lot of mind space and another execuse for me to kill time online that I want avoid. Thank you all in advance.

which one did you install first?

windows 10 first and then LM20 as per your guide.

Could you please disable fast boot on Windows 10 and check if the problem persists?

From what I see in the journal logs, there could be an issue with power save mode.

Could you please provide the output of the following command:

cat /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf

wifi.powersave = 2

you didn’t respond to this suggestion on the mint forum that i could see. did you try it?

You could try Tricia in a live session without installing & see it it still works well for you or not.

sorry I guess I missed putting the update to that step, I did try that but it was also giving problem to Tricia somehow.But it had worked seamlessly when it was individual system before installing LM20 with Win 10

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Powersave is disabled. Wonder why it was complaining about it.

By the way, did you disable fast boot in Windows?

I don’t know how to do it so will figure it out how to do it and update you after doing it, thanks


This should help for disabling the fast boot:

Also if secure boot is enabled , disable that.
Also from searching it seems like there is a firmware problem with your particular card.
This ask ubuntu thread may be of help ask ubuntu
There also seems to be a reported problem of drop out with that card if you are using 5 GHZ if you are try 2.4 GHZ if possible.

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Hi I’ve

  1. disabled fast boot and set band to 2.4GHZ.

I don’t know if secure boot is enabled or not but most probably it’s not.

I’ve tested it for 2-3 hours and it looks changes made (1) are working and didn’t have to do any disconnect and reconnect during this time but there is big drop in internet speed.

with band to automatic I used to get 100MBPS+ speed on but after changing the band setting to 2.4GHZ internet speed is not going beyond 10MPS( I’ve tested net speed on other devices and it’s more than 100MBPS). Also speed testing site also takes long time to finish the test after these changes, if that helps.

I will test it for few more hours and update you on this.

Reduced internet speed is okey on LM system as long as it works properly. So do we have chance to improve speed or do I continue with reduced speed and may be in some update in future it will get resloved on its own?

Trying that ask ubuntu tips I think we will wait for sometime and test it for some more hours and then we will decide.

Thank you so much everyone for your time and support, I really appreciate it.

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you may be able to improve the speed somewhat by seeking a less congested router channel.
go to synaptic and install linssid or in terminal sudo apt install linssid once installed launch it and take a look at the 2.4Ghz tab it will show you which channel most of the surrounding signals are on.
Then change the router channel and move it to the least occupied channel. most routers come preset to channel 6 or 11 so some other channel may be best for your area. Good luck.

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Initially felt good about kind of having solved this issue partially but now after using it for 5-6 hours I’ve started feeling the pinch of slow internet.I need to do someting about it, can’t work full day with such internet speed.

If I implement what you’ve suggested in askubuntu post, will it help in speed improvement ?
linssid, I’ve installed and saw it but need to read more about how to modify but it looks currnent settings are optimal so not sure if I do that.

I’ve tried LM tricia in USB and it has same disconnection problem. But Tricia used to work smoothly before I moved to LM20 only difference it was single os then and now it’s dual boot with win10.

Is it 100% sure that in actual installation it will have same problem like it shows from Live USB ? or there is little chance that it could work smoothly like it used to before.

I’m in a big confusion- I can’t use adapter because it gives same slow speed, I can’t use sluggish window and mint has this problem.

i think you answered your own question for the most part. the only real way to know is to install and see. a live usb can only ever be an approximation since it isn’t functionally or structurally the same as a full install.

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