Lost Wi-Fi after upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04

Hi, I have a similar problem. I have a LenovaG580 with Ubuntu 19.10 installed. WiFi was operational. Now I upgraded it to 20.04LTS there is no WiFi at all. When check the settings-network only wired option is seen. How can I tell 20.04 about the WiFi availability of the notebook?

Is the Ethernet cable plugged in?

No! I want WiFi only

Did you re-install 3rd party drivers for the Wi-Fi card?


Can your system see the wifi adapter? Check the result of this command:

sudo lshw -C network

If the wifi adapter is recognized, then check if it is being soft or hard blocked:


If it is not blocked at all and you have the Ethernet connection, try o see if there are additional drivers available for your wifi card.

Thank you very much. With the help of an Ethernet cable I was able to download driver and now I have WiFi.

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That’s some good news. Enjoy :beers:

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