More Sticky Posts

Can you make what you want to be read this sticky in some way ? Or add it to the prerequisite reading ?
Perhaps on top of

This is a Civilized Place for Public Discussion

Thank you.

It is possible, but I don’t see a point in it, because there are already so many pinned posts that are shown to new users, that it is already hard to get an overview of them all. That’s why I wouldn’t add even more sticky posts.

I said sticky posts not more sticky posts but perhaps these words did not express my full idea.

Please, @Akito, excuse my French here,
I meant to add it on top of

This is a Civilized Place for Public Discussion


Thank you.

It probably wouldn’t fit there, as it is not a “rule” it’s just a wise statement, that anyone can accept or not.

I repeat this part of the posts because it is important.
I wish it was more proeminent in the FAQ.

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Please don’t repeat the same off-topic comments in the wrong thread.

As already mentioned, you refer to the “Rules and Guidelines” that are essentially just a standard copy-paste text created by those who are responsible for the forum software in use here.

Those are neither specifically made for this forum, nor are they an FAQ section.

That’s why they don’t fit there.

If you think so @Akito
Let’s be it.
Case closed.
Cordially yours,
Roger and out.

As an after thought

You may very well just delete this topic

I don’t think so, I showed you the reasons and arguments why it actually is so.

If you feel I am wrong, you are welcome to dispute my arguments. If your arguments are better than mine, I will change my mind right away.

I do not feel anything.
You are neither wrong nor right.
You moderate this forum
It is your job/task ; not mine.
Sorry if my initiative/question do not fit your ideal.
Case closed.

I guess, this is what really matters:

In the end, my remark towards the “reviews” of distributions is just a very special case of this general advice.
Have we really seen proper reviews in the forum?

However, I reckon, this is already covered in “This is a civilized place…”.

Sounds passive aggressive to me, that’s why I said that. You also said, that it is “important” to you. So I am pretty sure you felt in some way about it.

So, if you feel this is important, we can discuss it. Though, as I explained, I do not find it reasonable to implement the suggestion you expressed.

Yes, that is an issue, however I do not see it fit in the section where “Rules & Guidelines” are listed. This is a probably wise advice, but it cannot be a rule, because you cannot (should not?) force people to be open minded.

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