My new AMD video card

I have to refer back to the post “Fixing my nvidia card noveau drivers”

Santa bought me a new AMD graphics card . It is an RX 6400
I finally got arount to putting it in the computer tonight.

  1. carefully ensure each linux (I have 6 of them) has the required amd software as a package
  2. take the old nvidua graphics card out, fit the new card. No problems they are both 1 slot Pcie cards with no additional power connection
  3. boot Debian. Get gdm screen, login and it hangs with the screen flipping between blank and ‘no hdmi signal’
  4. boot Devuan. Get Slim login screen, login, and everything is perfect
  5. boot Solus. Get Budgie login screen with a pink wash over everything. login and Budgie works, but everything has a pink wash over it… the background, the terminals, the panels, all pink
  6. boot Void/Xfce. Get Slim login screen with a pink wash. Login. Xfce works Ok, the background image has changed to the default Void one and is not pink, but the terminals and panels are pink.
  7. boot Void/Lunima. Same as Void /Xfce. Terminals and panels pink, background a solid color, different from my original background color
  8. boot Void/KDE. So far this has failed at 4 attempts. May be a separate issue
  9. boot Debian again. This time it works. Get gdm screen, Gnome starts on login, and there is no pink.

So what is happening?
It would seem that my display settings in Debian/Gnome ans Devuan/Xfce have not been disturbed by fitting a new graphics card
Solus/Budgie, and Void have changed their display settings , in response to detecting a new graphics card. Not just the X11 settings, even the display manager, and the screen during booting, are pink.
I cant fix it by just editing the background preferences or the terminal preferences. It is more global than that… It affects the Display manager and the screen while booting… but not the grub menu or the Bios screen. So it is coming from Linux, not from the new hardware… and only from some linuxes.

Does anyone have any suggestion where to look to get rid of the ghastly pink wash?

Welcome to the world of using a very recent (20. April 2022) graphics card on a GNU/Linux operating system.

Have fun! :laughing:

Well of all things, Debian and Devuan coped perfectly, while the supposedly more uptodate rolling release Solus and Void had issues.
That is back to front on your theory

It’s all relative. Try attaching four monitors. Or even five.

Try to enable advanced monitor features, like HDR or whatever else is possible.

As soon as you try to do anything, that is slightly going above the average user’s needs, things will start to fall apart, right when you look at it.

That said, it was previously the case, that running a fairly new graphics card always required the latest GNU/Linux distribution, preferably a Rolling release of some sort, because anything older than a couple of months did not have any support for that fairly recent graphics card model.

Perhaps, they have improved on that.


AMD is Linux friendly, anyway. Try all this with NVIDIA and you can throw away all your Linux operating systems.

Do you have a Windows PC to test the card? Or go to AMD and download the Linux driver, if you can find one, and manually install the card. What is your lspci output? Update Linux, and hope it will find a driver.

No Windows anywhere.
Card is fine with Debian and Devuan.
Teated all sorts of things lime Firefox playin videos, gimp editing images. No issues.
It just seems Void and Solus have gone back to some default color and background image settings.

That’s not a “default setting”. It is an error with the graphics card/driver.

There are tons of errors possible with a graphics card/driver.

Stuttering, low FPS, black screen, pink screen, stripes, colourful stripes, pink stripes, pink wash, pink dots, etc…

Settings related issues, like HDR, SLI, high Hertz rate, resolution, resolution on different screens, resolution resizing, monitor order, etc…

That is not the issue. I am just using it as a standard card, without hardware acceleration and one monitor. Any Linux should be able to drive that.

AMD is Linux friendly

is why I got the AMD card.
It would be the smallest and cheapest amd card that is currently available new. I was not prepared to look at a secondhand card, just to get something older.

Use Debian or Devuan and go to AMD and find a Linux driver for your card.

So, you are using the easiest settings, ever. Which means, it does not really “work” on Debian & Devuan, as you are not using the graphics card on those operating systems. You just use a single monitor without any settings. Not even hardware acceleration.

That’s like having a Ferrari & then only driving from the porch to the pavement, in the slowest speed possible.

I thought Linux was free? Everyone says Linux is “free”, yet you pay hundreds of bucks for Linux.
Not my definition of “free”.

So I put up with it and wait for driver updates… or roll the driver back to an older one.?

It did change the background. I had an image in Void/Xfce for background. Now it has the default Void background with a mouse on a blue screen. Void/Xfce is not a full pink wash, the background is OK, just changed back to default. So obviously I can fix this case by editing preferences, I wonder if Void keeps its preference settings in a different place for different video cards? Surely it didnt erase my originsl settings?

Okay, but that’s a different story. Both are not “related” as in being the same issue. One issue is, that the system freaks out because of the change (background not matching) and the other is based on an error.

That is basically almost full. It is also not the default colour. The default is some grey, transparent or whatever.

The settings are the same in X, except you have specifically made custom settings yourself & assigned them to a specific driver identifier or something.

Whether they are erased, depends on the previous thing. If it’s custom, saved in a separate location, it might’ve survived.
If the settings are non-custom, I think they are deleted.

Waiting for driver updates can take months or years. Depends on the hardware, but graphics cards are always hated by Linux elitists, as they think everyone should just use the CLI instead.

Rolling back to an older one creates tons of issues. Most of the time, it creates more issues, than it solves.
Only very rarely does it actually help. & even then, it’s not recommended. One should use the newest version, if possible.

I think they are mostly custom.
I shall search out where settings are stored.
I think I can fix Void, at least to something usable.
Solus is another matter… everything pinked.
What sets up the elementry video during booting? That is where it is going wrong?

I sill say, try to install the card manually.

AMD shows a Radeon driver for Ubuntu x86-64 20.04.5, installer version 22.20. Your guess is as good as mine as to how or if this driver will work in any other Linux.

Graphics card/driver issues are exceptionally painful, because they can cause all kinds of weird errors, as it is often the case with hardware/driver problems.

So, it might as well not be related to the video, at all.

That said, I cannot help you too much on the issue, because according to some members of this forum, there are no issues with graphics cards on Linux & all accounts of such experiences are, according to their opinions, made up & not true.
Which is why, according to them, your issue basically does not exist, as everything “just works” on Linux. :smile:

Right!!! I am not one!!! To prove the point> my old GT620 and GT430 Nvidia cards run well on Windows but some Linux distros will cough and gag and spit out all kinds of errors. Hardware support has always been lacking with Linux. The only work-around is to try a distro that supports the machines hardware, and that can be iffy. Good luck @nevj with that new AMD card.

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During one of my trials of one of many distros, I found a check box for ‘night vision screen.’ When I checked the box, everything had a decidedly pink tint. The distro was offering to preserve my night vision. I unchecked the box and everything went back to normal. Could it be this simple?

You mean install the driver software manually.

I dont think the problem is drivers. The drivers in Debian and Devuan work. Surely the later drivers in Void and Solus will still work. They seem to operate OK … ie X11 works, firefox works, no strange speckling or hangups… just everything pink.
I think it might be a kernel boot parameters problem, not drivers. It starts going pink during the boot.

I suspect that it is not related to the drivers. The card works properly in Debian and Devuan, so their drivers are OK. Why would the newer drivers in Solus and Void not work? In fact the card performance in Solus and Void is fine, it doesnt have any weird speckling or dropouts, it drives X11 properly, just has a pink wash.

I suspect kernel boot parameters need resetting in Solus and Void.
The pink problem starts during the boot sequence. All the stuff that scrolls across the screen during boot is white text on pink background.
But the grub menu screen is OK. So grub can drive the video card , but the initrd or vmlinuz can not.