Please introduce yourself


Hello everybody, I’m Diego from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m 40 years old. I’m an It’ s F.O.S.S. member since a couple of years or maybe more. I don’t post much but read it often. Sometimes more sometimes less.
I started in Linux with Ubuntu 8 if I think dualbooting with Windows but after a year or two I sticked to Linux and I love it. Was a distro hoper but now I don’t have much time to do that. On my job I have to use Windows, but I can run Linux VM if I need it. I couldn’ t find some good excuse to use Linux there yet but who knows…
Currently I work as a QA Tester but I before I was a TI help desk analyst.


Bill, it must be something about the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s, but I am uncomfortable with this non-stop tracking of my whereabouts and whatever I am doing. You are not as invisible as Gene Hackman’s character in Enemy of the State, but you’re a lot closer than I am. My business requires the immediate availability of email, texts and phone. However, I also like Linux for its anonymity. Maybe this group should come up with a user rights browser and email that protects us from the myriad big data monsters that are always trying to sell us something!

  • Name - Mahesh Madihalli,
  • Country of residence - India,
  • What do you do - System admin, Windows, and Ubuntu
  • Linux users since - 4 years
  • Main distribution you are using - 14.04, 16.04
  • How long have you been following It’s FOSS - last two years
  • What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community - Technical help,



David Bley here in Northwest Georgia, USA.

I am retired and am still in process of moving, which I am doing mostly by myself. When I was working, I spent 34 years designing electronics used in physical therapy clinical equipment. I am not an EE. I used UNIX for a brief time in the late 70’s early 80’s in an IBM AT that ran DOS and had an additional board in it that ran UNIX to do schematic capture and PCB layout. The UNIX was command line and I used it to move files around (UNIX knew that it was running alongside DOS but DOS didn’t have a clue.) I started using Linux when msoft killed XP. I tried many distributions and settled on Lubuntu 14.04 based on which distribution would run on my machine. I switched to Ubuntu Mate 16.04 when I got a 64 bit machine and Lubuntu wouldn’t work on it. I do some command line stuff but am really a noob. I also have some Raspberry Pi’s and a NextThing C.H.I.P. which runs a version of Linux. I mostly use my computer for browsing and email but do a little design using 2D CAD, spreadsheet and LTSpice.


Funny how Google railed against Microsoft but became like them as soon as they could.



My name is Daniel, residing in Norway. I am currently studying network and IT-security a vocational school here in Norway. Also working part-time as a salesperson in an electronics shop.

My first experience with Linux was Ubuntu 9.04 back in 2009, at which time I knew very little about it. Since then and up until about two years ago, Linux distros (mostly Ubuntu flavours) was something I just tried once in a while to check out new features. But recently - well, about two years ago - I started using Ubuntu as my secondary OS on both my laptop and my workstation. I dual-boot with Windows on both of them, but on my laptop I’m using Ubuntu (MATE) most of the time.

As I mentioned, I am currently running Ubuntu flavours on my primary machines, Ubuntu on my workstation and Ubuntu MATE on my laptop.

I’ve been following FOSS since fall 2017, and it’s become - alongside OmgUbuntu! and Slashdot - one of my top three sources of Linux and Linux-related news. Keep it up!

I expect the community to be a source of inspiration and guidance to both inexperienced as well as experienced users, and I am very much looking forward to it.


NextThing CHIP - I’ve got 10 of them :smiley:

shame they went t_ts up… :cry: I’m no longer game to use them, as the NAND often seems to get a bit screwy and their chrome flasher infrastructure got taken down when they did…


I will probably only use my CHIP on something of little consequence, like a music player. At one time I had a small hard drive connected to the CHIP.

I, too, am sorry that NextThing didn’t make it. Seems like their Pocket CHIP was very popular. Hope that the founders are willing to use their experience to maybe start something else.


Wow! Such an amazing way to come together! Blessed to be a part of this community now consisting of so many people from diverse backgrounds and regions from all over the world! Looking forward to a great learning experience! Thank you all so much for being here!


Well, a pleasure… From France and Switzerland. Linux user sine 3 years. In Linux I use Ubuntu, mostly, but Sparky Linux, Mint and Debian, sometime with dual boot or WM and …W10 a lot, not by choice (frustrated of W10 sometime but not only…).
Thank you for this community !


Name: Peter

Country of residence: The Netherlands

What do you do? I work as a contractor / freelance in several roles, mostly as Agile Coach, DevOps Coach and / or scrum master.
Besides that I’m one of the organizers of DevOpsDays Amsterdam and local DevOps Meetups in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

Linux users since? 2012

Main distribution you are using: Pop!_os

What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community? To learn new stuff especially around linux desktop environments and to spread the love of linux in to the world a bit


I’m from Venezuela, started using Linux since 2011 (Ubuntu), then switched to Linux Mint a couple years ago. Currently, dual booting Windows and Linux Mint. FOSS fan.


guzziguy aka zenrider in Tennessee, U.S.A (retired)
Linux user since the introduction of Windows Vista in ‘06’ as that ended my fight with unstable WinDUH’s
Started with Ubuntu… moved to Mint in ‘08’… Been w/ It’s Foss since April, 2015
It’s Foss – Lighthearted, fun, informative, delightful…
Fabulous source of Useful & Interesting Linux news and Tips…
Thank you Abhishek


James here, I hail from Bixby, Oklahoma. I’ve played with Linux for 20 years, and worked in the Windows/Mac world for longer. Now I hope to reverse that. My skill level on Linux is Beginner, even after all this time. I know, lame. but I am learning more now than ever, might be a fair to middlin user soon.
Dog owner,
Grass Mower,
Oil Changer,

Mint 19 makes me happy.


Hi my name is John Le Brasseur. I live in South Africa. I am retired. I’ve been using Linux for about three or four years. I have recently built LinuxFromScratch 8.2 and 8.3 by carefully following the instructions. I did not understand everything. At present my favorite would be Arch Linux. I also enjoy Ubuntu. I just want to learn the basics of Linux well.


Hi ya’ll,

I’m Arnold, I live in the Netherlands and I’ve been using Linux since around 10 years now. I now use Ubuntu 18.04, at home and at work. I’m a big Linux fan and try to promote Linux at every occasion:

Nice meeting you all!


I’m Steve Kudera.
I reside in Albuquerque New Mexico USA.
I’m 67 and a retired ER, ICU, and flight nurse.
I got my education; BS In Nursing minors in biology and chemistry, from Mount Mary College in Yankton South Dakota.
I’ve been using Ubuntu since it first came out. I dabbled in Red Hat prior to that.
I’m interested in programming, and run Ubuntu server on my home network. We have one Windows computer as it’s the only way my wife can VPN into her work. Ubuntu rules the house.


Hey everyone…
I am Himanshu and I am from India, I am a computer Science underGrad student and I am using Linux since 1 or 2 years I am using Ubuntu for most mundane task and I am connect with itsFoss for 1 year. All I expect is to learn.


Hello Everyone,

I’m Ed D.and I live in North Carolina, I retired this year after 50 years in IT, I have worked as a computer operator, and MVS(mainframe) Systems Programmer and a Linux SysAdmin in a Red Hat/CentOS environment. I am running Linux Mint. I hope to use FOSS to keep me interested and see if I can help others,.


Hi I’m Sarah. I’m on Linux now 15 years. Debian, Suse, lot of others. Today AV linux,debian based. Ubuntu studio is quite dead. A small Aplle ipad, a bigger Android.Studied in the moment in France, next year Australia, Born Russia…46 years young. I’m not hating Windows. During univerity often Linux sometimes Windows .