Please introduce yourself


Hello everybody I am Dirk and I am from Holland.
I have my own business and I use linux for about 15 years.
The main distribution I am using right now is Pop os and I am very content with it.
Foss I am following for a year or so and I love it .
I dont know what I can contributed to this community because I am only a user but I will try.

Kind regards,


Hello all,

Guess I’ll just jump right in here and introduce myself. My name is John Shelton and I reside in Georgia, USA. I’m disabled and like to repair computers, I’m mostly self taught with a little schooling in there. I’ve been using Linux, on and off, since about 2006. I can still remember the very first distro of Linux I used… Red Hat. Since then I’ve dabbled with many different distro’s, such as Linux Mint, Puppy, Ubuntu, and a few others. Currently I’m using Ubuntu 17.10 (32bit) on an older Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop running a Pent M 2.00GHz processor and 2GB of RAM. I’ve been following It’s FOSS for about a year now and what I expect to “get” from the It’s FOSS Community is everything and anything I can when it comes to Linux. For as long as I’ve been dabbling with various distro’s I still consider myself a beginner.


Hello all,
My name is Jessica Brown and I am from Ohio, United States. I am a in-house software application developer for an aerospace manufacturing company. I have been a Linux user since 2001, I have built my own version of Debian, but have installed Ubuntu on most of my families computers for ease of use. I cannot remember when I started following FOSS, and I hope to meet some interesting devs and other interesting people.


hihi, I’m Joseph, American, permanent resident in Australia since 1974, retired engineer, 10 years in broadcasting, 10 in computers. My first data processing course was on IBM dinotech in 1962.

I didn’t actually work in the computer field until about 1986, a forced career shift (hostile takeovers are vicious.) As a roving troubleshooter, I’ve worked on minicomputers, obsolete gear you wouldn’t believe was still in use, the most unusual assignment was fixing a church organ on one of the smaller islands of the Samoan group.

My '98 attempt at RedHat was another epic failure. Somebody shoved a Dapper Drake in my hands in 2006 and I’ve stuck with Ubuntu. For me, the computer is just a production tool. I’m co-authoring a visual novel with an internet friend in Spain. So I’m also studying ren’py, python, and also building my web site dedicated to one VN game released 22 September 2017 …

Oh. I’m also on Steam as xae-chan.


Hi guys, My name is Kris, I’m from Indonesia. I’m working as lecturer in private university.
My linux experience is from 2005 but use linux as main os from 2010.
The first linux distribution I use was redhat 9 and now I’m using Fedora 28.
I’m following it’s FOSS around a year ago and I see that it’s foss is great site that provide simple and good article about open source and linux.
Joining It’s foss community is somehow rise my hope for discussion around FOSS and Linux.


Selefo Sabone, from Botswaba. I run an open source company in Botswana. I have been using linx since 2012. Main distribution that I am using are Ubuntu, Kubuntu and linux mint. I have been following its FOSS for over 6 months. I am hoping to be abreast with the latest developments in Open Source.


Hello everyone,
I am a retired biochemist and live in France. I have been trying out Linux for several years now, starting with RedHat 5.1, but always using windows for work purposes. After a while I stop using Linux, but came back to it in 2007. From then on I used Linux Mint as my only system. Last December, after getting a Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu 16.04 installed, I decided to try it out for a while. Did not like Unity, but now with 18.04 and Gnome, it good. Might stick to it for a while.
Other than that, I do black and white photography, try to stay in shape and like to read SF and biographies.
This site looks interesting and informative.
Thank you Abhishek for the invite.


I’m Bob from Lindenhurst, NY, USA. I am a retired electrical product safety engineer, and have used Linux since 2014. I started with XUbuntu but am now using Linux Lite. I use windows 10 on my newer PCs and Linux to extend the usable life of my older ones. I have become frustrated with windows and like the no nonsense approach of Linux, as well as the quick boot up and shut down. The availability of open source programs has made Linux more mainstream. I do find myself using my Linux machines more and more. I have been following Its Foss since the beginning of 2018. I hope to gain knowledge and assistance with the so many things I don’t know about Linux.


I imagine there are quite a few of us on here who share your frustrations with Windows! Perhaps our various reasons for adopting Linux might make for an interesting discussion.


Hi, I’m Lonnie. I have been using/playing with Linux for close to 15 years or more. I presently have been using Debian and Mint. I have always liked Debian and have used SuSE, Gen2 Xubuntu extensively and have tried several others over the years.
I live in the state of Minnesota which is in the north central part of the United States. I am semi-retired, working half time as a secretary for the local school’s Community Education department. Unfortunately, that means that I am still forced to use windows.
I have been following FOSS since I found it. As for expectations from the community, I really don’t have any. I enjoy reading about all the improvements that are happening within the Linux community and it is one place where I don’t have to suffer through very much political drivel.

Thanks for having me.



Agree it would be quite interesting to see why people came across to Linux


Hi I’m Clem Allison, i also split my time between Linux (CentOS) and windows supporting content management systems, and various noname applications. I’ve been dabbling with Kali Linux on a vm and I would really love to explore more on the pen testing side. Well that’s it for me.


Hello! I learned Unix on SunOS back in the '80’s but went to Minux in '88. I started using GCC on OS/2 but switched to Linux when GCC was available.

My OS class at Tulane used Minux source code. Our assignments typically involved rewriting some part of the kernel and they TRYING to get it to compile and run.

I was happy as a pig in mud with the command line. I do like new display managers like Cinnamon but really feel more at home with Pekwm.

When Windows 1.0 came out in 1987, I regarded it as total nonsense. When my boss ordered me to develop applications there, I thought it blasphemy. Nonetheless, I put up with that for a while until when back to Linux and started cross-compiling for Windows.

Now, I’m retired and I still like to play with Linux. Somehow, a young guy like Abhishek Prakash has a very similar perspective to mine. My hat’s off to him for developing Thanks very much!


I’m Mau, originally from Brasil, now living in Montreal, Canada. I work as an educator and maker at a not-for-profit organization and a school board. I’m very happy to say that today I teach mostly using open source software.

I’ve been using Linux for about 5 years now and still feel like a beginner. I use Fedora on my main laptop and also help maintain a small fleet of laptops with Xubuntu. I’ve been following It’s FOSS for a couple of years now and really appreciate the work of @abhishek

I expect a respectful and beginner-friendly community where folks from all backgrounds and interests can participate and feel included.

  • Name : Mr_Flux
  • Country of residence : Canada
  • What do you do? : Currently Driving a semi truck part time and learning to code the rest of the time
  • Linux users since? : Tried in 2000 Debian then gave up on Linux came back to Linux when Ubuntu 12.04 came out and it’s been my main OS since, recently installed Linux mint 19 on a laptop and I love it.
  • Main distribution you are using : Ubuntu 18.04,Linux Mint 19, Windows 10
  • How long have you been following It’s FOSS? : Less than a year and I appreciate Abhishek’s knowledge and useful tips and tutorials, really learnt a lot from IT’S FOSS, Thanks!
  • What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community? : Acquirer more knowledge on Linux, Coding, system maintenance ect…


Hi everybody! Warm greetings!
I`m from Brazil, nowadays retired from retail, using this incredible linux distro about one year and half, Debian, and enjoying Foss for six months, just to get better skills.


Kieran Stack
GIS Analyst
April 2017 (due to HDD dying and not being able to retrieve MS code)
Learning more about Linux

  • Name
    Matthew Thull (Jethro)
  • Country of residence
  • What do you do?
    Unix-Linux/SAN/DPS administrator
  • Linux User since?
  • Main distribution you are using?
    Ubuntu, but familiar with RedHat and SUSE for enterprise/business use
  • How long have you been following It’s FOSS?
    about 9 months (March/April 2018)
  • What do you expect from the It’s FOSS Community
    I expect it’ll be another (good) readfile and a great source to research and ask questions


Hello, Mark from Rochester, NY (original home to Kodak, Xerox, Bausch and Lomb, and French’s Mustard). I’m a retired electrician from Kodak and mostly play around with computers. I’ve had no formal training and just learn as I go. I keep trying different Distros and currently I’ve been using Peach OSI, but also like Mint and Xubuntu. It’s always good to learn new things about Linux and I hope to expand my knowledge.


Bill from Oregon USA. Retired State Auditor.
Linux user since 2014. Started with Ubuntu 12. I like Xubuntu 16.04 best. Just a matter of taste.
Upgraded to 18.04 on Xcfe.
When I upgraded my custom built Pentium® Dual-Core CPU E6300 @ 2.80GHz 8 gigmem with 3 internal and 1 external drive from Xubuntu 16.04 to Xubuntu 18.04 my machine went from less than one minute to boot to more than 3 minutes. No other noticable speed issues. I manual loaded 18.04 Gnome to other drive for dual boot. No issues.
2014 left behind, Google,Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and all those other proprietary crap apps programs and opsytems. I don’t do Twitter or Facebook and stay away from everything and anything mainstream. I only keep an old non-smart-phone in my car for emergencies. I use an old land line phone for all communications. I am 70 years old and believe everything has gone to hell in the world starting with the USA.
YES…I hate Microsoft and Google but love LINUX.
Been with FOSS since the beginning. About four years.
I’m hear to get some info, advice and commentary about LINUX and expect that FOSS my be a good place to get it.
Hope everyone is well and happy.