Please introduce yourself


Name: Isak
Country of residence: Sweden
What do you do? Working as a nurse at an ER.
Linux users since? 1998?
Main distribution you are using Fedora/Manjaro
How long have you been following It’s FOSS? A couple of years?
What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community? A nice and welcoming community.

  • Name: Jan
  • Country of residence: the Netherlands
  • What do you do?: ‘half’ retired IT professional
  • Linux users since?: 2000
  • Main distribution you are using: Bunsenlabs for development desktop, Solus on second desktop and laptop
  • How long have you been following It’s FOSS?: about a year now.
  • What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community? I hope it develops as a Linux-community that is accessible to beginners as well as to professionals, stimulating the use of Linux worldwide.


Hi, my name is Marc Van Hoof. I am living in Belgium. Due to reorganization Monsanto on early retirement since 2010 and final October this year. Definitively switched to Linux since the start of Windows 8. I started with Ubuntu and also tried Mint. After the update from Ubuntu 16.4 to 18.6 it did not work properly anymore and I did a fresh installation of Linux Mint 19 which works great. It’s FOSS I have been following for a number of years and have already learned a lot. I hope to get many tips and solve small problems in the community.


Mats Tage
United Kingdom
Coming from mobile telecom, I now write articles for Linux Format and Linux Magazine on a freelance basis.
I started using Linux 1992, .
My main distribution is Ubuntu.
I have followed It’s FOSS for a few months only.
I expect and hope that I can find ideas for new projects and articles and also help other people enjoy and discover FOSS.


Raj Khalid from India
An older business person in consulting
Using Linux since 2010
Ubuntu 16.04
Following you since 2012
Tips and tricks from the community


Hello everybody,
I am Franco from Italy
I am a medical doctor and I work in atherosclerosis prevention
Using Linux since 2006.
Actually using Kubuntu
I have been following you from at least two years (don’t remember exactly)
I expect news and to be able to exchange ideas on our favorite SO,


Hi, I’m Jim Frohliger, a retired software developer for a commercial insurance company. I’ve lived in Chicago for the past 30 years where I do photography as a hobby. I’ve been using Linux since 1992 starting off on a terminal only distro called Yggdrasil and today continue to use Linux 90% of the time splitting my time between Ubuntu Studio, Arch and Kali Linux distros depending on what I want to do.

I’ve been following FOSS Community for a while now but can’t tell you for how long (memory isn’t what it used to be). I believe Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) has the most potential in the long run for providing innovative and sustainable products. I follow FOSS Community to keep me abreast of FOSS progress and help me discover interesting FOSS subjects to explore.


I’m Jim Van Damme, a retired vacuum tube/high voltage/high power radar R&D engineer. I live in New York (the real one with the mountains, trees and fresh air). I started with Mint 9, and now I’ve come back to Mint 19 after trying Manjaro, Bodhi, Puppy, openSuSE, xBuntus of many flavors, and a few I forgot.

I hope to see the death of Windows soon.

Oh, I’m not a real Colonel, it’s a joke, son.


Loderunner aka Lode Van Beethoven
Belgium resident of Ghent
Retired - Linux aficionado and evangelist - on the side also pythonista
First linux was Slackware back in the nineties
Testing mostly debian and ubuntu derivates : bodhi zorin antix pop!OS KDE Neon and Namib which is Arch
Worked in the past also with fedora and suse which I lately abandoned after a crash of KDE plasma desktop in Tumbleweed that I couldn’t recover


Hi all.

  • Name : Yusdirman
  • Country of residence : Malaysia
  • What do you do? : Software Engineer in Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Linux users since? : 1998-2001, 2007~ until now
  • Main distribution you are using : Slackware & Debian
  • How long have you been following It’s FOSS? - quite sometime
  • What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community?
    • open source tech
    • discussion on how to make university/public organisation/government acknowledge open source, use and save tax payers’ money
    • help with errors / troubleshoot

  • Name = same as my user name on here (but usually just “Dan”)
  • Country of residence = Australia (Perth WA)
  • What do you do? = Senior System Administrator (Storage, NAS+SAN + Linux Admin + VMware)
  • Linux users since? = 1995, Slackware 3.0 (used UNIX before then, SunOS/Solaris, DG-UX, AIX, IRIX)
  • Main distribution you are using = Ubuntu 18.04 (and elementary Loki and Raspbian)
  • How long have you been following It’s FOSS? = 12-18 months?
  • What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community? = a great online community


Hello, my name is Fred.
I live in Maryland, USA, with my wonderful wife and two adorable dachshunds.
I manage a small but mighty team of software developers for a small HR consulting firm. We develop and support Windows applications in C#.

I have been using Linux for only about 1.5 years now, at home in my spare time.
I’m a distro hopper with several laptops and an iMac. I use Mint 19 Cinnamon, Lubuntu 18.04, Solus, Ubuntu 18.04, MX 17, Peppermint 8, Zorin, and elementary, as well as a few others occasionally in VirtualBox VMs.

I’ve been following It’s FOSS since I started with Linux last year, and hope to learn a lot more in the Community and one day reach the point where I can help others.
Abhishek does a great job with all of this!


Hello everyone,

I’m from Colorado, USA but currently live/work in Manama, Bahrain. I’m a semi-retired software developer turned IT project manager. I’ve used Linux since the late 1990’s at work and currently use both Linux and Windows at work and predominantly Linux at home. The main distros I use right now are Linux Mint (Cinnamon DE), Elementary OS, KDE Neon, as well as, headless CentOS and Ubuntu. I look forward to interacting with the community.


hello abhishek and thank you for your invitation.

I am so pleased to have discovered your site. It is most interesting and you provide huge amounts of help and encouragement.

I live in the UK and have worked with computers since the early 70’s starting with DOS.
Since the late 90’s I have dabbled with various Linux offerings but use Windows on my main PC.

I am no expert with Linux but have xubuntu 16 on a 10 yrs old Satellite with SSD.& recently upgraded to 18 but lost some of my settings so recovered 16 using Acronis. I will look again at 18.

I offer my best wishes to your good self and to all others here.



I’m from korea.
Already you know, most of Korean is no good English.
Just they pretended to well English.
I’m one of them…:joy:
Please you carefully listening what I say…

Thanks for inviting me…
Regularly I received e-mail from FOSS…
That included many of useful information about Linux…
I think, from the FOSS my Linux skills are improved.

And moreover I get a invitation e-mail.
I think, that is bot…:rofl:
Even though that is bot, I am very happy to join this community…

I’m using Ubuntu for 7 years but sill hungry.
Because, I didn’t study hard for Ubuntu.

You know, many of linux have bugs and they didn’t inform any changes.
For example, /etc/network/interface, many of times I tried it to change my IP address.
I couldn’t, I thought it is bugs… So, I was waiting for fix it.
However they didn’t, few month after I know, on netplan I can control IP address…TT…

Yep, I am old man. So I don’t want to any changes…^^*

What I wish to Linux, they go different way.
What can I do, just follow them.^^*

I also have on my way.
That is for Smart-Home, use by Open Source.

Ubuntu + KVM(Kernel Virtual Machine) + 802.1q = Logically divide network.


Above picture, explained what I think to divide network for Smart-Home.
I call it "Router Revolution’

1.Who have to use it?

  • Smart device user at home.

2.Where do you use it?

  • Most of broadband Internet users at home.

3.Why need it?

  • For protect home network.

Additional option is, I plan to provide wordpress and URL address for users by KVM Guest.
I hope to provided URL are appeared on Google Map.

As Smart-home solution, I plan to adopt OCF or SWOA.

All of my think is it.
I hope to discussing about my plan and Future Network with you.

I well come to hear your opinion.


my name is Leonard, i am all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa. Currently i am a IT - Intern and my role is a Sysadmin and network technician.
i have been a Linux user since 2013, starting off with Linux Mint and moving on to Ubuntu. since i use Windows at work so on my spare time i like to play around with Kali Linux and Parrot - Os. It’s Foss caught my attention early 2017 especially with the latest news and some learning tools.
i guess what i expect from It’s Foss community is guidance in terms of using Linux distros to it’s full advantage as it is here in South Africa every Corporate is Windows based. Linux is foreign to most people so i use a lot of you-tube video’s to teach myself a lot of things. i hope someday there will also be Conference’s like in the US stuff like Defcon since we don’t have these awesome stuff.


Name: Mohd Shukri @ Abuyop
Country of residence: Malaysia
What do you do? Educator (TVET)
Linux users since? 2005
Main distribution you are using: Ubuntu MATE on personal laptop & Ubuntu MATE, Peppermint OS, Zorin OS (Lab computer)
What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community? I like to improve my Linux skill & knowledge…


My name is Raja Shahid Nazir. I live in Pakistan and am a Mechanical Engineer. I have been linux user since 2010, i guess. I am using Ubuntu and Mint. I have been following It’s FOSS since few years.
I expect to get solutions to problems and new information about new and exciting developments in the community.
Let’s promote FOS Software enabling developing countries to promote all things digital without piracy.


Welcome and don’t worry about not knowing English. As long as people can understand what you are trying to say, it should be fine.

Oh! You should open a new topic in the community with your question :slight_smile:


Hello, Linux enthusiast located in Keizer, Oregon not for from Linus himself. Working as a Java developer for the state of Oregon. Interested in cool tech, new friends, motorcycles, travel. If you live near me hit me up for a coffee or if you are passing through oregon.