Please introduce yourself


i live in Lisboa i study history and havng no time to study code
i follow your blog because i like to add things and (i am using ubuntu 1804) and
change the graphic style as well


Hello, my name is Bryan. I live in the U.S. I’m a stay at home parent. Ive been a Linux user since Linux Mint 12. I currently use Linux Mint 17.03 on my desktop and Linux Mint 18 on my laptop. I’ve followed FOSS for three years. The only thing I expect from It’s FOSS Community is the same as I expect from any Linux community, an open exchange of ideas and information. I like having the resource to find the answers I need when I need them, an be able to pass along what I’ve learned.


Hi I’m Pawan Bansal, senior undergraduate from Delhi, India. I’m an active it’s foss reader and Linux Mint user. I love linux and it’s fun to tinker with it. By passion I’m a Computer programmer who do full stack Web development and Machine learning.
I’m an active developer and supports foss.
I’m actively looking for good job opportunities. Ping me if needed.
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Name Jim K.
Country of residence U.S.
What do you do? retired electrical engineer
Linux user since? ~1990 - exclusively since 2006
Main distribution you are using Mint 19
How long have you been following It’s FOSS? 6 months or so
What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community? Learn new skills and solve problems


I want to reply to each and everyone of you wonderful readers but I guess replying individually to over 100s of people is not feasible. So please forgive me for this.

Reading to the experience and background of Linux users here gives me pleasant, happy feeling. So many users who have been using Linux long before I even knew of it. Some of the senior members have experienced the old computing technologies we have only heard of. And many members who have no technical background and still using Linux as their main desktop OS.

I am certain that this forum will give you a platform to ask your doubts (no matter how basic it is), share your knowledge, get help from others and help others as well.

Welcome everyone and as always, happy Linux-ing :slight_smile:


My name is Philip. I am from Tucson, Arizona. I have been using Ubuntu since 12.xx. I played around with open source since early 2001. I currently use Ubuntu 18.04. I’ ve played around with other Debian versions but for ease of use have stayed with Ubuntu, mainly because my wife does not do well when I change desktops let alone distros. I have benn following FOSS for over a year now and I love it. It’ s brought me so much worthy information. One thing I have always wondered about was, could an office suite be written dedicated to Linux using C or C ++ or c#. Would it run faster or more efficient than the Java version of Libre?


I am a retired mainframe programmer with 40 years of experience who has used dozens of OSs over the years. Linux is, for me, the best. I live in Idaho, USA, and am currently using Linux Mint as primary; MX, and Solus are secondary. I have been lightly involved with It’s FOSS for a few years and also follow their Linux User’s Group on Facebook. I expect to have a fun learning exchange with those in this group. Let the fun commence!


Hi everybody,

I’m Mark Hamilton from Phoenix, Arizona. I’m a retired aerospace engineer and 50-year hard rock lead guitarist.

I started “playing” with Linux in 1991 when I had to download pieces of it from BBS’s (anyone old enough to remember those?). I’ve been using Ubuntu for the last 10 years, but because of a glitch on my new laptop I couldn’t get 18.04 to install, so I’ve been running Mint Mate 18.3 the last few months.

I’ve been following It’s Foss for a bunch of years now. And I’ve come here to meet you all, hang out and learn some new tricks.


Hello everyone

My name is Arun Shrimali
I am from Rajasthan, India
I am working for a Coaching Institute, preparing for JEE (Engineering) / NEET (Medical).
Also worked as System Analyst for one of the largest cooperative in India.
Started working on Linux since 1998. I started with Redhat and shifted to Ubuntu. I also trained many people for Linux and Open / Libra Office.
Currently using Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS
I wish to have good discussion here.


Hi all, I am Shubham Mittal from India.
I am an embedded engineer and Linux enthusiast. Much interested in debugging and working on processors and controllers.
Since 2016, i am using Linux and that was the year which changes my life after working on Linux and open source.
Mainly i use Ubuntu and OpenSuse. I have worked on Linaro and Fedora also.
From last 1 year, i am following It’s FOSS.
Its good to have knowledge, i don’t expect specific things, but i expect the relevant knowledge from here will be good.


hello everyone,
my name is Diego Eichberger from Italy.
unemployed, linux user since 2015, using Lubuntu 18.04.1 LTS, following it’s FOSS for 3 years, expecting help for linux troubles and meet new people


Hi, I’m Vera from the Netherlands. I work as a sysadmin for Windows. But privately I use Linux Mint as my primary desktop environment. Though I am doing this for a year or 7 there are always things I don’t understand or don’t succeed in. I love friendly communities to turn to for help in that case. So I was happy to get invited here. Ofcourse I’m always happy when I can help someone else too.


Jim Saberton


Maintenance Support for a Surveying Equipment Company

Using Linux since 12.04

Currently Elementary OS

Following It’s FOSS for 2 years

I hope to gain more knowledge, maybe help others, others to help me if I’m stuck or don’t understand an answer that Mr Google finds me, above all have a bit of fun with like minded people!!


Hi everybody,
This is Sachin Borkar from Mumbai, India. I am in the service of the State Government of Maharashtra and I’ve been using Linux since about 8 years. Ubuntu happens to be my main distribution to work at home and office (I am probably the ONLY employee in the Maharashtra State’s services who uses Linux and open source software for official as well as private works and I am trying my level best to promote open source software where I work.) I have also some experience in using other distros, especially CentOS and FreeBSD. I was a fan of It’s FOSS since a long time but joined it since last year (and it’s been fantastic!). I am an avid fan of all things open source and I am always learning new skills in using open source software such as Blender 3D, GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, BASH. I have a post-graduation degree in computer applications and I love to code in my spare time. Currently I’m learning web development. Needless to say that I am pretty excited to be here and really appreciate the opportunity to learn and help (if I could).

  • Name SampathKumar
  • Country of residence India
  • What do you do? Architect
  • Linux users since? 1995
  • Main distribution you are using debian,manjaro,ubuntu
  • How long have you been following It’s FOSS? your zone for the past one year
  • What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community?sharing knowledge:)


Heyup everybody.
Jerome B Newell from Christchurch, New Zealand. I will be 70 years old before end of 2018. No longer able to drive so I ride my bicycle everywhere I need to go. No longer working result of very bad motor accident many years ago. X Railways Signals Electrician. Lived on disability benefit for a number of years, now old age pension. Money is tight but I manage by growing my own vegetables and I neither smoke or drink. My first Linux was Ubuntu 4.10 on Cover CD, PC Authority April 2005. Mainly use Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Have not used Windows since the demise of XP and give life to XP computers by installing Linux. Looking forward tolearning about and understanding this wonderful Operating System called Linux and running FSX under Linux.


Hello everyone.
Using Ubuntu Bionic Beaver 18.4 really loving it, but have the Cinnamon DE as that suits me best.
Been following FOSS before coming over from Windows as I have always found it the best place to get answers and everything is well written so you don’t get frightened off.
Really not much more to say, apart from Hello


Hello beautiful people,
I am Vijesh, currently living in Fiji. I am a second year student at the University of the South Pacific studying a double major in computer science and information systems. I have been a linux user since mid 2016 and have been running ElementaryOS since then. Been following It’s FOSS since Decemeber of 2016 and i dont have any expectations from the community other than helping and being helped in issues that may arise while using Linux.
Have an awesome day everyone!


Hello, I am Steve Sutton from USA.
I’ve been using linux since March of 2000. I am currently a senior software engineer. Mostly I’m coding in PHP & Javascript. I have been using Gentoo at work now for three years. I have been using vim as my editor since I started in linux. Yay, zsh!


Hi - Steve from Bristol, UK. I’ve been a software engineer for nearly 40 years now. These days my work flips between devops, scrum master and business analyst roles. In my spare time I have a couple of open source projects: one is concerned with a fusion of XML & JSON and the other is a new full-spectrum programming language that has some special features. (Should anyone be interested in finding out more give me a nudge, I’m definitely looking for more collaborators right now.) I have been a Linux user since the early '90s, I forget when, as it was fairly pervasive amongst my friendship group. These days I go with the flow and use Xubuntu; I always go for the lowest overhead GUI as I do not like the current direction of user interfaces - all about style rather than efficient use. UI design has totally lost its way.

I have been following FOSS for a couple of years, I guess. Staying abreast of news and developments is likely to be the most valuable thing for me, as there’s so much going on. I am especially interested in news on application programming and packaging. Linux is stuck in a dead-end, with a very bad model of application organisation and packaging. Snapcraft, Flatpak are interesting - but really not what we need. And if anyone is interested in working with me on sorting out a simple and clean approach, let’s have a chat and see if we have similar ideas.