Please introduce yourself



I’m Niclas from Sweden. Been on GNU/Linux from the late 90th. Switched to deb packaging in -02, I think, and have stayed there since. Currently on 18.04 for desktops and jessie for server.


Hi! My name’s Martin. I am from Venezuela. I work as a planner and also in charge of information policies for communal development. I’ve been using Linux since 2011 when I happily switched from Windows. I am using Ubuntu in my laptop and Mint in my main computer. I have been been following It’s FOSS for about a year, as far as I can remember. Because I am not exactly a computer geek, I expect to increase my general knowledge of FOSS y becoming part or It?s FOSS community.


I am Bruce from Australia a truck driver and have been using Ubuntu for a few years.It is greatn to use my faverate


Sysadmin/programmer (semi-retired)
Linux user since 1993 (before 1.0!)
Linux Mint
Followed It’s FOSS for about a year
Tips, guides, information on useful and interesting distributions and applications


US (don’t hold it against me"
On and off since 2012, full time since 2018
Mint 19, Antergos, Manjaro
~ 1 year


Hi Everyone,
I am Tanmay Chandane, residing in India. Linix user since 2014. I’m pursuing Diploma in Computer Engineering. Have been using GNU/ Linux since 2014. I use Arch Linux on my home server and dual booted my daily driver with OpenBSD and Ubuntu Mate.


I love Manjaro and Antergos but I just bought a new laptop and I cannot get anything except Kubuntu or Mint to run! I am assuming it is because of the NVIDIA card installed.


My name is eric and I have been using MX Linux a Debian fork for 2 years.


My name is Nigel I live in Australia am now an old age pensioner. I was a “computer Engineer” for about 40 years repairing lots of different hardware .
Being a Linux user since 1998. Before that have worked some of the oldest UNIX systems.
My distribution is Magiea 6.
I am not sure how long I have being following It’s FOSS.
I am looking forward to following this forum.



Hello everyone,
I am John Wright, retired paint chemist. Recently moved to Cobourg near Toronto Ontario Canada. I spend ~ 5 months in Florida each year.
User of Linux since about 2005, first Mepis now Mint 18. Enthusiastic promoter of open source Office Libre, Gimp, KMyMoney, for home home and business, (treasurer of a Florida community for 22 years, ~ $1M business). Recently had difficulty getting a Brother printer to work with Mint, - can relate my experience if any has the same problem.
Looking to swap experience, hints & advice with other Linux users.
Have been following its FOSS for about three years.


My name is Murray Scharf. I live in Victoria. BC. I am a retired IBMer. I have used Linux for 15 yrs? Through IBM I have had Linux System Admin training. I currently use the latest Ubuntu release. I have followed FOSS for about 3yrs. I appreciate how FOSS discusses Linux updates, how to’s and what is happening in the world of open source.


My name is Andy and I live in Sarasota, Florida. I am retired and haved used Linux in various forms (distros) since the early 2000s. My main distros currently are Mint, and Ubuntu. However, I am playing around with other distros (Manjaro, Zorin, Feren, Debian, etc. on VMs). FOSS, I don’t know, I’ve been getting emails for a few months now. I expect nothing but I’m usually surprised.


Hello. My name is Ron McIlvaine. I live in the USA, in Ohio. I am a pastor of three Methodist churches. I have used Linux since 2011. I used to use Ubuntu, went to Linux Mint and now use KDE Neon. I’ve been following It’s FOSS for a couple of years. I thank you already for guidance to good software and for help when needed.


Hi I’m Apurba.
Working as an automation engineer. I use selenium and Java primarily. I’ve always been interested in Linux. I think windows is very limited and very capitalistic. I use Ubuntu.
I think this will be a great place for Linux users.

Dimitri Volpe
Research in Christian Mystical Theology
Linux users since Ubuntu 16.04
Main distribution I am using: Ubuntu 18.04
How long have you been following It’s FOSS? Since 16.04
What do I expect from It’s FOSS Community? Wisdom and Experience


My name is Kristi Honas
I live in Iowa, USA
I work in the horticultural industry
Been a Linux user since 2012
I use Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Have been following It’s FOSS for a year now
I’m looking to using FOSS Community to connect with others who have the same problems that I would incur and be able to find solutions and help others.
Thank your for the invite to the FOSS Community Abhishek. I enjoy receiving your newsletters that you send out.


Sylvain…Good to hear from a fellow NR user. Powerful book, but you need to know a lot up front to be able to use it. I still have my old NR in C (with floppy disks): too much of a pack rat I guess. Regards…Jay



My name’s Rod and I’m currently living in Thailand, where I was teaching English for about 10 years, before retiring 3 years ago.

I was using Linux as a second OS initially, mainly because most of my school work was done on Microsoft publisher; as publisher documents weren’t compatible with Linux, and I didn’t want to convert them to PDF, I stuck with Windows as my main OS. However, on retirement, I transferred to Linux as my main OS and uninstalled Windows within 3 months.

The first distro I used was Linux Mint; coming from a Windows machine, I found it quite easy to understand, and learnt quite a lot about the use of the command-line. Since retiring, I have tried several distros, including Open Suse, Arch, Fedora, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Budgie, Manjaro, plus a few more. However, I now use Linux Mint full-time because it’s the distro I initially learnt most about; with the same DE in many distros, I couldn’t see the point in making it difficult for myself learning different coding, when I would be using the same DE.

I’ve been following FOSS for a couple of years, and have learnt quite a lot from the articles. Some articles don’t interest me, but I always skim through them, just in case; on a couple occasions, I’ve found some very useful information.

Joining the community will open-up an opportunity to share information with other Linux users, and work together in solving any problems.


My name is Harold. I live in the US. Actually in southern Alabama. I am retired. I have been using Linux since 2007. I think I started with Mepis. I currently use PCLOS and have for several years. My main DE is KDE. But I have recently installed PCLOS XFCE on my laptop. My hobbies are playing golf and trying to learn more about computers. I keep one desktop with windows 7 installed but rarely use it. Last winter I built a desktop to see if I could. I installed windows 10 on it. I have recently sold it for less than what I spent building it.


Hi I’m Dave Merritt. I live in Toronto Canada. I reconstruct gardens in the summer and computers in the winter and an occasional contributor to it’s FOSS. My first Linux system was Ubuntu 8.10 “Ibex something”, so I’m guessing about 10 years ago. I’m presently running Linuxmint 18.3 on all my machines.

I first stumbled onto It’s FOSS on a google search. I was dealing with some problem I’ve completely forgotten about (a dual boot issue perhaps) and Abhishek’s site had the only article that dealt with the meat and bones of the problem. That must have been several years ago but I’ve been a regular reader ever since. I enjoy the blend of the general, the specific and the purely anecdotal.

I’m not really sure what to expect. But having the ear of a lot of smart people is never a bad idea!