Please introduce yourself


Hi, my name is Fermín, i live in the Basque Country (north of Spain, south of France), i’m a web and app developer in a small cooperative and i use GNU/Linux and Macos daily. Mainly Ubuntu and Debian since 2007-2008. I have been following It’s Foss two years ago and i expect to learn and have fun :wink:


Congratulations @etrigan63 for the courage you had to move to Linux. I know how difficult it can be (and frustrating at some time) to leave the comfort of professional and nicely integrated tool suites like Adobe CC!

Don’t hesitate to share with us your experience and the tips and tricks related to Linux usage in your business.


My name is Dave Gavin, living in Massachusetts USA. I’m worked in systems support for many years, from IBM OS/VS2, VM/CMS, SunOS, etc. leading to Linux exclusively. For servers I use CentOS, desktops and laptops: Fedora. I’ve been followin FOSS on Facebook for a while and I’ve enjoyed the articles - especially the Debian/Ubuntu ones as I have a lot to learn there.


Hi. My name is Richard. I’m a gardener in Wiltshire, England.

After owning Apple Macs for many years I have become jaded by the direction they are heading in. The user experience is becoming dumber and I got the distinct feeling that my computer was using me and not the other way around.

Last year I made my decision and bought a Linux laptop. I use Mint 18 after switching from Elementary OS. I am very happy with my switch and am keen to learn as much as possible about Linux programming from a home user perspective.

Thanks for inviting me. This is forum is just what I needed.

Name: Nicolas Zart
Country of residence: US
What do you do? Mobility media content producer
Linux users since? 1998, on and off. Full time 2013
Main distribution you are using: Arch/Debian. Planning on FreeBSD
How long have you been following It’s FOSS? Years, I can't remember :frowning: 
What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community? Talks, exchanges, spotting apps back and forth. The more, the merrier.


Hi all!! :wave:
My name is Christoph, i am an allround-craftsman, Tech-Nerd and dog-lover…
I live in Vienna/Austria as part of an Patchwork-family and I’m using Linux as my main OS since the late 9ties. I started computing on 80286 and MS-DOS but after Win95 MS get worse…
So I started my Linux career with RH later Knoppix, Suse and now debian sid and xubuntu are my favorite distros. I realy love XFCE as my DE!!
I think I’m following It’s FOSS since it started.
Thanks for inviting me!


Name: Ranjan Baisak
Country of residence: India
What do you do? CoFounder, CEO of an AI startup AppiVa Software
Linux users since? 2010
Main distribution you are using: CentOS, recenty Ubuntu
How long have you been following It’s FOSS? Years,
What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community? Talks, exchanges,


Hey @jdt2, you bring back a lot of memories with your message. About Numerical Recipes, that’s one of the books everyone involved in computing should read. About C++, that’s a topic you may discuss with @abhishek since it uses it in his daily work!

I had similar feelings with you @jediunixmaster : CodeWarrior! A name I didn’t hear about for a long time now. I probably still have a couple of CDs of Metrowerks Core Warrior hanging around somewhere. At the time, I was mostly using Symantec C/C++ though, then switched later to MPW.


Bonjour, @Sarastro :fr:

There is an unexpectedly high number of people living in France–at least part-time–in this community.
Bienvenue à vous!


Hello everyone. My name is John, and I live in the UK in Hove, on the south coast. I’m retired now, but worked as a Project manager during my working life. I’m something of a hobbyist when it comes to computers - my present main machine is a self build from 2009 (so I’m starting to get the itch to build a new one). It’s set up with multiple boot options including several Linux distros, plus a few OS from the dark side (XP and 7). I also have a laptop which I’ve eliminated all traces of Windows from, and it’s set up with a couple of Linux distros. The distro I use mostly is SolydX (I prefer lighter desktops, and have never really got on with KDE), but I also have Mint (MATE and Cinnamon), Arch (Openbox), and OpenSUSE (KDE - I’m trying to get more familiar with it). I do run VirtualBox on SolydX with multiple Windows guests including Windows 98! (a bit of retro gaming here). I can’t remember when the It’s FOSS e-mails started dropping into my inbox, but I’ve enjoyed a few of the articles as they seem to be pitched at a level suitable to enthusiastic (or clumsy) amateurs like myself. I’m probably looking for a friendly environment where I can air any Linux related issues I may be experiencing without feeling too stupid, and maybe I’ll even be able to offer some insights from my own experiences with Linux to date.


I 100% agree. It’s wonderful to see people with so many different backgrounds sharing the same enthusiasm.

[quot] Apple II [/quote]How could I forget to mention that? Yes, the Apple IIc. My first computer. I spend countless hours programming it in Basic, reverse engineering (I didn’t know it was called like that at that time) existing software and studying the AppleSoft Basic Reference manual to learn new cool tricks I could to use in my next program!

I’m a BSD “fan” too. But as you say it still lacks that rich ecosystem allowing Linux to run today on almost any device.


Hi, I’m Bruno, retired and using Linux since Mint 12. Now using Linux Mint 19 on my daily driver, and Linux 18.3 on the server. My wife also has Mint 18.3 on her PC, we have been following It’s FOSS forever (memory not so good anymore) but as soon as I saw it I began following and enjoying the content and advice given. Hoping to be able to have an interchange of experiences and tips to and from members as Linux is for me, a big family.


Roger Burns
Retired Civil Servant
Have used Linux Mint, Ubuntu, and Manjaro. For over 10yrs.
Using Manjaro now
I have been following FOSS for 2 to 3 tears
I would hope to learn more about linux and get help with any problems.



There is too much posts to answer to everyone personally. And I certainly missed some great story here. Sorry about that:/

Anyway, thank you all for being here and once again a big welcome to all of you!


Yupp, from Apple II plus to Apple IIc to Apple GS, I’ve spent hours programming games etc in Applesoft.

I always considered me to be an ‘Apple Forever’ guy. Then Macintosh cam eand ‘spoiled’ all the fun. Then Apple became too corporate, the OS X became too complex, (at least for me). I loved the simplicity of BSD, and its true UNIX roots.


Yep, I think I finally threw out that book about 4 yrs ago because my collection had grown significantly.

It was the original too. It was probably worth money as well but I didn’t think of that at the time. lol



10 years
Linux Mint
3 years
Learn and share


Hi Everybody,
My name is Yair, living in Israel, clinical psychologist.
I use linux since 2006. Currently using Solus on my laptop and Pepermint on my old computers.
I thank Abhishek for opening this comnunity and hope for it to be a good place to discuss issues and technical problems.


I am the resident Village Idiot in a small town in Queensland, Australia. I wasn’t always an idiot, but after cancer surgery went wrong I was left with brain damage, no marriage, no business and a pitiful pension. I am so far below the poverty line, I need a telescope to see where that line may be, yet I am happier than many of the people around me.
I have been using Linux since 2010, but found it immature compared to Windows of that era. Fast forward to 2018 and I use Linux Mint almost exclusively after experiencing the horror of the psychopath Windows 10. With only a few functioning brain cells left, I enjoy Linux immensely and I appreciate the incredible assistance I have received from the Linux community as I blunder around my keyboard.
Linux is a liberating experience.


lars live in new zealand use linux mint mate from the beginning of 17.xx and follow Foss for the last 2 years
run 18.3 on the moment , has a go on 19.0 but problems on different motherboards ,
supports the local community to leave windows and switch to linux .