Please introduce yourself


I’m Bill and I’m in Texas. I first touched Linux in 1990, but hopped around between it and BSD until finally settling on Linux about 10 years ago. I use ubuntu mostly, with the occasional experiment with another distro.

I am a programmer/analyst at a university. On the side, I use my Linux machines, at home, to further study into the digital humanities and come up with ways to set up collections systems using open-source only tools and as little expense as possible.

  • Name - Mannix Brooks
  • Country of residence - US
  • What do you do? - Cybersecurity Student, Retired US Army IT
  • Linux users since? 6 weeks study current course of 8 weeks
  • Main distribution you are using - openSUSE Leap and Tumbleweed
  • How long have you been following It’s FOSS? 1 week
  • What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community? - Learn from the best in the business.


Software Test Engineer


Hi, I am an elderly old gentleman of 76 yo who deserted MS in 2015 because of the data filching by MS on my home made PC and thought I would try a Linux distro so tried Ubuntu and Mint Cinnamon and as a ex MS user found that Mint Cinnamon suited me better and have used ever since now using Cinnamon 19. Here I must say I am a computer user and have little or no technical ability apart from being able to making a PC.


I’m Dave and I’m a retired IBM mainframe systems programmer & tech services executive living in Florida (USA). I have used Linux in one distro or another since 2006 and am currently running Ubuntu 18.04.1 on an AMD 8-way desktop. I boot off an SSD and have a mirrored pair of 1TB HDs for data. I used to dual-boot Windows but now find running it under a VM (VMWare or VirtualBox) a better solution. My spreadsheet preference is Excel and I run this under Wine. I dabble in programming for fun and to create a system for my own needs.


My name is Cade, and I am expatriate US citizen living in the Dominican Republic. I am a retired engineer and a Linux user for about three years (since 2015). Where I live, there are many old PCs with old versions of Windows and pirated software. As these computers make their way by donations to the local school, I gleefully upgrade them to Linux and keep the old Windows stickers upside down over my desk like bombing missions marked by the cockpit of a B-17. I have eight of them, but I might have missed one or two or some might have fallen off and been lost. They are mostly Windows7 I see, but a couple of XP and a Vista there too.

I use Ubuntu on both of my home computers - now 18.04LTS after upgrading from the prior LTS version over the summer. I can SUDO APT UPDATE, but otherwise not too fluent in command line. But I learn a new trick here and there about monthly, mostly thanks to ItsFoss! :smiley:


Hi. I’m Hasan. I live in London and I work promoting the books of Nathan McGrath - writer of the cyberpunk novel ‘nanopunk’ and Urban fantasy adventure: 'Magic. A Rough Guide.
I’ve been a Linux user for around six years and stick to Ubuntu switching between different desktop versions every few months.
I’ve been following its Foss for maybe a couple of years.
I check in every week for the very useful and informative articles.


David or dave usually.
I live in Ireland but have lived in the Netherlands also.
I’m currently working on Monitoring Openstack clouds using Sensu, ELK and Graphite/Grafana.
I’ve been using Linux for many many years now but still learn a little everyday.
I currently use Mint as my main machine and CentOS for my server.
A while now can’t remember how long.
A good spirit and community with maybe some good helpful guidance and maybe provide some myself, who knows.

  • Name: Amiable
  • Country of residence US
  • What do you do? Technical communication, content management
  • Linux users since? 2012
  • Main distribution you are using Fedora
  • How long have you been following It’s FOSS? 1 year
  • What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community? Chance to help each other out and maybe enjoy our exchanges


Hi all. My name is Bill Donnelly, and I live in Vermont in the USA. I’m a postdoc doing a combination of basic and clinical research. I first used linux, free BSD and SCO Unix in the mid 90s while working as a network administrator for a publishing company. Over the years, I played around with different linux distros, mostly using them to troubleshoot hardware problems. After dual booting windows and a variety of linux distros for years, I finally gave up windows for good in 2016 and switched to OpenSuse Tumbleweed, which I love. I hope that the it’s FOSS community will be a resource for me as I try and convince others of the benefits of free and open source software. I’m particularly interested in the efforts made by various cities and countries to switch from proprietary to open source software, and will be trying to convince lawmakers in my state that our tax dollars should be spent on open source rather than proprietary systems. If any of you have advice on how to frame this argument I would welcome it!


This is Harish from Chennai/Kolkata. I am post grad Computer Science Student. I am a linux user since 2015. I use Ubuntu 16.04 , but planning to change soon. I follow Its Foss for news about things happening in FOSS world.


Hi there! Anyone else based in Italy? I’m Andy, I’ve been following itsFOSS for a few years so far and I’ve found it very helpful, so anytime I install a new version or a flavour i’d like to try I check itsFOSS for tips.
This is a great opportunity to say thank you to itsFOSS, Linux and all the passionate people who spread their knowledge.
I’m 55 and I’ve been using linux (Ubuntu and its flavours actually) since… can’t remember but I know it was Dapper Drake, then I tried out a lot of flavours and I suggested it to lots of relatives and friends and installed it to their PCs.
Unfortunately I have to work with a MAC, which I find far better than Windows but I still prefer and love Linux.
I’m using Linux Mint Cinnamon, Peppermint, Bodhi linux and Zorin Os.
I hope to be useful to someone in this community and I’d like to help other “not-nerd” to try linux


Hi my name is Paul from Taveuni Island in Fiji. I use Ubuntu and Mint and have done so for 8 years. Quite a journey. I also use Windows simply because of Sonos.
There is room for all these OS. Everyone tries a little bit harder…



  • Name: Sam McClatchie
  • Country of residence: New Zealand
  • What do you do?: Fisheries oceanographer (retired from NOAA)
  • Linux user since? 1998
  • Main distribution you are using: Ubuntu
  • How long have you been following It’s FOSS? 3 years or so.
  • What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community? Interaction with the open source community.


My name is Bruce Schwager. Right now I am in the US but I usually spend quite a bit of the last 10 years in Papua New Guinea. I am was a computer helpdesk technician supporting Windows/Mac/Linux. I have used Unix since the mid 80s, and dabbled in Linux for many years. I have used Ubuntu and Mint. I am getting tired of Windows 10 and MacOS and am finally all set to dump them and go to Linux for my main system. I hope the community can help answer my questions that I know I will have. Thanks!


Hi everyone. I am Joe, from North Carolina, U.S.A. I am a senior unix/linux admin for a large retail company. I have been using linux since early Mandrake days. My current preference is Arch, but I am well versed with Debian, Red-Hat(and derivatives), and Gentoo. I have also built LFS a few times as a daily use just to have the experience. I hope I can provide as much help and guidance as I have received over the years.


Hello there,

I’m new to this form so bear with me.
go by Littlejohn but My name is John from Frederick, Md. USA.

I’m retired and new to ubuntu 18.04 but have used an older version some 10 Yrs. ago. Yes there’s some big changes since then. So I have to get used to the newer version which is driving Me crazy. but it will have to do until I get more storage on This acer Aspire 1, only has 32gig’s, Well that’s me for now! Oh yeah I hope to learn more about this version of ubuntu and to get a working wine install.


John Beall


Hello There

Aravind From India And Python, PCB And Automation Designer. We Using Debian For Our Servers And Laptop Since 2015 And We Customized Linux For Our Automation Designs And We Are Look For The Customization And Internal Module Of Linux Kernel.


Hello to the It’s FOSS Community! Thanks for accepting me. I am Don Dreibelbies, from the United States. I am an IT Manager for a Medical Tubing Manufacturer. I have been using Linux since around 2010 or so. I prefer Ubuntu, though I have used Mint and did some studying with other distros. I have been receiving It’s FOSS emails for a few years now. I really look forward to a friendly interchange of information and ideas regarding Open Source software.

	'Country of residence':'US',
	'What do you do?':'Founder/Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, & a little of almost everything IT',
	'Linux users since?':'1994?',
	'Main distribution you are using':'Ubuntu & FreeBSD',
	'How long have you been following It’s FOSS?':'Not sure',
	'What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community?':'Cookies! And to improve the slow load-on-scroll of this forum'