Please introduce yourself


I am Vineel Kumar.

I’m from India.

I am Currently working as Asst. Manager at SSSIHL

Since 2009-10 on-wards I am Using Linux.I started using Ubuntu from Ubuntu 10.04 on-wards.

My current Distro is Ubuntu 18.04

I 'm following itsfoss from past two years.

I’m looking for more useful info for Linux from itsfoss

Thank you.


My name is Don Drury, I am 74 years of age and retired. I have been involved with Linux since 1994. I am presently using DEEPIN an offshoot of DEBIAN. I have tried many LINUX distributions over the years including DEBIAN, ARCH, ELEMENTARY, MINT, UBUNTU, ROBOLINUX and KDE. I have been following FOSS for about a year. I am a user only not a contributor. I like to keep up on what is going on in the LINUX world.

  • Name: Liviu
  • Country of origin/residence: Romania/Romania
  • What do you do? Mechanical engineer in automotive industry. Playing with linux since 2008.
  • Main distribution you are using: Manjaro Cinnamon and Linux Mint Cinnamon, but testing almost all relevant linux distros (Ubuntu, ElementaryOS etc.)
  • What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community? I hope to be a community which shares its experience and where solutions to the every day issues can be found.


hi my name is Christer Friestad i live in Norway i now go on school, i have used Linux since january this year. now i use Ubuntu Budgie its really good and i think its really underrated! its better than original Ubuntu! i started following today but im on linux user group on facebook for longer time.
I hope that FOSS community will give me some answers for my problems :grinning:


Hi, I am Raymond House retired electronics technician, I live in the province of Quebec Canada and have been using Ubuntu since about 10 years. I use Linux exclusively. I am not an computer specialist and often require help, the Ubuntu forums in Canada have helped me a great deal but recently they seem to have dried up, so I like the idea of this one, I think this will be a great success. Abhishek has already been a source of some very good info for me.


I am Rod Sheaff, a health services research at Plymouth University UK. Among small group of colleagues I’m promoting the use for FOSS, in particular Linux, at work. Our University IT systems seems to have been bought retail from MicroSoft but maybe there are others on this forum trying to use - and spread - Linux in W10 based workplaces. I can learn from that and I hope contribute back.

PS Linux distributions Ubuntu at work, Kubuntu at home, both absolutely standard out-of-the-box 18.04 versions.


My name is Joseph and I live in Colorado USA. I’m a former Electronics Technician, now retired. I’ve been a Linux user about 10 years (?). I have used several distros but right now I’m using a dual boot Ubuntu 16.04 and Xubuntu 18.04. I have been a FOSS fan for many months and always look forward to the newsletter. Presently I am learning Python and hope I can get some help here!


I am Bob Moore, and I live in the UK. Retired engineer and have been running both Fedora Linux 28 and Windows on different machines for several years. My first version of Linux was Suse Linux many years ago. I came away from it, but returned using Fedora a few years ago and run it as my main OS. I only use Windows for a few applications that are difficult to run under Linux. Have taught myself mostly with some help from my son.


I find that the best option is to run Linux and Windows off of two different machines with a KVM switcher to switch between… I am running Fedora 28 currently, with Windows 7 on the alternate PC.


Hi Don, I prefer Fedora 28 personally, although a bit more cutting edge, I enjoy playing around with it… :slight_smile:


Hello group,
I’m Kelly Climer
I work as a System Administrator for a Big 10 University
I’ve been involved with Linux/Unix since At&t introduced it in 1987ish.
I work primarily with Debian but have used Ubuntu, Centos, Solaris, and IBM RT.
I work on Mac, Linux, and Windows but prefer my Debian Desktop
I’ve been following Floss for a few years now and always look forward to the emails.
I’m just looking to connect with other Linux users and admins. To share knowledge and continue learning all I can. Both in computers and any other subject. I’m also a photographer, movie buff, and avid reader.


Hi Its FOSS Community
I am Theodore from Trinidad. I started using computers in the days of punch cards and have been amazed by the developments over the years. Mint has been my introduction to Linux after years of Windows. Maybe I can finally really learn how to use these machines.


Hello. I’m Steve, from Columbus, OH.

I was in the IT field starting back in 1980. I installed some of the earliest PC networks that I know of beginning in 1985 in NYC using Novell’s NetWare.

I’ve been using Linux since about 1998 starting with SuSE Linux and gradually transitioned to Ubuntu around 2005. I have stayed with the Ubuntu ‘family’ of distros and have recently transitioned to Linuxmint 19 which is clearly best for my computing needs.

It’s FOSS has been on my radar since about the time it first popped-up, though I don’t recall exactly when that was. I found one really good piece of advice from Abhishek and have been a fan ever since.

As to expectations from this community, I hope that it will be the kind of helpful, interested group that seeks to build computing success for everyone that participates. Sharing, whether it be knowledge or code or whatever, is a foundation value of Open Source. It is what attracted me to Linux in the first place and is a big part of the reason I have found a home with Linux.

All of my computing is done on Linux. Others of lesser quality and/or higher cost need not apply.



my name is cord and i live in south texas in the united states. i mostly knit for a living. i have been using bodhi almost exclusively for the past year. before then i only ever really knew of ubuntu live cd’s to help fix windows problems from time to time. i dual boot ubuntu mate because i still get stuck sometimes trying to figure out how to configure bits of bodhi. i like distros the are easy on resources. i think i started following it’s foss probably about a year or so ago when i finally decided to try linux full time. i appreciate the helpful and informative nature of it’s foss and hope to help in any way i can :slight_smile:


Charles, my friends call me Chuck
Springfield, Illinois, USA
Using Linux about 6 months
Reading It’s FOSS maybe a year. (Just signed up for newsletter)
Looking at the community as a go-to place for news and questions and answers

Thanks @abhishek](


Hi Everyone,
My name is John Gargett and I’m a one man show for 3 locations for a total of about 120 machines in mid Michigan USA.
I started out in the Unix Solaris world and got pulled away to manage Windows and Macs, but I’ve always had a Linux workstation somewhere to use. Currently its Unbuntu.
My employer is slowly coming around to accept that maybe OSS isn’t so bad after a couple of side projects.
I recently ran across the FOSS newsletter and immediately signed up. I’m really looking forward to the community and like minded people.
I love to learn and this seem like a great resource.
Thanks @wofdac


Hello, My name is James Read. Live in the USA–Indiana. Do HVAC-R for a living. Been using linux since around 2013-'14. Windows 8 came out and I hated it so much I went and bought a Macbook. Then I installed Ubuntu on an old laptop. I was addicted. Tried a dozen other Linux distros after that. Found that Linux support forums could walk me through about anything. Windows 8 made me realize there’s more out there and I left the microsoft prison. I’m currently using Mint XFCE. Been following Foss for a couple yrs. Since I left the all too intrusive Facebook I just have the site in bookmarks. What do I expect from the Foss Community? Since Abhisek started this I’m sure this site will eventually be able to answer any question someone has.


Hi Everyone,
Clive here, from South Africa. Retired Electrical Engineer (heavy current, high voltage). 78 years young. Signed on to a Linux course in the last century, they were using Red Hat as I recall. I didn’t really follow up due to pressure of “life”…

I held on to W95, DOS, DBase and WordPerfect as long as possible but eventually had to give up to the windows bloat and expense.

It started when my wife’s little Acer One notebook became a paperweight and I revived it with Linux Mint. I quickly followed this by dual booting Mint 17.3 on my desktop.

Then, recently a neat little HP Stream was presented to my wife but Win10 clogged up the SSD leaving no working space. I got Mint (17.3) to clean out windows and install itself… Everything just worked, from our WiFi to the WiFi printer etc and there is now plenty of drive space!

I have been following FOSS for as long as it appeared on Facebook - Thanks Abhishek, really appreciate your great undertaking!

I do not have “the answers” for a lot of Linux stuff and hope that this great group will assist in my learning.

By the way I am a bike riding enthusiast (BMW tourer) and a Nikon camera user (3 DSLR’s ++). So darktable questions and the possibility of using Nikon MS software on Linux are some questions :>)


Hello, my name is Dan White and I live on a small farm in Southeast Nebraska, USA. I know absolutely nothing about Linux! Even less if that’s possible. I have Linux Mint 19 on two old Dell Latitude E6500 computers and Ubuntu 14 something on an even older Toshiba Satellite computer. I can’t even figure out a way to post on this topic so I just replied to the moderator in hopes he will move it to the right place. Many years ago I used two command line systems, MSDOS and Open VMS, and I hope to learn Linux at the command line level. I’m retired, old, and not nearly as sharp as I used to be. I’m looking forward to using this group.


Hi, I’m Kaustav Mandal from India. I’m currently studying and trying to not mess things up in my life. I’ve been a Linux user for a year but haven’t completely shifted my bases. I currently use Linux Mint but always drift to whichever distro attracts me. I’ve been following It’s FOSS since the time I started using Linux a year ago and I hope to learn better uses of Linux here with you all. Cheers!