Please introduce yourself


Hi everyone!

I’m Abu Sakib, from Bangladesh. I’m an undergrad student studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering, although I’m more interested in software and computer science stuffs!:yum:

I’m a Linux user since 2016. Started with Ubuntu 16.04, got a grub rescue, panicked and stayed away for a month :no_mouth:. Then installed Mint and my journey began. After years of distro-hopping ( I had dual-boot with Windows, but now it’s just Linux :sunglasses:), I had settled on Ubuntu with Unity. But later they switched to GNOME Shell :expressionless: and I realized that I had to switch. I found Ubuntu MATE and have been using it since Bionic came out this year.

I think I’d come to know about It’s FOSS the same time when I started hacking and learning all the nitty-gritty things of Linux on Mint, around mid-2017. I’ve found a bunch of useful tutorials and hacks in the website. I still follow it and am grateful for all things I’ve been able to capture from it.

I hope I get to know more and share more with you guys here…:smiley:

Cheers! :clinking_glasses:


Hi I’m Pascal from France.
I fall in IT when I was 6 in 1980.
I have used a lot of different system since :slight_smile:
After my studies, I have worked a long time on different release of windows.
But bugs and virus attack annoyed me !
As I am curious, I have started to try linux (red hat, mandrake …) and Mandrake was a revelation. Since 2006 my computers was in dualboot and since 2012 I use only linux !
For me, one of the most successful distros is linux mint (cinnamon).
I follow IT’S FOSS since 2017. I am happy to have news and tips about open source software.
Thank you for that !



Hi everyone…
I am Vinod, am from India, am a Mech Engg under Graduate. I am using Linux since 2010. I am using Ubuntu, Linux Mint. I am connected with itsFoss for 4 years. All my expectaions are to learn.


Michelle “Ms. Geek” Klein-Hass
I’m from Hollywood! Actually I’m from the San Fernando Valley, a few minutes north of Hollywood and Downtown LA via our notorious freeways.
I’m a filmmaker, photographer, writer, overall creative.
I’ve been using Linux since about 1996 or so.
I love the slimmer versions of Ubuntu…Xubuntu is my usual.
I’ve been following It’s FOSS for a few years now.
Not going to play the expectations game.


Chiba City, Japan (about 40 yrs, 2nd home in Montana)
Retired university professor
Using linux since about 2007
Started with openSuSE, now Mint 18.3
Discovered FOSS about 6 months ago
No IT experience, no computer studies. Mainly here trying to find a place to ask dumb questions when I can’t figure things out.


using linux since 2007
started with LinuxMint, now with ArcoLinux
following it’s Foss about one year
team-member of ArcoLinux


Hello, I’m Dave from the US. I currently work as a data analyst. I’ve been using Linux, mostly Kubuntu for the past 12 years. I’ve been following FLOSS for several months now. I’m looking for ways to make the setup easier. Thanks.



My name is Hil. I live in Wisconsin in the USA. I work for Mayo Clinic as a Sr. Systems Engineer for the UNIX / Linux team. Primarily use Red Hat and CentOS at work.

I have been using Linux since the late 90’s. Currently I prefer to run the Cinnamon version of Linux Mint at Home. I have 2 desktops, laptop, and a mini-server running TVHeadEnd that controls 3 HDHomeRun devices for TV and DVR, and hosting my Videos and Music which feeds to my Amazon Fire TV boxes running MythTV. Also my camper runs a couple Raspberry Pi’s that is running OSMC to play Videos.

Been following It’s FOSS for about 5+ years, and hope to educate and to continue to learn from others.


Hi to all - my name is Sandro Pretolani, living in Italy. I use Linux Mint Cinnamon for my daily computer work, using it from more or less 5 years, and I love it . I am a Veterinarian. As other people, I am here to improve my knowledge of Linux. Is there a way to be kept updated about last posts of this community? (emails, RSS feeds, etc.) Thank you and for all the team: keep on the wonderful job !


My Name is Dennis and I’m from Arizona, U.S.
I’m a retired truck driver.
I have been using Linux for about 8 or 9 years.
I have used Mint (the latest distro 19) for my distribution for about 5 years.
I consider myself a novice at Linux.
I’ve been following FOSS for a few months and I like what seen.
Hopefully I can help others and learn more about Linux too.


Hi All
My name is Lars Åhlander and I’m from Stockholm Sweden.
I work as an Oracle DBA almost entirely on Linux platforms.
At work we use Suse and Redhat, at home I use LInux Mint mostly.

Regards Lars Åhlander


My name is Petar Petrovic. I am from Bosnia and Herzegowina, but I living in Germany. Working like tecnician for a local Cable Operator
Thanks to Windows 10, I using Linux from 2/2016 full Time. At the momemt I using Ubuntu 18.04. LTS
I think I’m following FOSS 1 Year. I am excpeting to learn from people hear, and also to Help others what i know.


Hi, this is my introduction:
My name is Wignyo Pranatha.
I live in Purwodadi, Pasuruan Regency, Indonesia.
I am self-employed, producing and selling snack foods
I have been using Linux since 2007
My first distro is Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon and today I am using Xubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver and that is the one and only operating system.I use.
Hope this community will be useful and helpful to each other.


I am Dilip from India. A Linux user since 2010. I currently run a webmaster community at

I have subscribed to It’s FOSS newsletter since some time. Got to know about this community through it.


Ciao Sandro,

Normally, you should receive a ‘digest email’ of the week/month. Getting emails about each and every new topic will flood your inbox.


Hi my name is Ard. Worked for about 50% of my working life outside my own country and now enjoying my retirement in a nice warm tropical country.
Working in the Oil/Gas business , I started using computers in 1975, but only around 10 yrs ago discovered Ubuntu.
Nowadays, I do only use Linux distributions, mostly Ubuntu, but also Linux light, Pixel and Tails. Lately active with VirtualBox to try our nightly builds, beta’s etc. from different distributions.
I hope to find here a place to get new information, to be able to put a questions and hopefully get an answer.


Hi, I’m Bill Fleming from Herefordshire in the UK. I’m retired from a career in education. I’ve used Linux since Ubuntu 6 and have been following (very spasmodically) FOSS for a couple of years. I would like some help with sorting out BIOS and UEFI on a Lenovo Yoga 2 11 in order to install Ubuntu 18.04. I can’t seem to find any clear answers on the net. The Yoga currently runs Windows 10. I have Ubuntu 18.04 running well on a Lenovo Z570. At one time I ran Puppy Linux on an old Sony laptop.


Hi All - my name is Alan Cummings and I’m from Sunderland in the UK. Aged 69.
I taught IT office / business skills in college to adults for 26 years. I retired in 2012, taught part time for 2 years then called it a day. I now volunteer at Age UK and The Donnison School Heritage Centre in Sunderland. I help with IT issues, create and maintain websites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, databases, spreadsheets, security issues, data archive etc. for these charities. I also hold training sessions for other volunteers.
I was shown Ubuntu by a friend around 1996 and loved it. I played with various distros finally settling in Mint 9. I have used Ubuntu and Mint ever since as my main desktop - retaining Windows simply because I have to teach it. Windows 10 is the bane of my life!!
Currently using Mint 19 Cinnamon and 19 XFCE on a variety of laptops and a PC.
I have followed It’s FOSS on and off for 2 years (perhaps) Wish I had found it years ago :smiley:
Although I have used Linux for years and love it, I still consider myself a noob - but I am learning slowly. Hopefully reading your posts and comments I will be able to learn even more - perhaps even get to help out sometimes.


Maybe this will help?


I am Tony reside in country Victoria, Australia and am recently retired. I was a Teacher for much of my life.
My main distro is Linux Mint, but I have several computers and have loaded them with other distros as well including but not limited to: Fedora 28; Magiea 6; Solus; and Ubuntu. That keeps me pretty busy.
Hoping to help herre when I can. I am not a developer, programmer or expert in anything, just an experienced Linux user.