Please introduce yourself


Thank you Abhishek, it is exactly what I need. Have a good day! Sandro


splendid work, great to hear from you.


North Carolina, United States
Retired lawyer and military pilot
Linux (Ubuntu) user since 2011
Followed FOSS for one year so far
Took up Linux as a retirement hobby. Enjoy learning to use it and other FOSS. I particularly enjoy being part of an international community as this forum is, and look forward to principled discussions on a variety of issues with users with a worldwide perspective. Thanks very much, abhishek, for starting this.


Hi I’m Sarah,studied Medicine, Informatics, theoretical Mathematics, with Linux over 12 years now. Suse,Debian,Ubuntu,BSD. Coroner,forensic psychiatrist, fashion photo,film making. Played violin, contra bass, classic, jazz,opera, Using ubuntu studio switching to AV Linux (debian)based


My name is Cheryl Lindsay from Kings Beach CA (N. Lake Tahoe). My background is in Accounting & Bookkeeping but I also dabble in home-based businesses. I have some health problems and need to work out of my home. I am currently working as a Travel agent for Archer Travel/Evolution Travel and really enjoy it.

I have been using Linux for around 5 years and currently use Ubuntu 18.04 LTS “Bionic Beaver”

I have been following “It’s Foss” since June 2018 and expect to learn more about using Ubuntu and getting help when issues come up.

I find using Ubuntu gives me better protection from malware & viruses.


I am Jos Sparreboom from the Netherlands and I live in Sweden. (This is Europe.) I am 73 years old and I am busier than ever. A very long time ago I have been looking to Red Het. It was the time of Win98. Windows was buggy but not bad. I even liked XP, but at version 8 I have been looking for some other OS. I landed att Xubuntu.
I am just a dum user of the desktop, not knowing much about bash. But I am curious.


I am Jadson. I live in Brazil. I am a software engineer at a brazilian company. I use Linux since 2013. After try many distros I’ve decided to use Ubuntu as a main distribution. I’ve been following It’s FOSS since 2016. I hope I can have an active participation in the community, to learn and help.


Hi all I am Alex Barwick living in the UK, I am 74 years old and came to Linux in 2015 and am just a PC user. I have no or little experience of IT as I am just a home user and since leaving the OS that should not be named but starts with a M finishes with a T. I have no or little knowledge of how things work but Linux Mint Cinnamon does and will never return to him who shall not be named.


My name is Mohamed Kikia. I’m an electrical technician residing in Durban, South Africa. I’ve been using Linux for over 10 years. I use mainly Ubuntu.


Hi fellow forum users I’m Antz, have been living in Hertfordshire (UK) since 1995.

Bought my first computer in 2008 after my disability became worse and unable to continue working in the printing industry. Apprenticed in 1976, worked mainly in the Commercial and Magazine sectors producing industry specific titles, then stints in Cartons producing various cartons for car component and specialist Book printing.

Since 2008 there have been numerous bumps and train wrecks, as I learnt how to use Linux, 2015 began pulling laptops apart to learn how to rebuild them up to 4th gen Intel based PC’s. Still have a lump in my throat when I open up a lappy, desktops are a much more relaxed affair.

Currently favour Debian 9 with Cinnamon, with Numix Circle icons and Numix GTK Red theme.

If you are interested the link below is for my web page (my personal opinions) and how they were formed :wink:


I am Clay Stiles - living in Alabama. My experience with Linux derives from time I spent supporting a package for Epicor Eclipse on Linux. I was the senior Unix tech for 10 plus years before we migrated most accounts to Linux from AIX. The primary reason for leaving the IBM environ was the speed of the Linux box. All other processes were of equal technical specificities. I am semi retired now - supporting customers that I used to support before they moved my job to India. We have a new company respondin to the same problemsg more quickly than Epicor can. My primary responsibilities were to get user accounts back up when catastrophe struck.


Hello guys.
My name is Allan, I’m from Brazil and use linux since 2010 I think rs
I’m using Ubuntu, but already used a handfull of distros, I love to test new distros rs
I’m a Ruby developer, but already work with Python, PHP and node.


Hi, My name is James Watt and I live in the USA. I am a retired engineer and have been using Linux since about 2000. For the past year or so I have been using Debian but have experimented with other flavors. I have been following It’s FOSS for about 6 months and looking forward to learning from fellow Linux users and hopefully contributing as well.


Hello to “It’s FOSS Community”!

My name is Hagen van Rissenbeck.

I’m 53 years old and use Linux since 2002. My 1st experiences with Linux begun with Suse 7.3. Then I changed to Mandrake/Mandriva. Since 2005, I use Ubuntu or Ubuntu-/Debian-based systems. Actually, I run two Ubuntu-Mate installations, one Linux Mint (Deb) and one Pop OS installation.

I’m living in Germany nearby Mainz and I’m working as a scholar for business and economics.

All the best,

P.S.: I like the newsletter from Abhishek Prakash very much :wink:

  • Name: Matija, 31 y old

  • Country of residence: Croatia

  • What do you do?
    At this point, I’m extensively preparing/learning for RHCSA exam.
    Also working with IT and so since young school days. I don’t have a job, and in my country is hard to get one due to bad politics and poor economy. Really wish to move to Amsterdam due to great culture and wide area of IT, and get some normal job.

  • Linux users since?
    Around 2010.

  • Main distribution you are using
    My main laptop is Ubuntu. My home lab is one old laptop with RH to practice on it and desktop PC is also Ubuntu.

  • How long have you been following It’s FOSS?
    Not sure for how long but check it from time to time to read articles and so =)

  • What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community?
    So far so good…


Hi everybody, hi Abhishek!

I’m David and I live in the USA near New York City where I am employed as a Spanish<>English interpreter at the federal court. That’s my official job title. But I’ve long been the full-stack web app guy for my office’s needs, writing code and running it on – you guessed it – Linux boxes inside our organization. Love my Linux, detest Windows. I have been using Linux for a really long time, my first attempts back in the 1990s when there were few distro choices, hardware compatibility was a big issue, and you had to be a genius to figure it all out. Been running smoothly with Ubuntu on the desktop and laptops and Debian on my production boxes for years.

I’ve been enjoying reading It’s FOSS for… not sure how long. Three, four years?

My expectations? Not asking for much. I would hope to be able to give and receive help in an environment that is relaxed anf friendly. I hope there is a lot of expertise but I also hope to see noobs get the help they need.


Hi there, i am the keypusher from germany.
I work as a full stack web developer, using gnu+linux since about 2012.
My current distro is xubuntu.


Just joined today.
Please check my profile for my story.
Glad to be here,


I am Panyarak Ngamsritragul. Born and work in Songkhla, Thailand. I am now serving as the Director of Khunying Long Athakravisunthorn Learning Resources Center, which is the Central Library of Prince of Songkla University. I have been using Linux since 1997 or so. Now I use Ubuntu as my primary OS. Thank you for creating “It’s FOSS Community” sharing knowledge and interesting stuff.


I am Tom C. and I live in central North Carolina, USA.
I have been a Linux adventurer since about 2009, I tried several distros and used Ubuntu for small in-house servers for the company I worked for between 2010 and 2015.
I set up and maintained OpenVPN, PfSense, file sharing services, and security/maintenance operations on Ubuntu and FreeBSD systems. The company’s business system was Windows based so we had to stay with Windows PC workstations and servers for company users. I supported Windows on company workstations for about 15 years, XP and 7 were the only products that were worth half their licensing fees. I installed and re-installed WIn98 until I was sick of it. Windows server was worth maybe 1/3 of the licensing fees if it came with good support from M$ (very rare).
I am currently retired and just use Linux Mint 19 (Cinnamon) for my personal PC, and an old Toshiba laptop (Mint 18).
Ubuntu is a fabulous product, it made my life easier for many years. Linux servers don’t need to be rebooted weekly, constantly updated, or tweaked because they get slower with constant use (like some other servers)!. Ubuntu servers just keep on going, like the TV Bunny claims to do!
Linux has come a long way in the few years I have been using it. Even with all the added features it is far more stable than the competition.
Thank you Linus Torvalds!!!
And thank you Abhishek!