Please introduce yourself


Hello My name is Glen from Ottawa Canada.
I have been using linux distros since 1998.
My laptop is running Linux Mint 19 and Fedora on my desktop.
I am grateful to be a part of the new Foss Community and look forward to
reading and sharing my knowledge on Linux discussions
Looking forward to some interesting reading.


Hi, my name is Kevin.
I live in Vermont, USA.
I work for the state of Vermont.
I am a long time dabbler, a perpetual newbie. I have had a long time interest in Open Source and Linux and have tried many distributions over the years but always fell back into using Windows. Six months ago I bought a used refurbished HP Elitebook 2760p with Windows 10 on it to use to teach myself the command line. I installed Zorin OS only because it seemed to be the most compatible with the hardware of the notebook. It’s a dual boot setup that defaults to Zorin OS.
I have a vague memory of donating $10 to $20 to Linus Torvalds when he first moved to the US and was driving an old gas guzzler car that had fins, no pun intended, at the time.
I’ve been following It’s Foss for a few months.
I’m hoping this will be a place to come to for general questions about Linux. The Zorin OS forums have been very responsive to any of the questions I’ve had.


Hi everyone. I’m Tame2 from New Zealand. I’ve just completed a degree in computer science & have been using Linux for 4 years now. I use Ubuntu but do love trying the new distros that get released. I’m currently using Linux mint Rebecca 17.3. I look forward to the many interesting advice/topics that Foss always delivers. Have been following Foss for 3 years.


Greetings, my name is Matthew. I live in New York state in the USA but far from the city of New York, I’ve never even been there.

I’ve been working in various kinds of manufacturing roles over the years and am now a senior member of a busy shipping team for a large company. Not glamorous but it has been steady work for decades.

I’m also an amateur photographer and only use the software available in Linux, Gimp, RawTherapee and so on for my editing needs.

I accidentally trashed the OS on an Acer Aspire One Netbook back in 2009 and set out looking for a way to salvage the machine. My quest took me into the world of Linux where I attempted to run Fedora and Mint. I was hooked from the beginning. Over the years I have experimented with many distros and still enjoy trying out various ones. The old Acer is still going strong with a dual boot of Peppermint 9 and Lubuntu. Peppermint has been my favorite for years but tends to run a little slow on the Atom. My main desktop box has seen many systems over the years and still has 4 on the multi-boot setup but Peppermint 9 is still my favorite. It always works.

Looking forward to getting to know some of the folks here. It looks like the community is off to a grand start!


Hello Community,
I am Rajkumar
From India
I am a student.
Started using Linux Ubuntu since 2017.
I love Linux:love_you_gesture::green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


Hi everyone!
My name’s Hubbi, I used to live in Birmingham, UK, but now live in Indonesia. I’m a university lecturer and an avid FOSS advocate. I always try to show my student’s the wonderful world of FOSS.
I’m currently using Ubuntu 18.04 with KDE Plasma, but am thinking of moving to KDE Neon in the near future.
I’ve been using Linux since 2005-2006.
Great to see this site take off, hopefully we can have very constructive discussions here.


I am Pranav Ajay, a college student at Amrita College of Engineering Coimbatore,India.I am curious about exploring other options other than windows and that’s when i czme aroun ubuntu. Well i am a noobie here and i hope to learn more about linux and code related to it slowly.I started to use ubuntu from 2018 and its now my primary os along with windows 7.


Hello, ik ben Sylvain Doclo uit Herk-de-Stad, België. Gepensioneerd leraar wiskunde sedert 1998. Ben linux gebruiker sinds 2000 en volg It’s Foss al enkele jaren. Ik verwacht problemen opgelost te krijgen en bijkomende informatie te verwerven.


Hello and Greetings from the USA. I live in Elk Grove, California. I am an Electronics Engineer. I have been using Linux since 2004. Exclusively since 2008. I use Linux Mint on a Primary basis, but have noticed the new release, 19, is quite buggy. That has made me nervous, so I am also doing some experimenting with Manjaro. I am so impressed with Manjaro so far, I might move over to it permanently. I have followed It’s FOSS for a few years now and really enjoy it. I’m not sure what I would like to say I expect from the community. I tend to shy away from the term “Expect”. I would say that I am hopeful that the “It’s FOSS Community” is very helpful and productive and doesn’t just turn into another political sounding board like so many other boards have done. That’s what Facebook is for, LOL. Thank you Abhishek for making this community. I hope I spelled your name right, :slight_smile: Thanks again.


G’day I’m John from Australia, not an IT person but I have been using Linux Ubuntu for several yrs since release 11.01 I think. I’m about to update to 18.01 I currently I have a dual boot with win 10 /14.01. I work for the government in public transport.



Mark Corbin here, I am from the US. I started looking at Linux in '99. My first install was RedHat 6.0. I used Mandrake and SuSE from their 7.0 days but went to Ubuntu and its derivatives fairly early on. I used to program automated test equipment, project engineer building particle accelerators and various electronics support jobs. Been retired for awhile. Prefer Linux to anything else. Running Kubuntu 18.10 on an Hp Stream and running Manjaro KDE on my Dell Latitude. Kubuntu was driving me nuts with the touchpad craziness on my Dell, hence the Manjaro.

Hope I can be a help sometime, certain I will learn more



My name is John Blackburn, I am retired and living in British Columbia Canada. I have been following Foss for about a year now and enjoy the gentle introductions to new concepts.

I am currently running Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver). My first introduction started in 1994 with Linux and Red Hat
Only been fully “converted” to Linux for four years but wish I had gone there sooner.

I am a Webzine Publisher focused on values and events that bring people and communities together.

I hope to expand my knowledge of Linux and derivatives as well as enjoy the exchange of information by other professionals within the community.


I’m Roger–also from NY, also NOT from the city of New York. I’ve been fiddling about with Linux since maybe 2002 or so. Now use it daily at work for server support, and oddly enough for supporting the Windows users!
Pleasure to meet you.


Have you tried Synergy KVM from Symless? I don’t run any Windows at home - but I have 3 or 4 Linux machines on my desk at home - I use Synergy (software K[v]M [i.e. no video]) to switch between hosts with single mouse/keyboard - I also used it at work to switch between my personal Ubuntu 18 laptop and work supplied Win 10 laptop… been using for 7-8 years… works on Mac too (and Raspberry Pi)… ended up buying a pro license for it… great product…


Does she connect via Citrix? I’m a nurse practitioner and need to log in to my hospital’s server too. Citrix doesn’t offer great Linux support but it’s pretty easy to do.


My name is Joe, and I live in the USA! I am a retired Electronics Engineering Tech and have been using Linux about 10 years, mostly Ubuntu flavors although I’ve tried several non Ubuntu releases, I am pretty much satisfied with Xubuntu 18.04, but am tempted to switch over to MX17, but not quite ready yet.

I have been a FOSS follower a few months and I thoroughly enjoy the discussions and the newsletter. I am taking in a couple of online classes in Python and Linux for personal enjoyment. I am looking forward to interaction with all members here.


I thought I did this a while back but here goes again…

I’m a retired mainframe technical support tech (systems programmer) and manager. My career started by installing, supporting, and modifying operating systems on IBM mainframes. After 30+ years, of which the last 20+ were managing the teams that did this (plus supporting data networks, database software, phone networks, and non-IBM servers), I retired and ramped up my fun with Linux.

A number of years ago I got into Linux via RedHat, then OpenSUSE, and then Ubuntu. I love the stability and flexibility of Linux. It encouraged me to learn new programming languages (C++, Python, PHP, Perl, JavaScript) and write some apps for my own use. I love the communities that support Linux flavors and always can find answers to questions I have. I also have fun trying new things.

When I’m not on my PC, you can find me out on my bicycle (usually 40+ miles each day), in my shop, or simply reading on my Kindle. I had great fun writing a web app to manage my collection of physical books and ebooks and another to create a searchable database of articles in woodworking magazines I have collected and inherited.

My most anal thing is backup. Working in DP/IT for so many years, a disaster recovery plan was something we had to constantly keep up to date. So here at home, my PC backs up (via a custom Perl script that uses RSYNC) to a server here and to a USB drive, plus our server (that also acts as the TimeMachine backup for my wife’s Mac) is backed up daily to a different USB drive and to my USB drive on a weekly basis. I put my USB drive in a fireproof box if we leave on a trip (after syncing my laptop so I can take it) when I shutdown my desktop PC.

Name : Ramakrishnan
Country of residence : India
What do you do? : I am a retired 'Procurement Specialist' from Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India.
Linux users since? : Started with SCO Xenix (in office), adopted Linux at the very inception. Used almost all flavours and currently using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
How long have you been following It’s FOSS : May be 3 years ( I do not remember)


Many thanks for the link James. UEFI was a pain that I eventually mastered.

Best wishes


I had it mastered with Toshiba but just had to go buy a Dell. The BIOS layout is totally different from what I was familiar with. What an experience! Lol :joy:. Dell made me feel like a moron. I now own 3 Dell’s so I must like driving myself insane. On one of them I eventually did what I wanted after an embarrassing amount of time but couldn’t tell you how I did it. :rofl: