Please introduce yourself


Zorin OS
mod on community forum
a few years now
you are an inspiration to us all


William Laird
Started with Xandross Deskstop OS version3 purchased a book linux made easy got cd with it.
Then Mandrake my main os has been lubuntu 12.04 since it came out.Will have to upgrade as it is getting old


Hi, good morning to all.
I am Umasankar an old man of 76 Retired officer of Govt. of west Bengal India, live in New Town near kolkata. I started learning computer from age of 50 all by myself without any institutional training, from DOS and then windows. Learnt a little of Unix, C, Java. Used D- Base, Basic etc for coding. Have been using Windows 10. I have one Desktop assembled with GA-B85M-D3H mobo 8GB RAM i5 3.10 64bit processor. I just switched to Linux in last August this year and quite new with LM 19 Cinnamon Tara. Learning the commands from different e-books and from Abhishek’s post. I request you all to help me to become conversant in Linux. Thanking all of you.


Hello and welcome. Mint 19. is very easy to use and doesn’t take long to get used to. The only thing I would tell anyone is to windows and just get used to using it. The help in the welcome screen is very good as it directs you to most things. You can also find great help here and on It’s Foss


My name is Cheryl Lindsay and I live in the North Tahoe area in California. Originally from Canada but have lived in California since 1984 from Los Angeles to Sacramento to Bay area to Bakersfield and to Tahoe. (Not in that order)

I have been using Ubuntu for about 5 to 6 years. Recently had some issues and ended up downloading a fresh Kubuntu 18.04 to start over and so learning some new things with Kubuntu.

I have had some great help here over the last few months with some issues and really appreciate this community.

I find that I have switched Microsoft Window issues with Linux issues but over all I like this better than Windows.


Hi James - Oh! That sounds like I will be having some re-learning in future :open_mouth: Oh well, they say it’s good for you LOL


Hi my name is Mark, but I go under my stage name clatterfordslim. Originally from the Isle of Wight in England a Island off of Mainland Britain, which a lot of people think we’re the channel islands for some unknown reason. I have been using Linux since 2004, off and on, as back then Ubuntu based systems, were not that friendly to get things to work properly. Yes they looked nice, but the continuous tinkering and programming to get screen displays working, especially on CRT ( cathode ray tube) monitors, with Nvidia Drivers, was a pain. So glad that when you look at a Ubuntu system today, everything is written into the kernel. I love the freedom of Linux and knowing that once you install a Linux system, it is yours to do whatever you want with. Gaming on Linux has never been so easy and good, as it is now and that is what I mainly use Linux for, is the gaming. GTA 5 is now working in Proton and with my Peppermint 9 OS it just rocks. I’m a user of Linux not a programmer, but know how to setup a Linux distro, with themes, drivers, how to get the most out of the system itself, just use it and it does all the work for you. Blown away.


Hi I’m Chris from Edinburgh in Scotland. Worked as a programmer then systems analyst but have been retired for nearly 10 years now. Started dabbling with Linux with Fedora 5. Initially as a dual boot with Windows XP (ditched MS totally after a year or 2).
Currently the home network consists of a desktop (Fedora 29); 1 laptop with Ubuntu 18.10; 1 laptop with Mint 19 (xfce). A couple of Android tablets as well.
Linux keeps me young(ish)!


Hello, My name is Paul but call me smitty2400. I’ve been using Mint for many years and have just renewed my use of the Foss Community.


Hi, I’m Allan, living in Australia, retired and loving it. I have tried Linux since Red Hat 5 but struggled as all the schools used Windoze. After work, I went with Ubuntu 14.04, tried Mint and liked it but stuck with Ubuntu. I have tried a number of versions in VirtualBox & Virt Manager but like Ubuntu. I have just joined this FOSS community but have been following Abhishek for a few months. The stuff that comes up has been very interesting and usfull.

I am into video editing, genealogy, I do family calendars, write programs in Python (amateur) to automate activities, do photo editing and play a bit. I am always willing to have a go at Linux based stuff, GUI, CLI, whatever and am very thankful for the people who contribute to those of us who struggle.



Greetings! My name is Jim. I’m 65 years old and retired. I live on Pine Island off the southwest coast of Florida, USA. I’ve been using Linux Mint for a couple years and recently put Manjaro on an old laptop just to play with it. I was an independent computer programmer and designed and wrote business applications for manufacturing and distribution companies on IBM AS400 computers (but I started in the days of punch cards).


Charles Stone-Tolcher
used Linux since 2014
Currently Linux Mint 19 Mate previously Ubuntu 14.04 - 16.04 LTS (loved Unity best)
6 months with FOSS
FOSS is a friendly blog and lots of good advice and I hope someone can help me with my PDF printing issues that seem to be inherent wit h Linux Mint 19. Maybe Mint should drop Genome and use QT instead.

  • Cane Kostovski AKA TrekJunky
  • United States
  • Retired Network Administrator/ PC Computer Repair/Support
  • Linux user since 2002
  • Main distribution I am using is OpenSuse
  • I have been following It’s FOSS for 3 or 4 months now
  • What I expect from It’s FOSS Community is help when I need it, and help those when I can


Namaste, y’all. I am Cliff Sloane in Seattle. I am retired, currently tutoring English online from home, and have never been employed in a technology field. My interest is just as a serious and experienced home user, beginning with DOS 4.0 then Win 3.1, etc.
I jumped entirely over to Ubuntu after the upgrade to 18.04 (about a year ago), was switching between Win 7 and 16.04 for two years before that.
I make more than my shares of naive blunders, run across brick walls and encounter other similar situations where I can REALLY use advice. So if a question is naive, foolish or asked repeatedly, please forgive me and get me pointed in a productive direction.

BTW, if you or anyone you know needs someone to proofread a document, let me know. Happy to help.


Hi everyone,
I’m Matt Anderson. I live in Clackamas County in the State of Oregon, USA.
I’ve been using linux since about 1994. Currently running KDE Neon on my System76 Meerkat desktop.


Welcome Matt, There is a lot going here, so I hope you find the answers you’re looking for and maybe provide some needed answers yourself.


Hi All,
It is nyc to be able to connect lots of like minded people here, my details are mentioned below:-

  • Name :- Abhishek Kumar
  • Country of residence :- India
  • What do you do? :- I am an ERP developer,consultant and Implementor based on Odoo.
  • Linux users since? :- 2013
  • Main distribution you are using :- Ubuntu and Centos
  • How long have you been following It’s FOSS? :- Can’t remeber exactly but Since It was Just a Facebook Page
  • What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community? :- l expect people to share their little discoveries from their day to day life working on their linux systems


PS: forgot to mention I live in Australia


Welcome leejh76. Hope you find the community really helpful. You totally confused me on the “Router Revolution” stuff but no wonder as I’m a dedicated and committed noob. By the way, your English is just a bit better than my Korean… multiplied by infinity. :laughing::wink:


My name is Niels Hojbjerg.
I live in Denmark.
I’m past 70 and still working.
I have three distroes - Deepin, Mint and Ubuntu.
I love Linux and I don’t care much for Windows.
But I’m a volunteer helper with IT and most of our clients have Windows.
And I use Window on my job, so I meet it all the time.