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Hi - I am Clive from Cambridge UK. I am now retired but have been involved with computers since about 1970 and spent about 6 years as a full time software engineer. I have used main frames, embedded microprocessors and various versions of Windows on PCs. I have been a Linux user for almost 2 years and run Ubuntu 18.04 on a laptop. I still have Win7 on a desktop, when that expires it will be replaced with Linux on a new machine. On Ubuntu I mainly use Evolution, Firefox, Python3 and vim for programming.

I have been following It’s FOSS for just over 12 months. Via It’S FOSS I now make more use of bash and vim as well as discovering other topics such as Markdown. News items keep me informed eg possible changes to use of Dropbox on Linux which is relevent to me. The Community seems to be covering the problems of new users like myself as well as more advanced topics through the inputs from experts and it seems more accessible than some of the other Linux websites. So please more of the same from It’s FOSS and the community with thanks to Abhishhek and the community experts.


Hi Clive welcome to our community. Enjoy your stay with us and we look forward to your contributions.


Ive chosen lubuntu as a first migration distro to linux cause im hoping a lighter version of ubuntu will perform better on my PC which is 2 Ghz CPU I3, 4GB RAM DDR4. I actually tried Linux light, but I ran into too many problems, although with my inexperience I may not have configured it properly


a friendly heads-up that lubuntu is in the middle of changing their aim regarding older hardware from the switch to lxqt (less lightweight) from lxde to ending support for machines with 32-bit architecture. i can’t tell from your specs if you have a 32-bit machine. i just mean the shift is more wholesale than a simple change in DE. not that things will entirely change overnight (18.04 will be supported for a time), but as of their 18.10 release lxqt is in full swing and with their 19.04 release 32-bit support will be a thing of the past.


hello, I am Dave, I come from the english midlands.I am retired with grandchildren.I have used linux for 7 or 8 years, I use ubuntu and mint and have just started with raspbian alongside of my 10 year old grandson


Sint Mertyk…din Romania…intrebare???De ce nu pot descaraca si instala Makulu Core ???Si 2…PulseEffects…nu se instaleaza pe LinuxMint 19.1…De ce???


Hi, I’m Rob Cook. I’m mostly retired from singing and teaching/playing guitar although I entertain in care homes 3 or 4 times a week. My whole family have been Linux users exclusively for the last seven years or so. I had up to 80 guitar students at one point, many of whom wanted to record their work. This was done using Ardour and Mixbus and always proved stable and professional. I’ve been recording and producing music since the days of Atari ST! 2Mb yes Mb of memory with the first Cubase. I used Cakewalk for many years before switching to Linux. I have looked at nearly every distro and every piece of music software there is as I have been a compulsive dabbler. In my old age I have settled down a bit now. I use Debian and XFCE, and purchased Bitwig for music. I am currently evaluating Qtractor and Reaper - now available in native Linux version. Audio on Linux has always been a bit trickier than Windows, and software up until now far less sophisticated in terms of GUIs and features. Studio One IMHO is the best. I don’t like using Wine and firmly believe that too much choice can restrict creativity as Unfa rightly points out. Linux for me has been fast (especially Debian/xfce) reliable and provides everything I need for DTP, Graphics, video, music and internet etc. I particulary like the AppImage packages now as Debian stable doesn’t provide all the latest as you all know. Looking forward to further discussion on music etc. Really busy at the moment so please don’t expect fast replies.


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Please open a new topic in the forum for your question. And please try to use English as most of us here understand this one common language even if it not or mother tongue.


Thanks for sharing your story, Rob.


Welcome to all the new comers to our community, no matter what your experience we are all here learning and helping each other in a nice friendly way, even when we don’t see eye to eye on things some times. Please remember to read the guidelines and before posting look at the various sections to see it your question hasn’t already been answered. Nice to have you all here and look forward to your contributions


I am ajoy (full name ajoy kumar deb), residence of India, working as hardware & windows networking faculty. I am using linux approx 5 years but not deeply. Basically I am using Ubuntu & Mint. I am following FOSS just 1 month.
I expect, to get support from the community as I have the little knowledge about linux, in order to I can slove my problem.


Hello Ajoy and welcome to our community it is the best place to learn. Please do not be afraid to ask anything here about Linux, we all start as learners and continue to learn from each other all the time.


I’m John Kirk, currently residing on the Left Coast of the USA, in Pasadena, California. I do blue-sky R&D for the City of Los Angeles. My strengths are mathematical algorithms, technology strategy and 3D modeling and animation. I’m mostly a software developer but started before there were enough CPUs to count, so I’ve done some of most everything tech and professionally used most languages. I especially like Perl. Mostly use Ubuntu and any other Debian-based distros. New to It’s FOSS and have no special expectations from this Community.



My name is Skip, I live on the coast in Oregon, USA. I’m somewhat retired but still do some furniture design and construction. home remodeling, stained glass, and other things my 81-year-old body still allows! I’ve loved working with computers since about 1984 when my first computer had two 512K floppy drives and no hard drive!

I’ve been using Linux since Ubuntu 9.x and because there are some things I need Windows for, I always have at least one dual-boot laptop around. The Windows things are like updating our GPS’s and I’m hoping one day soon manufacturers will start including Linux in their installation and update packages.

I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 on four computers in our home, office, studio and shop.

What do I expect from It’s FOSS Community? I’m hoping for some interesting camaraderie and exchange of assistance and ideas!


Yo, Skip (@riverguy99)! I am in Seattle.


Welcome to It’s Foss.


Users with machines having 32bit processor can keep using them by installing MX Linux which is available with both 32 and 64 bit versions ,the latest being MX18.

Frank in County Wicklow Ireland


Hi everyone, my name is Tony, living in UK, former music studio owner, heating engineer, building consultant, make my own biodeisel for my own use, fisherman, survivalist, using Apple since 1994 and Ubuntu since 2015, using Ubuntu 14.04 on a Dell right now to test it out, been reading Foss stuff for a couple of months, hoping to learn more about Linux, happy to share any knowledge about my interests with anyone that asks, and looking for advice to make my current Dell PURRRRR and then looking for a more powerful machine in the summer.


Hi again…can anyone tell me please what the latest ubuntu version i can use on my dell inspiron 15-3552 with an intel celeron cpu n3050 @1.6 GHz by 2…it was preloaded with 14.04 and has always failed to upload anything more recent despite trying a few times. I am keen to push this fairly basic machine to the max and then get a better machine but whilst keen to learn, computer diddling is not my strongest subject …thanks Tony xx