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Hi Tony,

Welcome to the forum, interesting CV, musician to Bear Grylls. I could offer advice depending on what you want, or may have, or not done to your current Dell.

If you start a new topic and run this command (below) in a terminal, we’ll see what we can do for you.

  • inxi -Fxz



Hi Tony. Welcome to our community, hope you enjoy your stay with us. We are a friendly lot and always try to help each other. Quite a CV and we all know who to ask when the diesel runs out


thanks for getting back to me Mac, i have tried forums before but never actually got a reply back so this is exciting …how do i know you are not a robot ? 0)


thanks for getting back to me EDS, i have tried forums before but never actually got a reply back so this is exciting …how do i know you are not a robot ? 0)


The same way, we have to take it on trust (face value) you are not a robot, spammer or a troll.



I think @mack has answered the question.
If I were a robot then all I can say is that I’d be on the scrap heap now what with me wonky joints, failing heart, failing memory and telling everyone my illness and operations for the last 5 years.
Oh and one final point we do answer, because we are a friendly community it is that simple. Members aren’t just members they’re friends.


ok thanks…may i ask how old you are and what is your illness, i managed to get myself out of a health situation a few yrs ago so i am curious…thanks Tony


Hi again…to make biodiesel you will need to gather the raw materials first …used veggie oil is cheapest …but i have run 3 vehicles on it for 8 yrs now with no problems and as you have a technical nature it is easy to understand how to make it …thanks Tony


Currently 1861898000 seconds old



It might be appropriate to advise to first install inxi ,since it normally is NOT included in a Linux distro by default.

cmd line :sudo apt install inxi

It being a versatile app to detect hardware components , running
cmd line : man inxi will be very helpful.

Frank in County Wicklow -Ireland


Hi Frank,

Fair comment, usually it is a default tool in Ubuntu. I have to install as after thought in Debian, CentOS, Fedora of the top on head.


  • sparky
  • usa
  • linux consultant
  • I have been using some version of unix, xenix … since 1982
  • Current Versions: Redhat - commercial, ubuntu - desktops and servers
  • How long have you been following It’s FOSS? since inception
  • What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community? sharing and building How To


@ mack… Happy Birthday! :gift: :sparkler:

I on the other hand, had a B’day last month,
and am 137,780,452,000 seconds old, looking to make it to…
139,642,350,000 seconds old!

At my age, naps aren’t optional.
They’re mandatory practice for the future…
But… Don’t Worry… I still need a lot of practice…!


Hi and welcome to our friendly community.


Welcome Sparky, to the forum, wow a bona fide expert.



Hello. Good to be here .Am retired. Live in North America.
Have used Ubuntu since version 9.
Am using version 16 now.
Have been receiving FOSS emails for at least 5 years.
I am really hoping FOSS can help me solve an upgrade problem’
Have tried upgrading to Ubuntu 18 multiple times but it wont boot after installing.
So then I have to reinstall Ubuntu 16 which works fine on this computer.
Also have Windows 10 installed which also functions normally.
Is there something different about Ubuntu 18 that would prevent it from working
even though Ubuntu 16 works great?


hello @Jimany and welcome to the community :slight_smile: if you can start a separate thread for your question about upgrading from ubuntu 16 to 18, i am sure we will have some folks drop in to see if they can offer assistance.


Thank you for reply Sir.
I am sorry I do not know how to start thread here.


no need to sorry at all. i can walk you through that :slight_smile:

at the top right of the page there is a box that has a plus sign + and says New Topic. once you click that, it will bring up a box where you can type a title for your question or issue. something like “help upgrading ubuntu 16 to 18” should be good enough to get you started. of course feel free to name it as you wish. the box below the title is for a category. we have one for ubuntu which will help others find it. then you just fill in the details in the text box like you did when you wrote these posts. please feel free to let me know if you run into any problems.


Hi Jimmy
Hope you enjoy your stay with us here as part of our friendly community. I see you already have some questions and my friend @cordx has told you how to ask them. Remember you can ask as many questions as you want here. You may also be able to help others .