Touchscreen how to en/disable

Acer Spin 3 with Ubuntu 18.04.4LTS:
-Touchscreen DID WORK after installing, but NOT working now
-Touchscreen working when Live Booting from USB, or when booting into Windows 10
-Not aware of any keys to en- or disable, must have accidentally pressed
Have only VERY basic experience and nothing I found on Google or here did help.
Is there a bios setting to change or a key combination?
I am lost…Paul1

After briefly searching I foud this so far.
Seems there is no special key or BIOS setting to switch touch functionality off or on.

As @Akito has shown, I have a problem with my Asus Taichi21, not quite similar, as I can’t use the outer lid entirely. But touch does work, so I can use touch from the other side of the lid…
So far I haven’t found any distribution that gives this functionality to me.
But on the Taichi there is indeed a hardware button on the keyboard to switch the tablet part on and off.

Is the touchy part OK, when you boot with the live USB?

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Thanks all, all ok now!
problem was Linux Kernel 5.3 did not support touchscreen. Had to install 5.4…
Originally Ubuntu was working after download, but when updating touchscreen function was lost because of Kernel 5.3 not supporting this. Quiet a journey for a beginner like me.